Welcome to this week’s Drama Club: Roommate, where we discuss the benefits (and the drawbacks) of appearing on Roommate!

So, what exactly is a benefit? According to that dusty dinosaur on my shelf :

noun: an advantage or profit gained from something

There are a whole lot of somethings on the show Roommate, and this week the Drama Club is prepared to break them down. Here is a handy dandy guide to the benefits (plus drawbacks!) of appearing on Roommate as of episode 12.

Lore: Benefit #1: Better blood circulation.

Park Bom has been wearing her meridian ear patches since her first appearance on the show and if you play eye-spy you will see the same ear patches on several other roomies throughout the episodes. Even while camping Bom was wearing her blood circulation improving ear stickers. I consider this a real benefit, considering everyone and their brother is in on the trend (we can trust celebrities, right)? Roommate- Discover improved blood circulation.

Benefit #2: Meeting your fears head on, maybe literally. Kang Joon is afraid of heights, yet he managed a 720 degree fall on a bungee cord while asking for a sunset background and epic music. Chan Yeol was busy showing off his MC skills when a giant moth killed his vibe and reinforced his fear of insects- but the kid continued with the games. Roommate – Kind of like exposure therapy.

Benefit #3: Finding your hidden talent. Who knew Soo Hyun was so good at running full speed into a rock-star and popping balloons? Or how the Roommate maknae Ga Yeon is a natural fish gutter? Oh, and don’t forget how wonderful Bom is at filming confessionals. Roommate- Discover your hidden talents.

Benefit #4: The life of the party is invaluable. Se Ho’s serious side has been shown on the program (when his parents visited, his camp confessional) but you cannot deny this guy is straight up funny (and more endearing that we get to see his serious side). So much so the roomies agreed they made them laugh enough for one month in one day- oh, and he throws an awesome dance party. Roommate- Discover the funny.

Qisti: Benefit #5: Learning how to cook.

I mean they can’t always rely on Shin Umma to feed them. From Nana’s uncooked rice to the awesome octopus to making delicious looking curry, the roommates are taking on new challenges in the kitchen. What’s great about them is that they’re so encouraging to each other that even if it’s still uncooked they still eat it. Plus, I love how everyone relies on the internet to learn how to cook *ehem* Chanyeol *ehem*. It’s okay, we still love him. Though I think that someone needs to go and teach them how to cook rice. I mean rice is life, lol.


Benefit #6: Exercising is great.


Omg! So Ra’s workout videos. In the last episode, Se Ho was committed to lose some weight. Can we please have a segment where Se Ho loses weight through her exercise videos? Even better, can we have the whole house come together and exercise to that video? Haha! Anyways, I think it helps that they have a professional fighter in the house to exercise with them. I love seeing Min Woo jogging with her or going to her training sessions. I think Soo Hyun could use a little help strengthening her stamina a little. We can do raise our staminas together with So Ra’s videos, because God knows how low my stamina levels are too.

Benefit #7: Meeting new people.


Of course a given since it’s the concept of the show. I feel like So Ra described it really well when she mentions that in the entertainment field, you only really see people who are in the same circle as you. It sometimes becomes hard to find someone you really trust and can give you positive energy. I’m glad that this show throws different people from different backgrounds together because I think that there is a little different energy coming from them. Maybe a family-type of energy?


I absolutely loved how Se Ho went on to say that he really appreciated that everyone starts a conversation with him. That everyone wants to know how he’s been and his stories. It’s super sweet.

Rosie: Of course, the benefits are grand and fabulous, but how about those drawbacks? Let’s recap:

Drawback #1 - Ready-made siblings

Screen Shot 2014-07-22 at 11.33.34 PM.jpg

Because it isn’t a family until your new little brothers Chan Yeol and Kang Joon bribe some film editor to locate all the clips of your sexy past as a young super model or put into one reel every kiss scene from every drama you’ve ever been in. Poor Sora really got beat up this episode! I too would probably have tried to cover up the screen, even if I’d had a body like that! Dong Wook I don’t feel so sorry for. Hey, at least he revisited the concept of ‘kissing’.

Drawback #2 - Trying to be intelligent and ending up looking dumb.

Screen Shot 2014-07-22 at 11.11.59 PM.jpg

At first I gave a huge round of applause to Chan Yeol and Dong Wook looking up a feller camper’s fishing rods because *duh* obviously that’s the only way to catch trout in a stream! Unfortunately, they were useless, and basically every other person there managed to catch fish with their hand held nets. Hurrah. You tried.

Drawback #3 - Dirty crunchy rice for breakfast

Screen Shot 2014-07-22 at 11.42.34 PM.jpg

You know most Koreans rinse their rice and then properly cook it in a nice pressure cooker. But not roommates on a camping spree! Here we wash our faces over the pot of rice and then leave everyone to lose their teeth crunching on their undercooked grains. Maybe if they had left off face washing and kept that water in the pot it would have been more edible? Oh well, maybe it had more facial nutrients in it ;)

Drawback #4 - Scripted heartbreak

Screen Shot 2014-07-22 at 11.49.29 PM.jpg

Se Ho got some advice from a love guru this episode… So let’s have a raise of hands of people excepting to Nana fall at his feet in the next episode? What is that? I’m not seeing any hands up. No one? Anyone? That’s right. This is doomed to fail. Poor Nana. Poor Se Ho. Poor us! (Because we have to watch this slow-motion-comic-train-wreck-waiting-to-happen!)

Readers, can you think of more benefits or drawbacks that come from appearing on this show? Let us know in the comments!

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