Hello Trotters! We're back with a whole new week of new episodes of Trot Lovers! Our burning questions from last week are soon to be answered! Let's get started!

Like the bubbles, our hope that you regained your memory has popped.

Suzy: As we found out that Joon Hyun’s memories still hadn’t returned, I felt an angel lose its wings. Then I felt my fists bashing into my own head. Urgh.

Wendilynn: I knew it was a fake out. She did ask him how he’d end the story. Of course, the near coronary that Soo In was having was slightly gratifying. lol

Rae: Way to burst our bubbles. But the look in Soo In's face was priceless. That girl needs to be on high alert since Joon Hyun can regain his memory at any time.

Finally, Choon Hee’s allies are showing up!

Suzy: Took you long enough, Pres. Jo! Finally someone with some actual power is making an attempt to stop Mommy Dearest. Don’t wait for “one more time,” stop her now!

Wendilynn: This woman is bad to the core and you people need to up your game a little. I like that Joon Hyun was listening in on this. What gets me is that Mommy Dearest really thinks she has no accountability for what she is doing. I guess when you’ve gotten away with murder once…

Rae: Yes President Jo! I really think he should come back to the company to keep a close eye on Mommy Dearest. She's always scheming.

If you know they’re up to no good, why marry your son off to them?!

Suzy: First off, I just want to say that Joon Hyun’s mom is a sassy diva and I love her. But getting down to business, why would she even let her son near the Park family? This is the one drama I NEED a controlling parent in.

Wendilynn: She’s a selfish flake. This woman has about as much depth as a shallow pool. She’s also nothing but stress to her son. What I really want to know though is what dirt she has on Mommy Dearest.

Rae: I agree with Suzy. If you know the family is bad, why associate with them? You can also tell she's puts on a front of "we're still good friends" with Mommy Dearest. Joon Hyun's mother shouldn't be giving that family too much credit, because they're bad. Karma might hit her family as well.

It gets hot in the noraebang!

Suzy: Ow oww! My favorite Comic Relief Couple does it again. It seems like Tae Song may actually be falling for Pil Nyeo after all. Trot music can do wonders for relationships.

Wendilynn: And Pil Nyeo rocked it. There was valid reason for his infatuation. That scene was both funny, in that he freaked out as she was trying to help him sing better, and hot.

Rae: Well that is one way of getting your vocal cords warmed up! Haha! I just love this couple so much!

Tae Song when will you learn?

Suzy: He got off easy, but I’m glad he wasn’t banished again. Joon Hyun got his memory back (of course another accident would do the trick), and he needs all of the help he can get to smooth over all of these scandals and betrayals.

Wendilynn: Tae Song is a little bit yellow bellied. Soo In put him in a bad spot. I agree with Suzy that he got off incredibly easy. He deserved a good butt whipping for this one.

Rae: Yeah, I agree as well. Soo In is just too manipulative. But at least Tae Song is staying by his side and helping them out.

Here’s your chance Soo In, come clean…

Suzy: Soo In is so freakin’ obvious about being guilty! Her expressions, her explanations, her snooping around...even memory-less Joon Hyun would’ve figured it out by now.

Wendilynn: yeah, she’s pretty obvious. I saw this as Joon Hyun giving her the chance to not be the bad guy. If she had fessed up to the stage incident, I think he would have tried to keep her from being in trouble. All deals are off the table. What gets me, is that he now sees all the ways she is not a good person. In crystal clear detail.

Rae: I have to say that I love her facial reactions every time Joon Hyun brings up the day of the accident. She shows all signs of guilty. This is definitely her last chance to come clean. She should have just confessed.


Suzy: Funny how it went from “who do you think you are?” to “aaah, Oppa!!” in the blink of an eye. But the most important part of this scene is that we have our adorable Byul & Joon Hyun friendship back again!

Wendilynn: I don’t get the dichotomy they present in these dramas. They are so big on manners, but they let teenagers and even kids be rude little monsters. This type of situation shows up in tooo many dramas to just be a story arc. I do love how he comes and saves the day for Byul, though.

Rae: I agree with Wendilynn. It's a weird concept and shows that anyone is willing to start a fight. But the plot twist in this situation was totally hilarious.

Oh no! Dad take care of your health and go back to Choon Hee and Byul!

Suzy: I was seriously thinking we were never going to find out what was going on with Dad, so clearly the situation was way worse than I thought. Joon Hyun’s speech was touching, so hopefully we see his return soon, even for “just one hour” (hey, that’s a full episode!).

Wendilynn: I hate, hate, hate people who think abandoning their family so they “won’t be burdened” by dealing with a crisis is the right thing to do. All you do is leave your family dealing with regret and anger that they couldn’t be there to love you during your last moments. Good for you Joon Hyun telling him that staying away doesn’t make it better.

Rae: Finally, everything is coming to light. Seriously, being sick is not a burden if you have your family with you for love and support. Especially since their Choon Hee's family relationship seems pretty happy and loving.

And the God of Music is back!

Suzy: Praise be to the K-drama gods! Joon Hyun has his memory back! Choon Hee knows! There is a classic back hug to seal the deal! Can you tell that I’m excited? Maybe I need some balloon flower tea to calm down.

Wendilynn: I wanted to cry. I’m so glad he didn’t try to pretend that she didn’t really know what she knew. However, now I’m going to be really nervous watching the next episode. Just when will the bad guys figure out he knows for sure and that Choon Hee knows and oh, its going to get unpleasant.

Rae: Yay! Celebration time! This moment is the calm before the storm, but could we get some more cute scenes before everything goes down? lol

What a roller-coaster! Finally, Joon Hyun's memory is back but he still has to hide the fact that he knows everything in order to protect Choon Hee. What do you think will happen next? Will Soo In and Mommy Dearest find out? Will the truth of the accident come to light? Find out what happens to our Trot Couple on the next episode of Trot Lovers!

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