We're 10 episodes into Roommate and the members have given us many priceless moments. Come join us as we discuss some of our favorite laugh-out-loud moments, like the dance club tub scene pictured above. Good times, good times.

Lore: So what are some of your favorite laugh out loud moments from the show? We are 10 episodes in and there have been some hilarious moments thus far. In the last episode Bom had me in stitches over her Oppa comment.

Rosie: Roommate certainly brings a lot of laughs, and not always in places you expect it to! The hula hoop contest last week (both men’s and women’s) was one of my favorite events, but then there are times where the smallest things crack me up, like how every member, and nearly every guest has to have to their little moment where they realize the in-house cameras move, or think they need to introduce themselves properly! Se Ho’s parents were the best at this.

Lore: One moment that comes to mind for me is when Nana and Chan Yeol were faced with the ultimate challenge - a bee! Shock, horror! They were too cute as they freaked out over the insect. Good thing Mama Shin was around to help them out.

Rosie: Oh Chanyeol, now I’ll never think of bees and fairies the same way again.

Lore: Oh! Another moment that had me giggling to no end was when Seho and Sung Woo met EXO (well, part of EXO that is). Seho displayed great comedic timing!

Qisti: Haha yes! Se Ho is such an EXO fanboy. I can’t get over how bad he was at hula hooping. I loved how when they were giving him a second chance, Min Woo was like “It’s okay because he’s going to fail again”. And then he really did fail.

Rosie: Anything with Seho and his gigantic framed photograph makes me laugh, as well as the recurring jokes about it. Seriously though, why hasn’t that thing been burned yet! After all the random misfortunes the house has had.

Lore: I know! I still laugh whenever I see that giant framed pic of Seho!

Rosie: It’s definitely the most epic thing in that entire house. Maybe beside it though they can add the new shirtless pic of Se Ho from this episode? Now that would be fantastic!

Screen Shot 2014-07-10 at 1.04.19 AM.jpg

Or maybe just this picture would do?

Qisti: I like that picture ;)

Lore: I laughed really hard when the roomies went to retrieve Sung Woo’s helicopter from the Mexican embassy. There is nothing like a language barrier, confusion, and cameras to create a funny scene.

Rosie: Ah yes, Kang Joon’s ‘English’ and Se Ho’s quick Spanish tutorial that quickly just devolved into Korean. Didn’t take too long!

Qisti: Kang Joon is such a cutie. I love how they always replay that scene when he doesn’t know the word for move in English and immediately switches back to Korean. I guess I don’t blame them when they always question if he’s really dumb or if he’s a variety genius.

His members were quite funny too. I loved how they both climbed onto Kang Joon’s bunk bed and wanted to sleep there. I want a bring a best friend over sleepover party in the Roommate household.

Rosie: As for episode 10, that laundry tub scene with Soo Hyun and Min Woo and their ‘romantic’ reenactment had me in near hysterics. So cheesy! So over the top! But that’s the kind of humor I love seeing on these shows. Don’t try to make me believe the members are in love. Just act it out and make me laugh! Actually that whole faux CF scene had me in stitches.

Lore: The CF scene was hilarious! I love the hair flips!

Screen Shot 2014-07-09 at 8.43.57 PM 1.jpg

Qisti: I lost it when Min Woo started to speak in a dialect for the second scene. Then Nana came in a completed the whole scene. It was great!

Rosie: Yes, and her CF wasn’t quite as glamorous as the others… Poor girl! But it was funny though.

Qisti: All the acting scenes were pretty funny. Dong Wook is right, Se Ho must really want to act. He’s so good but so friggin’ hilarious that I don’t think I can take him seriously. These acting scenes though are great because most of them need someone else to be there and then you see the whole group acting together, and making some more seriously funny, Kodak moments.

So many great moments have happened in the Roommate household. What were some of your favorites?

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