Yesterday we talked about the supposedly disastrous 11th episode of Roommate, but is the whole show that bad? Not really. Not if you give it a chance! We’re here this week to discuss the positive sides of Roommate. In short, why it’s worth the watch and entertaining.

Lore: I honestly do like the focus on how the roommates are like a family (how much everyone believes they are like a family is another matter entirely). I guess I have just always been a sucker for the assembled family dynamic- such different personalities coming together.

Rosie: I love the family unit too, even if I don’t necessarily need it to be called that. 11 people together on one show though, sink or swim, that’s a dynamic unit and I love how they spend time together.

Qisti: I think the best part if having 11 different people on the show is the different pairings you get from them. And each one is unique from one another.

Rosie: 11 unique members, and an infinite number of ways to pair them off! My favorite thing is still the mesh of older and younger, and even after all this time it’s still Sung Woo and Chan Yeol that are best at it. I do believe they even finished each other’s sentence once this episode!

Qisti: That last sentence reminds me of when Chan Yeol and Se Ho lip synced to "Love is an Open Door". Can you just imagine if Shin Umma sang it with Chan Yeol?

Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 3.21.08 PM.jpg

Rosie: Oh goodness, yes. Why hasn’t there been a full Sung Woo/Chan Yeol singing compilation yet!

Lore: Yes, I think the mesh of younger and older is a major positive element of this show. It is entertaining and endearing at the same time. I agree that Sung Woo and Chan Yeol excel at the young/old relationship (I have a big soft spot for the time when Chan Yeol played his self compositions for Sung Woo and the elder gave him advice). I think So Ra and any of the younger female roomies also have a really adorable relationship. So Ra is really a big sister to them (from taking them shopping to giving them support).

Qisti: I love how she absolutely loves her younger roommates. I would love to see her interact with the younger male roommates. Can she dress them up too? Haha!

Rosie: I’d watch that...

Lore: This may sound a little silly given the fact we are talking about a reality / variety show, but I think a big positive is getting to know the roommates in general (and by silly I mean this is television, it is not like we are actually seeing them like they would be chilling in their own house or anything). I had no idea who Ga Yeon was before the show and have really liked getting to know her. Shin Umma as well, I had no idea who he was before I started watching Roommates. As far as those I had watched previously, it has been interesting to see other sides to them (Bom for example).

Rosie: Roommates has been great about introducing its lesser known cast to the viewers! Ga Yeon especially is precious, and I for one hadn’t ever watched a drama with the two young actors, and now I’m a little looking forward to seeing some of their dramas. (Hey, advertising works!) But for the larger celebrities, like Bom, though this may be short-lived, it’s been especially fun to see her on television and to get to know her supposedly trademark quirks first hand.

Qisti: With each episode, I feel like Ga Yeon grows on me more and more. Especially in this episode when she stayed with Min Woo while he was washing the dishes. She was too sweet.

The most surprising character for me, though is Se Ho. I knew that since he was a comedian that he would play the mood maker, but he's so much more. I kind of feel like he's the glue that sticks everyone together because he gets along with everybody really well.

Rosie: This! Se Ho really is ‘so much more’. I also think he’s one of the few people after Dong Wook who’s kind of already trained to gauge the other members’ emotions and read a situation, so he can sort of direct the interaction if the scene is flailing. An important skill, when you really look at it.

Lore: And let’s not forget about the planned events- the challenges, the guests, and in the case of episode 11 the road trip. These elements are a large part of what keeps this show entertaining and funny - let’s face it we need a little bit of structure to keep the flow of the show.

Qisti: Not going to lie, after the hula hooping contest, I bought a hula hoop. I wanted to have as much as they did. And I am, lol. And the best part, I'm losing a little weight! Se Ho, you and I can lose weight together~!


Anyways, I love the little challenges they have. Hands down, my favorite has got to be whenever they have those acting scenarios. I’m waiting for the day where they have a whole episode dedicated to this.

Rosie: When I first it was planned, I thought this road trip was going to be spectacular! Out and about and doing things! (Chan Yeol being awesome in general…) And on one front, it was! There’s only so much dishwashing drama I can handle, after all.

Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 1.51.41 PM.jpg

Lore: Yeah- we can’t just focus on housework and hanging around the house all the time. It was awesome, other than the entire “trip of doom” fiasco. Heck, I would book a trip through the Kang Yeol travel agency. And in no way is this influenced by the two handsome tour guides. I love how much they planned the trip (I cracked up at the rules) and tried to make it fun for everyone. Big kuddos that they put so much thought into how the teams were split up as well!

Qisti: Sign me up on their next planned trip, haha! I loved how super planned out it was. It's great that they planned the whole thing down to the games that they are going to play.

Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 2.24.34 PM.jpg

Rosie: Can we not forget about this scene? A true highlight.

Readers, what are the great things about this show? What do you watch it for, what do you skip boring scenes for?

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