After a full week off from broadcast, Season 2 of  Roommate is still kicking up a fuss, and the new roomies are settling in.

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Rosie: Our episode began like it was Introduction Time 2.0 with the newbies drawing out brain maps. Honestly it felt a little redundant, but some of the self-described brain maps were fun. Guk Joo still has Kang Joon on the brain. No shock there, and it’s awesome of course to see her being so candid. Hey, we all have celebs on the brain. I like it when other people admit it too. (She also jams to Block B in the mornings. Definitely my kind of gal.)

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Of course, no together time is complete without Park Joon Hyung turning crazy and dancing like a madman and making accidentally unfortunate remarks about the muscles in Young Ji’s thighs. At least now I know how to complicate someone correctly: “Seems like you exercised a lot.” I’m learning a lot from this show.

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So Jackson is still pretty fabulous. He backflips and dougies on command, and leads his roommate astray on late night outings for grilled pork belly, so that makes him a man after my own heart and who can help but love him. I feel like the dynamic between him and his roommate is still a little repressed though, as if Kang Joon just doesn’t know how to deal with his personality yet, and I hope that will thaw soon.

Qisti: I’ve said this before and I’ll say this again. I absolutely love Jackson! He’s just super spontaneous and a curveball for the rest of the roommates. Who knows what he’s going to do next. Now I’m waiting for an episode where Jackson decides to teach Kang Joon how to dougie.

Rosie: Oh no… Kang Joon doing the dougie? However would I survive?!

Lore: I can’t help but look at Park Joon Hyung and see an older version of Jackson. They both have a lot of energy and act a bit impulsively. A good example of this occurred when the roomies went on a historical tour this episode. Park Joon Hyung was all over the place during the tour. The tour guide was pretty good natured about everything but you could tell he got a little flustered by Joon Hyung’s questions/energy.

At one point Dong Wook even apologized to the tour guide after one of Joon Hyung’s questions. I feel like with Park Joon Hyung he can be so outgoing he embarrasses the people around him (and he doesn’t seem to think before he speaks, which I can imagine leads to some misunderstandings). Personally I think it is nice to see such a strong personality on the show because it makes things interesting (I seriously do not think this guy could ever be boring, even if he tried).

The same day some of the roomies were out touring the neighborhood, others were on a road trip. Se Ho, Nana, and Guk Ju went to visit Se Ho’s Mother’s house and it was a really sweet visit. To start off all the cuteness, Se Ho gave Nana her birthday present on the drive over. As much as the Seho/Nana “love line” can seem forced, these cute little moments between the two of them still make me smile.

Once they arrived at the house we were given another dose of sweet – Mom had cooked up a buffet for them and even made Nana seaweed soup for her birthday. D’aaawwww. Then Mom proceeded to fangirl over Guk Ju and her comedy. Mom even gave Nana and Guk Ju presents. After all of the adorable family time the trio headed back to the house, loaded up with some food from good old Mom. It wasn’t a long visit, but still this portion of the episode was probably one of my favorites just because of how sweet it was.

Qisti: Where does Joon Hyung get all his energy from? I love how both Jackson and Joon Hyung put eating above anything else. It’s true though, you have to eat to live, lol. Se Ho’s mom’s fangirling was too adorable and she’s super nice, so it made the whole clip super sweet. On a sidenote: is it just me or does it look like Se Ho has lost a good amount of weight?

Rosie: Moms are always the best though!

Qisti: Yaay! More roomie bonding time. Bae Jong Ok takes roommate, Girls’ Generation’s Sunny, to pilates. I’ve got mad respect for Bae Jong Ok. If I were to do that kind of pilates, I’d be grunting the same way Sunny was.

Anyways, it was a good episode for Sunny because I feel like she bonded with a lot of the members. She built that little lego Rapunzel house with Young Ji. I don’t know if you guys saw but at the dinner table when they used Guk Joo’s meat griller, Ryohei asked a lot of questions to Sunny when he didn’t understand what was going on. Probably because she was the most calm while trying to figure out what that mysterious leaf taste was, but still, it was adorable to see him talking with the other roommates.

But hey, can I just say how adorable Young Ji. I feel like she’s going to be the next Ga Yeon. She seems like the type who doesn’t really care about her image and does what she wants. Like randomly pulling out her leg massager and practically eating a whole salad with her meat.

On to, what I thought was the highlight of the episode, Nana’s surprise birthday party. It was great to see everyone work together so harmoniously (well, kind of) to make this birthday memorable for Nana. Sure it was a little messy and they missed their cues, but it was sweet to see them do all that for Nana, whom most of them have just met. And can we give props to Min Woo for handling the crisis of Nana coming home early by simply telling her to just wait outside for 10 minutes. I love the fact that she figured it out immediately but was still a good sport about it.

Lore: I have mad respect for Jong Ok too, pilates looks painful! Props to Sunny for trying it out. And I agree that Young Ji is adorable, she definitely has a unique personality that is somehow very endearing. I can’t wait to see more of her (and I am still amazed she debuted only a month ago).

Rosie: Young Ji has way too many talents. I’m still impressed at her handling of the octopus from last time… Whatever will she reveal next?

I do have one very important question though:

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Is it really necessary to censor dog dodo on Korean public television??? Readers, answer me this!

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