Welcome back to this week’s Drama Club: Roommate! This time around, we are building off of the honest feedback that the roommates shared during their camping outing. Remember to let us know what you would love to tell the roommates if you could in the comments section.

Lore: During the camping trip the roomies had some honest things to say to each other; Min Woo received feedback on how he handles situations while Se Ho gave a big thank you to people who took him seriously. So, if you could tell any of the roommates something, what would it be and why?

Rosie: Firstly, thank you for putting your lives on television. Because, wow, that’s a hard one. Risky too, because who knows when they’re signing the contract if this show is going to make or break them. That takes guts.

Lore: Yes, thank you to all of the Roommates for appearing on the show! To single out a roomie- I would personally love to tell Se Ho that he should be more confident, that he is a great guy, and that he should focus less on people judging him. Maybe it is because we have heard about his darker past from his parents or because of his revelation at the campsite, but I just feel like Se Ho has some unresolved confidence issues (and I simply adore him).

Qisti: I know I've said this many times, but I absolutely love Se Ho. If we hadn't even heard his backstory, I would have never guessed he had confidence issues.


Rosie: I think Se Ho stands to gain most from this show, and it’s probably earned him so many fans. I hope he will take that with him, post Roommate.

Likewise though, I think Nana needs to learn how to relax and just be herself on the show, regardless of what people say. She started off so bubbly, sank into her shell at the first attack, and she’s just now regaining back some of that early fearlessness.

Qisti: I want to tell Nana to drive more. She's got the skills, sort of. The next camping trip, I want to see her drive that big ol' truck.

Lore: I wish I could tell Bom that people love her for her, because she seems so lonely and isolated!

Qisti: Bom should just keep on being Bom and come back home (pun intended, lol).

Rosie: And sadly, I think we’ve probably seen the last of her. Bom, we love you still!

Qisti: I personally want to see more So Ra in the show. I was surprised by the little aegyo tantrum that she had while her video was being shown. A good surprise. It was like her cool, supermodel chic wall broke down for a second and we got all that angry aegyo.


Rosie: I’ll second this! So Ra has been fading into the background of late, which I hate to see! I think the presence of the ‘kids’ does this to her because they’re so much more energetic. But So Ra, we want to see more of you too!

Lore: Yes! We need more So Ra!

Qisti: As for Kang Joon, if he just keeps on doing things like his "Kang-Il" bungee jump flip, I will be a happy camper.

Rosie: Yes, and please don’t be afraid to continue trying on awesome outfits on screen for us. :)

1-Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 1.50.36 PM.jpg

Qisti: His roommate on the other hand, Min Woo, has had his ups and downs. For some reason I want to tell him to keep speaking his mind but be careful with the words he chooses to use. Like with the whole switching car deal, I feel like the thought is there but it's not being conveyed well to the rest of the household and then misunderstandings arise.

Lore: I feel the same way - Min Woo should keep up his honesty but work on his delivery. It seems like his words (and actions) often end up coming across different from his intentions.

Qisti: To Chan Yeol: Just keep maturing the way you've been maturing.

Rosie: Yes, because every growing experience counts!

Lore: Chan Yeol’s growing experiences always make me giggle.

1-Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 7.47.29 PM.jpg

Rosie: Soo Hyun-nuna, I love watching her step out of her zone. That hair flip this episode! From the ‘innocent’ one? Oh wait, I remember when she used her hair like that before! I hope her career just grows and solidifies over time.

1-Screen Shot 2014-07-09 at 8.43.31 PM.jpg

With many hair flips.

Qisti: Soo Hyun has definitely grown on me throughout the episodes. She’s so nice and caring that it kind of makes me wonder how she is when she’s angry. Like if someone spent their last bit of money on something stupid, what would she do? I know I’d definitely make a scene if that happened. I guess I just want to see an explosive side of her. With angry hair flips, maybe? Haha!

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