Majors!! Are you ready for some major changes to our lesson plan?! The times are changing. Will our Rising Star Orchestra be able to recover from their internal strife? Can Yoon Hoo finally learn to play nice with others? And will Nae Il ever be able to soothe the troubled waters that the S.S.Naejin must cross in order to finally make it overseas? Join your professors as we crack down on all the emotional power plays and try and straighten out our own personal swell of feelings in this, our 14th lesson of Tomorrow’s Cantabile.

Firnlambe: Ok lets start out strong, shall we . . . Who else was immensely annoyed by how selfish both Nae Il was (in the beginning) and Yoon Hoo (throughout the entire lesson)? Cuz I sure was.

Cici: I really wasn’t that annoyed with Nae Il, for two reasons. First, I totally understood why she reacted to the possibility of losing Yoo Jin to a study abroad program. And I was really confident that her love for him would force her to do the right thing before long. Yoon Hoo, on the other hand . . . I really didn't see that coming. So much for my SLS.

Wendilynn: I didn’t see Nae ll as particularly selfish in this episode. Sure, she wanted to keep Yoo Jin with her but who wants to kiss their lover goodbye and send them to another continent when you think you can’t join them? Not most people. Of course it was going to take her a little while to figure out what to do. And, I guess I didn’t see what Yoon Hoo did that was so bad. I didn’t see him be particularly selfish this episode.

Firnlambe: I suppose selfish was the wrong word choice . . . . . petty? . . . . I think petty works.

Wendilynn: Oh, you mean egging Yoo Jin on? chuckles . . . I guess I’m a bad girl in thinking that Yoo Jin needed a little egging on.

Cici: I think Yoo Jin really nailed Yoon Hoo’s problem. He has been in music competitions for so many years, all his acquaintances are actually rivals, disguised with a thin veneer of friendship. He really doesn’t know how to be friends with anyone. Although he is awfully clever at faking it.

Firnlambe: He’s getting there, it's true. I really liked that he brought in former bitchface . . . Ms Whats-her-face . . . She was Nae Il’s only saving grace during that performance. Which was AWESOME by the way //sigh// stupid former teacher playing mind games ruined everything.

Wendilynn: I loved the intensity of the pieces Nae ll brought to the competition. I happened to really like the interpretations they used for these pieces. Sometimes, a piece needs a little burning. I loved it.

Cici: Oh my goodness. I listened to that first piece, La Campanella, so many times. I have never heard a piano thunder quite like that before. And her expression as she glared at her former teacher sent chills down my spine. What a way to “pour all her anger and emotional garbage” into her performance! Thank you, Milch, for giving her that advice!

Firnlambe: Oh my goodness that look was priceless!! I loved that she was totally like . . . screw paying attention to my finger placement! and instead went for the hardcore “Bish look at what I can do!!” look whilst staring across the auditorium.

Wendilynn: LOL!! There was a definite “F You” to her looks. As if she was saying, “You cannot beat me”. I loved it.

Firnlambe: Ok, I gotta ask . . . who else was extremely pleased to see Professor Do get all nervous while waiting for the contest results?

Cici: Me, me, me! And I loved it when that guy came in and asked her for a copy of the arrangement that she used, and she was like, “Didn’t I follow the score?” She was so completely absorbed in her performance that she didn’t realize what she had done.

Firnlambe: Typical Nae Il . . . She put everyone in their proper place, but was unable to do it in a way that was “normal”. Though I was extremely proud that Professor Do stood up for her in front of her former teacher. “Someone else deserved to be first place. Wouldn’t that be the case?” was such a great moment for his character development . . . . so much more so than when he really started opening up to music and Nae Il.

Cici: He really has come a long way . . . or maybe just returned a long way. I suspect he wasn’t always as focused on playing by the rules as he had become before working with Nae Il.

Wendilynn: Given the “follow the rules” nature of the culture, that’s not a surprise. And music competitions can be very rigid. I loved that Ms. Masterclass chided the judges on being scared.

Cici: Everyone was so frightened of establishing a “dangerous” precedent, that they could not bring themselves to acknowledge the superiority of Nae Il’s performance. Yes, it broke the rules. But isn’t it ironic that Liszt himself broke the rules by writing that piece in the first place? And I loved Yoo Jin’s comment . . . she played it like it was being performed by an entire orchestra. That is what made it her own.

Wendilynn: that’s an amazing feat to do, in the first place. Yoo Jin really found himself in the middle this episode. There was Nae ll doing her best and his orchestra was not doing their best. In fact, they were imploding. I didn’t blame him one bit for his stunt.

Firnlambe: They were imploding faster than a dying star . . . they created their own personal black hole, with no saving grace in sight. I’m curious how they are going to flip this situation around. Though Yoon Hoo becoming the assistant conductor may or may not get the results required lol

Cici: I was amazed at Yoo Jin’s courage. He withheld the information about the hidden camera knowing full well that the members’ conduct might cost them their chance to perform on TV, yet he did it anyway. It really was the only way to get them to realize just how horrible they were acting, and what it was doing to the orchestra. But the fact that he took the flack for it from the chairwoman all by himself really cemented him in my mind as a truly strong, responsible person.

Wendilynn: The entire orchestra was being awful. Whether they were feeling bitter because they weren't being recognized or they were being snobs, they all needed a reality check. If they had gotten on TV, it would have just gotten worse. I agree with Cici that Yoo Jin taking all the flack was really stellar on his part since he was the one who set them all up to get in trouble and have their private war made public.

Firnlambe: I think we’re all in complete and total agreement there . . . . and you know what else we’ll all be in agreement with . . “My Nae Il” . .

Wendilynn: *starts laughing*

Firnlambe: That poor man was so freaking perplexed and didn’t know what to do . . . I almost died laughing.

Wendilynn: I started laughing so hard because the shocked looks on everyone’s face. The revolted looks they were giving him. And then there’s Yoon Hoo clueless going, “I wasn’t that bad, was I?” yes . . . . yes you were. lol

Cici: Just the shock on Yoo Jin’s face every time he said it was hysterical. Not being in control is so not his thing! Especially when it comes to mushy stuff. It was great.

Firnlambe: The facial reactions . . the foreboding music . . . that whole scene was great. //sigh// . . . . I really liked how they played out the hypnotism in this version.

Wendilynn: Yes, I agree with you Firnlambe. She slowly explored and tested what she could do without royally screwing him up. lol I had to smile when she learned how much trust was involved and she realizes how much Yoo Jin trusts her. Then to smile as he denies it all thinking what’s in his heart is safely under wraps. *grin*

Cici: So you all seem so pleased with the hypnosis scene. Am I the only one who cried--no, sobbed--throughout the whole thing? It wasn’t bad enough that I finally realized why Yoo Jin felt so immobilized when it came to flying. The guilt over a very young Yoo Jin’s perception of responsibility for the death of another person must have been horrible. But the whole “now you can go anywhere you want to go” on Nae Il’s part. Ahhhhhhh . . . . .

Wendilynn: You were not the only one getting all teary. The chemistry between Nae ll and Yoo Jin in that scene was electric.

Firnlambe: Oh my gosh yes . . . I just broke down inside when Yoo Jin started crying, but all this means is now I’m waiting on baited breath for the weekend to be over . . . . . how messed up is that?!?

Wendilynn: Need your Yoo Jin fix now?

Firnlambe: More like I need the inevitable Yoo Jin “here let me show you how much I love you” fix

Cici: Make that we, Firnlambe. By the way, Is this drama 16 or 20 episodes? I've seen some confusion about that on the web

Firnlambe: Dramafever says 20 . . .

Cici: Oh good. I am not ready for it to be over

Wendilynn: but Asian Wiki says 16 . . so who's right?

Firnlambe: I'd go with Dramafever since they ARE helping to produce it lol

Cici: It feels like it may be coming to a rushed conclusion, though.

Firnlambe: really?! I don't get that vibe just yet

Cici: I'm not sure how they will fill up six more episodes, but I’m hoping to see them together in Europe! Ah, Salzberg . . .

Wendilynn: If they push it to 20 episodes, maybe we’ll get treated to the Europe lessons? Speaking of couples and traveling. Weren’t Si Won and ll Rak adorable as he tries to be all noble because she’s leaving and she wasn’t having any of that. lol

Cici: I loved it when she came up with the couple rings. But then I’m a sucker for strong female characters who still manage to maintain their femininity without having to go all girly.

Firnlambe: That was adorable. Honestly while this couple is adorable, I find that it’s dad’s final moment of clarity that takes the cake when it really comes down to it. He even went so far as to help his son fake his injured hand.

Wendilynn: Dad is adorable. Very true. His shock when he realized that his son was in love with Si Won made me laugh. I didn’t realize until that moment that he didn’t know.

Cici: With as supportive as he’s always been, I kind of figured that he couldn’t have known. No way would he have treated Si Won like mortal enemy #1 if he had known how Rak felt about her.

Firnlambe: I totally called this!! Didn’t I say it was left over resentment from the ‘S’ vs ‘A’ days? lol The way he tried to throw in complements haphazardly was just classic. Now that they have rings I’m hoping dad will really start laying on the charm with her.

Cici: I have no doubt that he will. And that will only make her more determined to return from Europe quickly. Incidentally, that’s just one more thing I love about Si Won. She didn’t try to get Rak to go with her, and she didn’t try to say she wouldn’t go . . . she just said she’d be back soon.

Speaking of which . . . so will we.

Well Majors, our attempted communications with Ravi-bot proved to be fruitless. Instead of being gifted a spectacular violin duet, we were graced with impending disaster. Our Rising Star Orchestra is once again in dire straits, their petty differences have finally been brought to light. Thankfully we had enough fluff between our couples to help balance things out. Will Yoo Jin be thankful that Nae Il took it upon herself to cure him via hypnosis? Can everyone now make it safely abroad? Or are there still some troubled waters that must be forged? Come back for class next week and find out.

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