Welcome, Majors. Challenges have been issued, emotions are tested and friendships are forged in our lesson four of  Tomorrow’s Cantabile. Join Wendilynn, Firnlambe and Cici as we discuss how our favorite musicians handle the new slew of ups and downs that life just keeps tossing their way.

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Cici: Talk about ups and downs. Just when I think Yoo Jin is finally getting the idea about teamwork and all, he blows it. Then he gets it. Then he blows it again. Whew! I’m getting whiplash! I was so hopeful when this episode opened with Yoo Jin's new sensitivity, and his realization of one of the basic requirements of a good conductor.

Wendilynn: He’s got as much growth to do as his fledgling orchestra. they really have to grow together.

Cici: I think the hardest task they face is developing confidence in each other. That, and simple kindness.

Firnlambe: As well as trust, our S Orchestra has absolutely no trust in Yoo Jin . . . And vice versa.


Cici: Well, at least Rak realizes that everyone got better grades after working under Yoo Jin’s direction. His support was sort of the turning point for the orchestra. Without him, everyone would have just quit.

Wendilynn: Getting good grades does help one see results. I like that this episode showed how Yoo Jin was learning to care about his people. He gave lessons, he helped find jobs, he cooked, let them crash at his house and bug him. lol He’s come a long way already.

Cici: I loved how even when he was going out of his way to cook for her, Nae Il chided him when his cooking was not quite up to her expectations. Sometimes their banter is like that of an old married couple

Cici: So just when I think he's turning into a really nice guy, he pulls a stunt like this:

Ep4_Solution Or Sympathy.jpg

Cici: That expression on Mini Min Hee’s face almost broke my heart.

Firnlambe: He only did that because he honestly knew what she wanted/needed, even when she didn't know it herself. Plus I loved the knowing grin Nae il gave Yoo Jin after she found our contrabass had mysteriously acquired a tutoring job and the sheepish look he gave her once when he saw said look.

Wendilynn: We saw a lot of shared smiles between these two in this episode. Even though Yoo Jin’s mom doesn’t know that Nae il is the “duet player” her son played with, even she could tell that Nae il was an item with someone. They were really a pair. HOWEVER… does anyone else feel that Nae il is a “if you give a mouse a cookie” sort of girl? 

Cici: Absolutely, LOL. Every time Yoo Jin does the slightest thing to encourage her, she runs away with it. So much enthusiasm in such a tiny body! She simply can’t contain it all, and it spills over everywhere.

Firnlambe: That's bound to get her into some seriously troubling situations in the near future though lol

Cici: Yeah, it’s pretty obvious that she’ll be the one saying “Let’s go!” and Yoo Jin will be the one trying to put on the brakes. At least, that’s their relationship right now. I wonder how long it will take for that to change?

Firnlambe: I give it 3 more episodes . . .

Wendilynn and Cici: LOL!! You're on.

Wendilynn: I want to talk about our Concertmaster a little bit. I loved the face off he had with the A orchestra’s concertmaster. Their little violin play off with Dad narrating was really awesome. I also didn’t feel like the directing exposed the simulated playing.

Cici: I was watching that pretty closely and they focused on an actual violinist’s hands just enough to make it seem pretty real. Rak has gotten better, too--his vibrato is more realistic. His simulated playing was actually better than Si Won’s

Firnlambe: //pouts// Pretty sure I'm NEVER going to get over the sadness I feel that Henry wasn't cast for this role . . . I was pretty dead set on him from my internal casting session lol

Cici: I’m with you on that one, but I’m not sure he could have been very convincing as a bad violinist at the beginning of the drama.

Wendilynn: I can honestly say that while I had reservations about him, he has owned this character in a way that puts me at ease.

Cici: He’s growing on me. Sorry, Firnlambe, I guess we'll never know what might have been…

Firnlambe: Don't get me wrong . . . . I like Go Kyung Po as our Concertmaster, I really do. And I'm really looking forward to seeing certain plot points from him, BUT an E.L.F can dream can't she?

Cici: SPOILERS!!!! But I am curious--is he going to fall for Nae Il as more than just a friend? Can you tell me that much?

Wendilynn: Don’t worry Cici, Nae il only claims one heart. Rak’s heart belongs to another. 

Cici: The rival concertmaster, Si Won!!! Right?

Wendilynn: Well...do you really want to know what the story says? Or would you rather be surprised?

Firnlambe: REVEAL NOTHING!!!!!

Cici: OK, I’ll play by my own rules. No spoilers. But if I’m right, I get to say I told you so.

Wendilynn: I wouldn't dream of denying you. lol The other plot point I want to mention is that we got more insight into what our Maestro may be up to. Did anyone else find our Dean’s conversation with Mom illuminating?

Cici: It’s always fascinating when you find out that a character has an unexpected back story. I still want to know why she gave up playing the piano, and what her real relationship is to Stresemann.

Firnlambe: I'm having a hard time accepting this Dean.

Wendilynn: They are keeping her an enigma. She apparently has an interest in Yoo Jin and has known him long enough to be proud of the changes occurring in him. And we still have no idea what she said to Milch when she convinced him to come to her school. What motivated him to make this second orchestra. And why he has played Yoo Jin in such a way as to have him end up the conductor. Because make no mistake…that was clearly deliberate.

Cici: Yeah, Stresemann is either a master manipulator or a great teacher...maybe you have to be one to be the other. He certainly knows how to get the desired reaction from his students, all while making them think that it was their idea. Kind of like some women I know, lol.

Firnlambe: I'm henceforth pegging him as "Teacher Stressmann: Master of the Lost Manipulation Arts"

Wendilynn: Well, he certainly seems to know how to get these kids, who have almost given up in a system bent on telling them they are no good, to learn how to fight for their dreams.

Cici: Wait...is this Dream High?

Wendilynn: Well we do have two actors from that show in this one. Honey Badger is almost playing the same character…..almost.

Cici: True, but I think I’ll like him better this time around. Even with his streaks. I must be getting used to them, lol.

Wendilynn: I find it HIGHLY amusing that our Contrabass player, played by Min Do Hee, is playing another food obsessed character like she is already playing in Boarding House 24.

Cici: Type casting?

Wendilynn: Maybe she’s just really good at looking hungry? lol Those idols don’t get to eat very well. 

Firnlambe: This must be every idol's dream role to land then.

Wendilynn: She’s playing two roles in two dramas airing at the same time. I say kudos to her.

Cici: In that case, I’m so glad she gets to eat in this one! 

Wendilynn: I also liked that we got to see way more of our Timpanist show off his crush. He gets noticed by Yoo Jin for the first time as an individual, which seals his affections. lol

Cici: Yoo Jin actually realizes that his enthusiasm is what makes his performance good, and encourages it rather than trying to dampen it. He’s learning….

Firnlambe: I'm really looking forward to seeing the final performances. We were certainly left with a very serious declaration from Yoo Jin there at the end.

Cici: I love that he really considers S Orchestra his orchestra, and one whose members are worth protecting and encouraging. He’s come a long way.

Wendilynn: I like to think they are all starting to sprout wings. That is, if our judges panel doesn’t clip them first.

Cici: Hey, it’s only episode 4. It’s way too early for terrible things to happen, right? RIGHT?

Firnlambe: Yes . . . But these writers are packing each "lesson" chock-full of information . . . Things are progressing at a very impressive clip. So I wouldn't put it past them.

Wendilynn: Well, first we have to get the orchestra to realize that Yoo Jin doesn’t actually hate them. I laughed so hard when Soo Min tried to reassure them that they were all hated the same. lol

TCe4hates us all.jpg

Cici: Yep, Yoo Jin is an equal-opportunity hater, lol. I’m looking forward to watching that icy heart of his melt.

Wendilynn: Its not really hate though...he’s just very disciplined. I’m excited to see what he’s going to tell these guys next week after having them tear up their music.

Firnlambe: Whatever it may be, they'll be listening with rapt attention.

Cici: Uninformed prediction: (hehehe, I'm the only one who gets to make those) He’s going to have Nae Il play with the orchestra to help them “feel” the music and play with more emotion and abandon. At least, that’s what I would do, lol.

Wendilynn: Well, we will just have to watch next week and find out.

Well, music majors, who do you think is benefiting the most from these lessons? Is it Rak, who is finally learning to really focus on developing his talent, or is it Min Hee, who has learned what it's like to have someone care about her welfare? Perhaps it's Si Won, who has learned to acknowledge an "inferior" talent. Or maybe, just maybe, it's Yoo Jin, who is learning that for a conductor, having a good heart is even more important than having a good brain. Share your thoughts with us in the comments below, and be sure to join us next week for the next episode of Tomorrow's Cantabile.

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