Sometimes comfortable is boring. In episode 13 of Roommate, some of the cast members made a leap to greatness in areas they are not necessarily skilled at, which was wonderful. Welcome to part 2 of this week’s Drama Club: Roommates, where we focus on how the roomies have (and could) step out of their comfort zones. Cheers!

Lore: A couple of the roomies stepped out of their comfort zone in episode 13 - Soo Hyun recorded a song while Se Ho went for a Pilates workout. In past episodes we have seen Soo Hyun take on dancing, Se Ho trying his hand at acting, Kang Joon try his hand at MCing, and Ga Yeon letting So Ra dress her up in something other than gym clothes. It is nice to see the roomies step out of their “comfort zone”, and it is kind of hilarious.

Rosie: I still haven’t gotten over Dong Wook being forced to sing (lip sync) that song with Se Ho. Could they have made him do something even a tiny bit more out of his comfort zone? Poor guy, but he worked so hard on it!

Lore: He did! It was hilarious when Chan yeol showed up at the their “rehearsal” and nailed the song. Poor Dong Wook, he looked so mopey! Speaking of Se Ho, his flexibility while doing pilates was surprising. I know I couldn’t bend like that even if I tried!

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Rosie: Se Ho was so impressive! Now I’m just wondering if he could walk the next day.

Lore: I would have been bedridden for a week! My poor fitness level aside, I was impressed with Soo Hyun’s singing, honestly. I know she is not a professional singer (and sang off rhythm) but I am tone deaf, so she beat me by one thousand percent!

Rosie: Soo Hyun has probably gotten to try more things out of comfort zone than probably anyone here. First dancing with Nana, and then this episode. At least before it was just her alone in a practice room, and just her roomies for an audience later.

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I felt so bad for her though this episode, surrounded by professionals like Yoon Jong Shin, and so terrified! To top it off, they just had to bring in Kim Ye Rim, the singer of “It’s Alright” and add extra pressure. But she handled it like a pro eventually. I know I wouldn’t have been alright!

Lore: I probably would have run right out of the room! But Soo Hyun stuck with it, and the end result was worth it. So, if you could see one of the roomies try something completely unexpected, who would it be and what would the activity be? Personally I want to see So Ra take on something totally unlike her- maybe she could go to the gym with Ga Yeon and let a few punches go? I would also love to see Nana try something new - I just love her energy!

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Rosie: So Ra throwing some punches would be something. I love how she takes the lead with the younger women, and now even Se Ho, but rarely do they get the opportunity to give back. I’m trying to think what else Nana might take on, because she’s always so eager to try new things.

Lore: True, Nana has a pretty laid back attitude when it comes to trying new things. What about Min Woo? I don’t really feel like we have seen him take on too many “out of his comfort zone” tasks.

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Rosie: Ahhh, Min Woo! He looks pretty comfortable here

Of all the people on this show I wish he would relax more. His comic moments running around the house hiding from Chan Yeol and Kang Joon were absolutely the best! Maybe Se Ho should take him for a spin as a gag man or something.

Then again, this episode did feature Kang Joon trying to burst in on Min Woo in the shower so… that’s already something ‘new’.

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But is the nation really ready??

Lore: I am not sure about the nation, but I am gung ho for more hidden camera shenanigans! So how about Shin Umma, what fun could he get up to moving away from his comfort zone? I could see him taking on a task like taking care of a room full of kindergarteners or something. I feel like he is awesome at so many things, but is probably really awkward when it comes to kids. Plus I think it would be awesome to see Shin Teacher!

Rosie: Shin Umma and Shin Teacher? I can see it. He’d make such a great dad probably, given some time. Can we send Chan Yeol to play with kids too? I’d pay to watch that.

Lore: I would too. Can Baekhyun randomly show up as well?

Rosie: Absolutely! They said he was invited anytime! Have we mentioned that we’re absolutely not Exo fangirls? Absolutely not…

Lore: Exo who?

Rosie: Some group I think Chan Yeol belongs to. I think they play drums on each others’ heads. Whatever.

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Lore: Oh! So that is what that kid does for a living! Got it. Moving on…

Rosie: I’d like to note how much we are missing Qisti this week who is travelling and should be back with us next week! Until then...

Lore: Yes, we miss you Qisti! Until next time...

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