So long, farewell, Adieu, adieu, to you and you and you—As much as I'm happy to say goodbye to this drama, I'm sad to say farewell to my fellow Night Watchmen. Despite the good, the bad, and the ugly of this drama, Unnichan and I would like to thank you all for sticking with us. Come say your final goodbyes to The Night Watchman's Journal with us.

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Tiara: This is the last two episodes of the Night Watchman’s Journal. Let’s come right down to the heart of matters. So Unnichan, how do you feel now the drama has come to an end?

Unnichan: *throws confetti and twirls in a circle* It’s over! Manse! Manse! I’m not sure if it was sheer glee to be at the end or what, but this last week had me in hysterics! However, I will say, when I began episode 23 I was surprised by how much I enjoyed the first two minutes. To be honest, I was a little frightened they might try and pull a good episode and at that point, it just wouldn’t do. All I can say is, I suppose something can be said for happy endings? I know tons of people love them and this show certainly gave the audience, happy, happy, happy for everyone involved.

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Tiara: *Opens a bottle of champagne* I do believe we should celebrate the end of the Night Watchman’s Journal with a little bubbly. Rin being able to cast spells at the start of episode 23 was a little shocking. It was a neat trick, but was taken back at his new ability. Yet, if Sadam can bring out new tricks so can our Night Watchmen. If the drama didn’t give me a HEA ending, it wouldn’t have made me brokenhearted. Don’t get me wrong, I was satisfied with the HEA as it felt like the drama was trying to make up for the crap we had to sit through. A nice gift from the drama gods.

Unnichan: Ultimately, there was a lot of happy to go around and that’s what people like to see, even when it makes no sense and lacks all plausibility and reason. I can say, I’ve been there a couple times myself but I don’t usually look for hearts and rainbows. Rin’s abilities were surprising but I scoffed when the bow disappeared. I mean, didn’t we all know that was a trap? Though I will say, I kind of wanted our guys to win at some point, so when the heavenly weapon battle commenced, I truly wanted Rin to overpower Sadam, just that once.

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Tiara: Oh, another ambush. *Sigh* I wanted to throw my computer when I noticed the seal sitting in the room alone with Sang Heon. The ghost of stupid was in full form once again. But I hear you about hoping Rin would win against Sadam. I had to roll my eyes when the bow disappeared and Sadam broke the seal. I was a bit amazed to see Soo Ryun betray the Prince for her father. Who would’ve thought she would let go of her crazy fan girl.

Unnichan: I wasn’t surprised by Soo Ryun. I was mostly shocked they never thought to take better precautions. I get that she’s never been one to lie or mislead Rin but these are some dire times with Prime Minister all loony and locked up. Plus the whole setup was just too easy. But it wasn’t that moment that got me, it was when Do Ha followed Henchman over that Mago leader staff! She had just promised not to get caught up with Sadam and the least little thing she’s back at the lair? I mean REALLY? I’m not saying she shouldn’t have cared but a girl needs hardcore evidence. And even then, I’m taking someone with me or sending out a smoke baby signal or something. Moo Seok was only thirty feet away!

Tiara: It’s funny once she made the promise, I spent the rest of the episode waiting for Sadam to kidnap Do Ha. She’s been consistent in being kidnap either willingly or against her will throughout the drama. Plus, she doesn’t really think before taking action. Speaking of the Prime Minister, did you cheer for his craziness? I still think him being eaten by the dragon would’ve been pretty awesome, but I will take him becoming insane as a second choice.

Unnichan: Yea, Prime Minister being sucked of his sanity was a good consolation to death. And at least the Dragon did come to life and fly around a bit. I was just amazed that of all the things to focus on, Ki San was upset it destroyed his temple. It goes back to Ki San being clueless about Sadam until the very end. He was completely oblivious, which was not only annoying but exasperating. I suppose he just needed someone on his side, or believe there was. I’m thinking that’s also Show’s reasoning behind his dual personality.

Tiara: Being able to see the dragon awake was neat, but the battle was disappointing. The momentous part of the battle actually takes place in the spirit realm of hell. Seriously, we’ve spent episodes waiting for this epic battle against the dragon and it ends up being the statue in hell. Lame. I did get a chuckle when the scene with the dragon destroys the temple was recycled a few times. As for Ki San, I agree his dual personality was probably from not having someone on his side. It’s interesting how his second self was always against him. For someone who was lonely, Ki San’s imaginary friend suck. Drop Dead Fred would’ve been a better friend despite being crazy and insane as imaginary friends go.

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Unnichan: You’re right but I think it was more about having someone tell Ki San the hard, bitter truths, and “other Ki San” did that. I was upset when the Dowager showed up and he still needed to be coddled and told what to do, ‘cause he’d really learned nothing at all over 24 episodes. I wouldn’t have been surprised if he’d held onto the throne and decided to turn over a new leaf or something. But we all knew Rin had to be King, being the divine flutist and all. It was kind of sad he ended up all alone for awhile but that left the door open for him to do what he really wanted to do, go after Do Ha. And since he’d abolished all things wrong with the world from slavery to high taxes, ghost meddling and classist regimes, there was really nothing left for him to do but get married and make babies.

Tiara: Bwahaha!!! Making babies. It was pretty gloomy when the gang disbanded and Rin was left to rule without his team. It felt like this was the right move for everyone to go their separate ways for the time being. Sang Heon finally got to learn how to live in the human world. I love his HEA the best. He got the girl and they made a baby. Love it. Rin left Moo Seok to his own devices until giving him the best gift ever by being a guard at the border. Rin begins his rule as King with some big changes, but these changes are to help his people as well as steps for him to reclaim his woman when the time comes. By getting rid of the class structure, there is no reason why he can’t start making with the sexy time with Do Ha. Which leaves us with a happy and light hearted ending to a sloppy mess of a drama.

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