It's the final episode of Trot Lovers everyone! All our heartache, laughs, and frustration come to an end with this episode! Let's get started!

Joon Hyun and Mommy Dearest face off! Who will win?

Wendilynn: She just does NOT get the message. Blaming Joon Hyun when she is the one who was dishonest first. HELLO? And of course, she thinks she’s got the final trump card in her bag. Thankfully, Joon Hyun and Choon Hee are more grown up than she is.

Suzy: I cannot believe she had the nerve to blame Joon Hyun for “deceiving” her. What planet do you live on, lady?!

Rae: How oblivious can she be? She carries so much baggage that it doesn't come to an ounce of what Joon Hyun did to "deceive" her.

Tae Sung is in major trouble!

Wendilynn: This is why you have to update your contacts in your phone. LOL!! Nil Pyeo just cracked me up in this scene. He deserves all the trouble he is getting.

Suzy: A new relationship’s bound to face a couple of bumps in the road, right? Yet again, Tae Song manages to get off the hook pretty easily. I lol’ed pretty hard when he called her a “mental patient” and she asked why THAT wasn’t her name in his phone.

Rae: This has to be my favorite scene of the two! Nil Pyeo knows she deserves better than "peasant" and she doesn't back down. Haha!

Choon Hee telling her Dad that she and Joon Hyun broke up because of what happened in their parents’ past.

Wendilynn: I’ve mentioned before that I love the maturity of this couple. I still think its stupid to separate because of this, but at least they both TALKED IT OUT first. Instead of a disappearing act with no conversation, these two were a team, even during this heartbreak. In a show full of cliches, this was a refreshing difference.

Suzy: It is stupid, but as Wendilynn said, it’s a K-drama cliche that I’m not surprised to see. I’m actually surprised this whole subplot didn’t come up earlier in the show and last longer, but I’m glad that it didn’t. Them talking it out really did make all the difference though. No annoying “secret noble hero” type crap.

Rae: I agree with the ladies above. Joon Hyun and Choon Hee are definitely mature. They both have an understanding for each other and trust each other so much that the other will follow through. It just sucks how the parents have to get involved and keep them from being happy.

Soo In’s last day with Geun Woo before she turns herself in.

Wendilynn: I know this makes me the odd man out, but I’m glad they redeemed Soo In a little bit. Geun Woo, as I predicted was the supporting arm she needed to have some strength to turn herself in and learn her lesson. I like that she apologized to her mom even though her mom was the bad guy first, she should have stood up to her mom, not go along with her schemes. And I really appreciated that she comes back and is willing to have a normal and HEALTHY artist rivalry with Choon Hee. Both will benefit from the challenge that comes from this.

Suzy: I know that I’ve been ruthless in accusing Soo In, but I agree with you. She honestly admitted and apologized for her wrongdoings, which allowed me to start rooting for her again. I’m just glad she served some jail time first. Though, I’ve gotta say, in real life I would not be so supportive, hahah.

Rae: I'm really glad Soo In is making a turn around and I'm glad she got to spend the last with Geun Woo. I really liked her character in the beginning of the drama and I hope that by the end, she will redeem herself and compete with Choon Hee the healthy way.

Dad confronts Mommy Dearest about the accident!

Wendilynn: Mommy Dearest is slime, top to bottom. While I had sympathy for Soo In, I have none for this lady. Dad finally knows the full truth now.

Suzy: It was sooo satisfying to watch someone stand up to Mommy Dearest, because everyone else has just been too scared of all of her power and deception. She has no limit to what she’ll lie about.

Rae: She really has some nerve trying to avoid Dad and the questions he's asking. But I'm glad it all came to light, she finally cracked! Go Dad!

Mommy Dearest finally going to jail!

Wendilynn: RIGHT ON!! It’s the only thing they can really stick to her at this time, but at least it’s something.

Suzy: *Applause* I’m sure that they uncovered more of her law-breaking in court, since it’s hard to miss (though it took them quite a while to bust her in the first place…). Even when she was upset that Soo In was in jail, it still seemed more about her daughter’s career than her daughter.

Rae: I have to agree with what Suzy said. I know most parents want their children to succeed them, but Mommy Dearest just went too far. Although, defamation and bribery is the only thing they can get her for, she has a lot of people against her now who know the truth.

Dad’s surgery is successful! Now, he wants Choon Hee to be happy.

Wendilynn: Kudos to Dad for giving Choon Hee the go ahead to be with Joon Hyun. Both are mature enough to not let this little bit of history destroy their relationship.

Suzy: Thank the lawd! If Dad is okay with it, then they can be too. Plus, we didn’t sit through 16 episodes to have our leads separate over something like that!

Rae: You go Dad! I'm glad that he realized it was all in the past. Now, Choon Hee and Joon Hyun can be happy.

The Goddess of Ballad and the God of Trot are finally making it!

Wendilynn: Can these two really get any funnier? They steal every scene they are in. Heck, half the time they stole the whole episode. LOL!! The scene with Tae Song and Joon Hyun licking lips and talking about how to schmooze a girl was so funny.

Suzy: Everyone else’s hair didn’t make it through the time jump looking great, but Pil Nyeo’s finally looks better! Well deserved, to go along with her & Tae Song’s new stardom. Totally agreed that these two take the “scene-stealing” award for Trot Lovers.

Rae: I really love their side story! I'm really going to miss them! They can really steal a show! Glad that they made it.

Everyone gets a happy ending! Yay!

Wendilynn: I have a hard time believing that after a years separation so Joon Hyun could produce someone’s album and Choon Hee could gain status as a singer that they would have just hugged. I think we deserved better than another “stare and smile” ending. I did love Byul’s story though. She was so adorable all the way through this.

Suzy: So happy that I’m not the only one pissed off about us not getting a kiss!! All of the other kisses in this drama have earned a C-, so I was hoping for a solid B one at the end. No such luck. I’ve seen both of the leads do better, so hmph. Cute ending though. I have no big complaints, plotwise.

Rae: I agree. Although they haven't seen each other for awhile, the least they can do is hug or something. But I love how Byul has been narrating their story all this while. They really did lie happily ever after.

Final Thoughts on Trot Lovers:

Wendilynn: I really enjoyed the cute and silly moments. I also enjoyed the music, but I was hoping for more. I realize that in Korea, everyone knows Trot well, but with the recognition of the Hallyu wave, they could have taken this opportunity to give the international audience more to learn about this style of pop music. I appreciated the maturity of our couple to actually talk over their problems. None of this unilateral noble sacrifice garbage. I really loved that. I still can’t figure out why they brought in amnesia. I don’t see this drama being one I rewatch all that often, if ever.

Suzy: I can’t say that I’ll be rewatching it either, but I overall enjoyed it. They definitely knew what they were doing comedy-wise. I think Eun Ji and Hyun Woo are good actors, but the singing really shone through the most, of course. There were annoying cliche moments, but raging about them with my fellow drama clubbers was so fun that I didn’t even mind (okay, maybe I minded a little). I’d recommend the drama to anyone who’s a fan of the actors, even if you want to skip through a few parts to find the cutesy/funny scenes. Better kisses in the next drama I watch though, okay?

Rae: I would have to say I probably will not be rewatching either unless I craving to see Eunji and Hyun Woo. They were definitely cute and made a good couple. Their chemistry was pretty good too. I really think they could have done without the amnesia. It brought all kinds of frustrations. I am actually glad I had these ladies to rant to with because it made it 10x more enjoyable. Overall, I thought this was a really good drama if you are looking for some laughs.

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