Fellow Trot Lovers, welcome to episode 14! Our frustrations from our previous few posts have vanished, and a few things are starting to wrap up for the incoming final episodes. As always, we have lots to discuss, so sit down, pour yourself a nice cup of balloon flower tea, and let’s get started!

So I’ve got some good news, and some bad news.

Wendilynn: There were so many good moments in this episode. This was one of them. Choon Hee got to know she was loved again and being the level headed girl that she is, she can handle holding it back so Joon Hyun can do what he needs to.

Rae: I love how Joon Hyun is protecting her. He knows that she’s a target and he’s assuring her that everything will go back to normal once he fixes everything.

Suzy: I love how he’s protecting her, but I also hate it because argh, more secrets. I’ll just be happy that they’re together again, even if it’s only in private.

Splish splash, Choon Hee’s taking a wine bath.

Wendilynn: What gets me about this scene, is that Soo In KNOWS that Joon Hyun’s memory loss is only temporary and that he really loves Choon Hee. She KNOWS she’s going to be in huge trouble when it all hits the fan. And yet she has the gall to act like everyone is on her side and not Choon Hee’s. Just boggles my mind. I loved the set down Choon Hee gives her later.

Rae: I just hate how manipulative Soo In is. Twisting everyone’s words. She’s the one going around with a taken man.

Suzy: Seriously, she has some nerve. Why does she always look so surprised when she thinks she’s been found out? She has to know that her lies are ticking time bombs.

Saving Choon Hee over your own fiancee? Water you doing?

Rae: I found it amusing how Joon Hyun and Geun Woo went over to Choon Hee and then Geun Woo was too late and was like, “I guess I’ll save Soo In.”

Wendilynn: That was funny that both men ran for Choon Hee and nobody was caring about Soo In. However, I mentioned in the last DC that I was nervous about watching this episode. Second hand embarrassment kicked in as Joon Hyun basically blows his cover. It took me several hours and Suzy’s reassurance that everything was okay before my stomach unknotted enough to finish watching this episode. PLEASE….tell me I’m not the only one?

Suzy: Hah, I’m glad my reassurance could help! It was so awkward watching Geun Woo reluctantly turn back to save Soo In, but really, how do neither of these two women know how to swim?

And thus, a bromance was formed.

Wendilynn: I’ve enjoyed these two the whole series. I have no doubt that Joon Hyun caught Geun Woo up to date on his suspicions.

Rae: This was sweet of Geun Woo to do. I ship it! The bromance of course!

Suzy: I’ve been so back and forth about Geun Woo lately, because he’ll justify himself and then do something stupid like yell at Choon Hee for not liking him, but I think this scene sealed the deal. He’s matured, and I can’t wait to see him help Joon Hyun take down Mommy Dearest.

More Mommy Dearest scheming in 3...2...1…

Wendilynn: Wow, Mommy Dearest is sinking fast. I was surprised to learn that Dad pins whatever happened on Hwa Soon. Makes me wonder what fast talking Mommy Dearest did to get clear. Question: Why did he ask Mommy Dearest to see the President? His daughter is a signed artist. He has the right to just show up at his office. lol

Rae: Mommy Dearest doing all she could to cover the holes she made. I bet she used Hwa Soon as an excuse since she decided to move to America, but since Mommy Dearest summoned her to control Joon Hyun, everything is going downhill.

Suzy: I remember when we first saw the flashback of the accident, Mommy Dearest seemed like she felt so guilty about it, but apparently not at all. Not only is she using Hwa Soon as her scapegoat, but now she’s claiming that Choon Hee caused the stage accident. Yeah right.

Favorite scene of the series or favorite scene of the series?

Wendilynn: I laughed so much. These two are so adorable. Yay, Tae Song for taking the initiative.

Rae: These two are just too hilarious. Glad they’re finally in tune with each other now.

Suzy: Yesss, my faves finally have a mutual connection! I died when I saw Tae Song and only came back to life to see more of him & Pil Nyeo. Not sure why we keep getting cheated out of their kisses though.

When you won’t confess in person, it’s time to turn to nationwide television.

Rae: I love how Joon Hyun is taking matters into his own hands. Soo In better watch out, Joon Hyun is calling her out!

Wendilynn: You know, he went above and beyond, I think in this episode. He told Soo In she could come clean and tell him anything. That he was on her side. I honestly think that if she had confessed in this moment, he would have let it stay under the rug. He did care for her at one point and I don’t think he wanted to destroy her.

Suzy: She had so many chances, she was practically begging for him to broadcast her downfall on TV. Kind of the opposite effect that you wanted, Soo In. Oops @ you.

Wendilynn: I loved the necklace grab. I bet you anything he’d been wanting to do that ever since he found her wearing it. And the shock on her face as she realizes he’s been playing her all this time, I loved it. I am glad also that she told Mommy Dearest to take a hike. She was completely right that all her decisions were bad ones. It will be interesting to see what moves Soo In makes now. There is a small part of me that wants to see Soo In redeemed.

Rae: I just love this part! All the stress and wanting to pull my hair out finally came to an end! I just love how Joon Hyun snatched the necklace from her. Totally putting her to shame.

Suzy: I know I had certainly been waiting for him to snatch that necklace. I don’t know if I want to see Soo In redeemed, though I have a feeling she’ll get off the hook a bit in the end. She’s just not likable to me anymore.

We only have one more week left, so let’s hear your predictions for the ending! What do you think will happen? What do you want to happen? Tell us in the comments, and we'll see you next week!

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