Welcome, Majors, to the sixth lesson of Tomorrow's Cantabile, where things are really starting to heat up. We learn about some of our characters’ oh-so-mortal fears, and get to see our two leads draw closer together when it really counts. We also get to meet a second male lead that is sure to have some hearts fluttering, and who just may have a thing or two to teach Yoo Jin about capturing--and holding--the heart of the woman he loves.

Wendilynn: Ooooh, and we’re going to enjoy every minute of Yoo Jin being jealous. Our new cellist is gorgeous and apparently kind.  

Cici: I can feel a severe case of SLS coming on. He is not only gorgeous and kind, he is an adorable flirt and he stands his ground against Yoo Jin. Poor Nae Il. I wonder how she is going to handle some positive attention from such a guy.

Firnlambe: He is the perfect Second Lead Syndrome Catalyst isn’t he . . . stupid writers!!! The Relationship S.S.NaeJin doesn’t need any more waves trying to capsize it than it’s already got.

Wendilynn: NaeJin?!! ROFL!! oh my gosh...

Cici: Would you rather YooIl? I’m on board with NaeJin.

Wendilynn: LOL!! That’s even more revolting. Sorry guys, I just think that celebrity couple names are the stupidest thing ever. So, I’m laughing at them.

Cici: Too much cuteness for ya, huh? Fine. But wow, I am seriously re-thinking my love for Yoo Jin at this point. I was OK with his aloof manner that covers his true feelings, but he was pretty harsh this episode.

Firnlambe: You gotta cut him a little slack . . . he’s only just becoming enlightened about his own feelings.

Wendilynn: I don’t see him as being harsh, but I do see that he wants them to take seriously their own talents. But he is starting to take Nae Il for granted and I think the introduction of a rival is good for him.

Cici: Don’t get me wrong, I love the way he is making the orchestra members at the music festival take their opportunity seriously. But he has this phobia of both water and flying, and he expects a little understanding. However, when it comes to Nae Il’s fear of dealing with nasty teachers, he completely misses her distress signals. And the way he talked about her to the cellist, as if she was barely human, much less a woman, made me want to slap him.

Wendilynn: I disagree with that up to the point that he didn’t know she was having an abusive time. Once he heard from the teacher herself that she was scolding Nae il, he jumped to her defense since he didn’t realize why she had been crying. And let's face it, Nae il throws a lot of tantrums. How is he supposed to know which are valid and which are just her being a child?

Firnlambe: I’m with Wendilynn . . . but you’ve got to remember we have more background knowledge on the characters, which makes it easier to understand and accept their “quirks”, good and bad.

Cici: Once again, it seems like a lack of communication is at the heart of the problem. Yoo Jin doesn’t offer one word of explanation for his behavior in the water, and Nae il doesn’t say anything about her traumatic experiences with witchy teachers as a child. So I guess you’re right, I was expecting too much from Yoo Jin. But part of becoming a good conductor is paying attention to your members, and at least realizing that they are having a hard time without having to have someone else explain it to you. That’s a tall order, but at least according to Stresemann, that’s what he signed on for.

Wendilynn: Wait, wait, wait….. you want communication in your Kdrama?!! Isn’t that sacrilegious? lol

Firnlambe: . . . . . Are K-writers even capable of this?

Cici: ROFL. Sorry, I forgot where I was for a second. But let’s talk a little about our mysterious SML, and his “bucket list”. Am I wrong, or is that something that only terminal people make?

Firnlambe: GOOD! I’m glad it wasn’t just me who had that reaction . . . I honestly went “Bucket list?!? Why the hell do you have a bucket list? Aren’t you like 22 years old?”

Wendilynn: Also people who have lived lives that were dictated by others with no wiggle room for independent thought. He strikes me as someone who has become burned out on playing the cello until he meets Nae il. She seems to have a special ability to help people remember the joy of music.

Cici: Did you notice how he keeps massaging his right hand? And one of his items on the list was to keep playing the cello as long as his fingers would allow him to. I think there’s something wrong with him besides being burned out.

Firnlambe: Yeah, I took it as he had injured himself too. Back in the waterpark I'm pretty sure I saw a brace of some sorts.

Cici: Well, his mom certainly seems quite solicitous...although that could just be the way you treat a musical genius who is off his feed. But Stresemann said something that piqued my interest, as well. He called his last performance “one to remember,” but it didn’t seem like that was a compliment. I am probably reading waaaayy too much into this, right?

Wendilynn: Since you could read a little bit of what was on his bucket list, you probably caught more than I did. I just took it for him being burned out, since I had no idea what was on that list. And it would explain why his mother was willing to let him do what he wanted which I’m sure was not something she did before he got hurt.

Cici: And he was willing to forego, or at least cut short, his UNICEF concert to go to the music festival. He seemed really pleased to see his old teacher, as well. These are all things you might expect from someone taking care of things they’d put off, before it’s too late.

Firnlambe: Dude, his teacher was a bitch!! How he could just stand there and be so sweet towards her is beyond me. She was totally rude and inconsiderate of her students.

Cici: Maybe he was always one of her favorites. You saw how she practically fawned all over Yoo Jin after finding out he was one of Stresemann’s students, especially after watching him conduct. That is, until he stood up to her and put her straight about the other members. That landed him right on her black list with the others. You’re right. She is one nasty piece of work.

Wendilynn: She is a master in her field and most masters feel entitled. Add the Korean hierarchy system and Yoo Jin, a junior, daring to disagree with her would be inexcusable.

Cici: I agree, and I understand that, but doesn’t it make you wonder how Stresemann ever got as far as he did? He’s the poster child for irreverence. Or egotism, I’m not sure which. 

Firnlambe: Maybe both?

Cici: Not that I don’t love that about him, but it kind of makes him a square peg in a round hole as far as the traditional Korean system goes. Even at the festival, he acted more like a teenager on a binge than a maestro.

Wendilynn: I got the feeling that he got himself drunk so that Yoo Jin would be forced to get some conductor experience. But ladies...was I the only one who melted when Yoo Jin was walking around in that long cardigan? Oh my gosh he was gorgeous.

Firnlambe: Oh not at all!! He was just stunning in that cardigan, he really was . . . though I don’t think Stresemann was as drunk as he was trying to lead us to believe.

Cici: Agreed. he even came out and mumbled something about how the errands he was having Yoo Jin complete were part of his lessons, teaching him to care for others. The scene that melted my heart was where Yoo Jin tucks drunken Stresemann in for the night. Ahhhh… And the cardigan didn’t hurt, lol.

Wendilynn: He was showing off perfect husband material in those scenes where he was caring for people instead of being a pompous jerk about them. I’m still melting as I think about it. I think Miss Vocal Chords is finally understanding what she is missing out on now that Yoo Jin is changing and not wallowing in self pity.

Cici: Did anyone else get just a tad nervous when she told the dean that she would have to settle for "standing next to a genius"? She obviously still has designs on Yoo Jin. And she’s certainly cozy with his mom.

Firnlambe: Honestly, I just let her scenes breeze on by . . . . I’m not giving her any real thought anymore. What I can’t wait for is Yoo Jin’s mother learning Nae Il is the one her son played his duet with. THAT is going to be highly entertaining . . likewise when Nae Il learns she’s his mom. After she got all excited thinking Miss Vocal Chords was finally interested in someone else--heck she was so excited she even had an epic hand shake with Mini Min Hee--that realization will be devastating.

Wendilynn: Miss Vocal Chords is toast and it's only a matter of time before Yoo Jin clues her in. He will always be polite to her because she is clearly a long standing family friend, but that is all she’ll ever be and one doesn’t need any advanced notice of the story to see that. Nae Il makes Yoo Jin react unconsciously. That closet scene where she is packing his clothes shows you how integrated she has become in his life.

Cici: It also shows how much he has come to take her for granted. Which is about to change, if our cellist has anything to say about it. The last thing on his bucket list was to date an interesting girl that he never would have considered dating before. And that tug-of-war back at the music festival...I both laughed and cringed. It’s not really comfortable, either physically or emotionally, to be in the middle in that situation. Poor Nae Il’s expressions are priceless.

Wendilynn: I have to admit, I laughed at that scene. To our cellist, she’s a cute woman and Yoo Jin is like..”what woman?” “Oh, you mean this one?” DUH! lol

Cici: See? That's where I wanted to slap him.

Wendilynn: She acts like a child, and most of the time, that’s how Yoo Jin treats her because she doesn’t want more. She’s like an adorable 12 year old, but I like that that is changing. Her playing at the music festival was both beautiful but also melancholy and I think that reflects her state of awareness that she can’t remain a child.

Cici: That scene where Yoo Jin left the festival director to go look for Nae Il, only to find her in the practice room with Yoon Hoo... he is finally starting to get his priorities in order, and it looks like he may be realizing that he is not the only one that has feelings for Nae Il.

Firnlambe: I absolutely love the way he’s changing. Their little midnight walk after her self induced class was so perfect, and very natural.

Cici: I guess I have to agree with Wendilynn, that Yoo Jin is actually treating her at the level that she is ready for. It’s kind of interesting how she can make the puppets all lovey-dovey, kissing and hugging, but she would totally wig out if Yoo Jin actually did that. She is both child like and childish at this point, but I expect that to change soon, thanks to Yoon Hoo.

Firnlambe: Well with that adorable face and attitude, however shall we discuss anything else? //sigh// I have a feeling a lot of our future posts will revolve around him. Granted it really doesn’t help that Yoo Jin is too self-absorbed at times to really notice anything else. I mean just look at him ignoring Nae Il there at the end . . . he was just asking for our Cellist to swoop in and start laying on the charm.

Cici: The gauntlet has been thrown!

Well, dear Majors, there you have it--the beautiful second male lead we have all been waiting for is finally here, and our leads may never be the same again. Which team are you on? Do you think Yoon Hoo has a chance of capturing Nae Il's innocent heart? Or will he just be the catalyst Yoo Jin needs to finally come to terms with the depth of his own feelings? And how will Nae il respond to this increase in attention? Share your ideas in the comments below! Your professors are waiting!

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