Welcome back Scribes! Last week we were left hanging hoping Rin and Sang Heon will finally reconnect, and Tiara and I can't wait to share our thoughts on what happens next! Hope you were taking good notes, 'cause now it's time to put our pen to paper and complete this week's next chapter of The Night Watchman's Journal.

Sang Heon keeps mum about Rin and is reminded why his ghost hunting days are over.

Tiara:I really hate when the drama does a fake out ending. It works once in a good drama, but when it's over used it becomes irritating. It seems the drama is going to drag out Sang Heon’s relationship towards Rin a bit longer which I find an unwise move for the drama.Come on, throw me a bone and get to the meat of the story. I feel like we are tiptoeing around the big picture.

Unnichan: I’d love it if we could make some moves and by moves, I mean anything that gets Sang Heon and Rin on the same team--- IMMEDIATELY! I was equally disappointed and relieved he didn’t reveal himself because there are opposing ears about. I foresee some push back from Moo Seok, that I am not going to appreciate.

Tiara: I’m a bit confused about the power structure of this supernatural world.The Grim Reaper has the power to bring people back to life. Is he actually the King of the Underworld posing as the Grim Reaper? Who’s in charge of keeping order on earth? Sang Heon is allowed to come back to life because he spent most of his life with ghosts. Um, well, okay. Is the Grim Reaper dude watching him? Because if he was he would figure out this dude isn’t going to live a human life. He may call the Prince a playboy who shouldn’t play with swords, but Sang Heon shouldn’t talk. He’s been giving a second chance and look what he is doing with it, nothing.

Unnichan: But isn’t that the point? Grim Reaper pretty much told him to come back and live as a human being, focused on being human. And that’s what he’s done. Eat, drink, work. He hasn’t been happy or fulfilled, he hasn’t loved. But that is the price of returning to life, instead of getting a new lease on one. He didn’t choose to come back, it was thrust on him against his will. That is the aspect, I find comical. I mean, Sang Heon welcomed death, solemnly sure, but he was ready and that form of free will was taken away from him, just because Grime Reaper didn’t like his attitude.

Our friendly Ghosts bear witness as Sadam's Henchman starts his ghost collection

Tiara: Sadam is collecting ghosts to awaken his dragon. Or are the ghosts going to become his army to collect the negative energy? I just hope our friendly neighborhood ghosts don’t get caught. If they are bearing witness to Sadam’s evil plan, why haven’t they mentioned anything to Rin or Do Ha? You would think they would be their eyes and ears about the town. It looks like Sadam’s Henchman has been busy with how many bottles he has already. I did find it interesting the ghosts were making humans murder to create more ghosts. Does this affect the energy of said ghost?

Unnichan: I thought the Ghost procreation tactics were rather clever. I hadn’t thought it would go down like that and I liked it. For, it makes much more sense to have double the vengeance, when one is trying to enter Hell or open it, or whatever Sadam is trying to do for his Dragon. Our Friendlies, I’m concerned for in the long run because we aren’t sure how they will be affected once Henchman is hip to their spying. 'Cause there’s no doubt they’re going to spy. It’s only a matter of time before they tell the crew and I’m just thinking they are collecting more evidence to present, once they are more clear on what is actually going on.

Rin wants to save the world for love, while Moo Seok fumbles his mission

Unnichan: Oh Rin…Looks like he’s still that little boy after all. A romantic to the core, ready to dawn a sword to ward off evil and protect his love. However, there’s so much more than what’s going on between he and Do Ha that needs tending to. And while normally, I’d say, “Do you, kid.” His birth has connected him to the task of saving Joseon and his ability, coupled with the Journal, gives him the tools he needs to be successful.

Tiara: Look at our playboy Prince being all grown up. He found a reason to want to be something more than he has been. Love is always a good place to start. I get the feeling Rin will want more than to protect his love. He will grow to want to protect his people.

Unnichan: I thought the point of following Rin out to the boonies was becoming his bestie, but Moo Seok isn’t even trying anymore. Aren’t you supposed to agree with a guy sometimes, over pick fights, if you want him to believe you’re on his side? I have no problem with Moo Seok remaining loyal to Ki San because that is what he believes his purpose is. And I can’t really argue with that--- for now. However, it would be nice for him to actually think through his intel, instead of regurgitate everything he hears and sees. And with his last omission, I’m hoping he’s beginning to see the importance of choosing your words carefully and only sharing information that is beneficial to your cause.

Tiara: As for Moo Seok, his reasons for wanting to stick with his King are honorable and what a good servant should do to help their King. His acting may not have improved, but I’m beginning to understand why he is devoted to Ki San. I’m surprised he didn’t rat out Rin about the sword he asked Sang Heon about. It looked like he was going to tell him, but he changed his mind. My curiosity is high to know why he didn’t spill the beans on Rin. Then again Moo Seok doesn’t believe in ghosts. He may not have said anything because he doesn’t want the King involved with Sadam and the sword is a “magical” tool.

The Dowager holds the title but the Prime Minister rules this roost

Tiara: Most of the time political stuff drives me up the wall in historical dramas, but I’m relishing in the political stuff for this drama. There are two worlds, the supernatural one and the one everyone else lives in. We may get caught up in the supernatural world, but the real world, there are consequences to actions done in both. Sadam believes he is above everyone in either world as he is a supreme being in the supernatural world. He may be able to control ghosts and other magical things, but in politics if he is out of favor, he is fair game to become destroyed by hungry politicians. He has no power in the real world to help him escape his problems. As for the Prime Minister, he isn’t a true villain, but he isn’t a good guy. He is one of those power hungry politicians who want to rule the world. I like what his character does for the drama. It brings balance to the power structure and also keeps our feet planted in the real world.

Unnichan: Every character has his motivation but I must admit it is fairly refreshing that Prime Minister is audaciously only out for what puts him on top. Most times politician at least give lip-service about "the good of the country" but this man doesn't go there. Sure, he may speak about loyalty or the like but he doesn't mince about what he's truly after. It goes back to a conversation he has with Soo Ryun where he makes it clear that no one but he, knows what is going on in his mind. For it's just as evident, he lives by the idea that no one can be trusted beyond himself. It's how he's stayed alive, how he's made it this far and how will continue to survive. And though, can't say I was shocked he did away with Scar Guy, for Prime Minister is about tying loose ends, I'm just pretty sure, instead of getting rid of evidence, he created a whole new bundle of issues.

Soo Ryun may be handing over more than medicinal rights, after catching Sadam's eye

Tiara: Um, Soo Ryun reminds Sadam of a girl. Knowing how dramas work, I bet the girl reminds Sadam of his first love. I didn’t see these turn of events of Sadam looking at Soo Ryun. I appreciate the dramatic turning the villain’s eye to her. I do hope he corrupts her by promising to give Rin to her, but fails his promise as he wants her. On the other hand, I’m still out hope Soo Ryun marries Ki San. Ooo, the King takes Sadam’s woman would be fun to watch. The Mad King against the psycho Priest.

Unnichan: Certainly a cautionary tale, indeed. But I like it! One never knows what Soo Ryun may be to him, whether it’s now or in the future. However, I like the idea of her working with Sadam. He missed out on Do Ha, so having Soo Ryun in his clutches may be quite entertaining to watch. It also brings together all the circles we’re working with at the moment.Then the added bonus of giving Prime Minister a reason to see the light and Moo Seok another reason to want the rid his world of Sadam? YUM!

Ki San is caught in a trap and pulls his blade, as the Night's Watchmen meet for the last time

Tiara: The Prime Minister is doing everything in his power to keep his power. Not shocking to see him set Ki San in a trap of his own making. Apparently, he forgot the Dowager forgave him the other day. What a complete moron. I get he is mad, crazy, and insane, but he also has dementia. *cough* bad writing *cough*

Unnichan: If we didn’t know Ki San was plain bonkers, you may mistake his behavior as just being temperamental. At one point, he’s angry for being led astray, then he apologizes for working on his own, now he’s waving his blade around again,'cause he's upset he was found out for another one of his dirty deeds. Truly, I wish we could blame it on dementia, but alas, it’s that tricky thing we’ll have to assume is a combination of guilt and doubt. He knows he did a deplorable thing and on top of that, he doesn’t trust the Dowager. Now, with Prime Minister bursting in on his private grovel session, Ki San is never going to believe she has his back. But then again, she doesn’t---- not really, so I guess it doesn’t matter. This is why it’s such a crying shame all our Night’s Watchman got snuffed out. Having Rin led to their memorial site was quite nice and Sang Heon saying a tearful “Goodbye,” got to me. Their deaths were so senseless.

Tiara: I love seeing the Night’s Watchmen meet. About time and very cool. I don’t think Sang Heon can hide who he is for very long. This better not be another fake out. Come on, Rin speak up and tell him who he is and who those men were. The Prince isn’t stupid. He’s going to figure out the Prime Minister has something do with the Night’s Watchmen after one ghost tried to hurt him. Heck, his ghost servants might tell him about what happened 12 years ago. Let’s get these ghost stories out in the open so the Night’s Watchmen can go back on duty again.

Unnichan: I definitely don’t need their alliance to be drawn out another week. We need everyone in cahoots, so Sang Heon can seek out the mole and start a new chapter in the Journal.


Unnichan: Sang Heon remains my favorite character and his struggles with himself, his desires, his past… They are the best things going on right now. He such a sympathetic character for, given his current state, it’s inevitable the peace of death will fall upon him before this story ends. And though, I’ll hate to see him go, I can’t wait to see how he finds a way around his ailments and fights to the death for his country and his rightful King.

Tiara: I’m a sucker for romance and I love Jung II Woo. The way he looks at Do Ha melts my heart. I’m enjoying the ride of these two becoming friends and family who look after each other.Rin declared his feelings in such a soft and small way by explaining he had someone to protect.


Unnichan: Oh Love Triangle, where hath thou gone? I was really looking forward to a plausible love triangle, for Moo Seok seemed perfect for the masses to love and a much better candidate as a friend. But the spring forward in love’s bloom last week, left Moo Seok with no where to go and has now fallen into the abyss of a "too little, too late" unrequited love. Such a pity.

Tiara: Half way in and where is the ghost hunting we were promised? Evil villain henchman doesn’t count as ghost hunting. I was told this drama was about Joseon ghost hunting and I’ve got none nine episodes in. Isn’t the Night’s Watchman like the Ghostbusters of this day and age. Like Unnichan has said above, why is this storyline being dragged out some more?


Unnichan: Rin remembers Sang Heon and is finally privy to the delusions of his King. Now, these two have to combat Sang Heon's physical affliction and still manage to keep their connection a secret from Moo Seok--- for at least another drama week.

Tiara: Sang Heon will train Rin after he comes clean about being a Night Watchman. Moo Seok won’t be told about the secret training Rin is getting. Something will happen to make Moo Seok believe in the things he won’t see when Rin is being hunted down by Sadam.

Well, that's it for now! Sadly, the Night Watchmen have said their final farewells, but Rin has been reinstated! Are we in for another fake or will Sang Heon and Rin have a real meeting of the minds? Meet us back here so we can register the number of bipolar slaps over blade swipes Ki San manages to insert in his next encounter he with Sadam or how many ghostly vessels with be filled before our Friendlies spill the beans.

Till then, rest dear Scribes--- for the night is damp and full of tantrums.

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