Our roomies continue to get to know each other through a series of very interesting situations that may or may not include a friendly picnic, siblings who fight, grocery shopping trips that will give you life, special guests, dance parties, and an impromptu English lesson. Read on to find out exactly what happened on this week's episode of Roommate!

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Lore: Gook Joo starts off the episode by cooking some tasty meat for her roomies and as can be expected she does so hilariously by shielding her clothes (but not her face) from the hot oil. Later, as they sit down to eat, Joon Hyung asks Gook Joo how she became a comedian. To be honest I did a little dance at this question – I was quite curious myself how she got into comedy. Apparently she always loved dancing but as “her body got bigger” she found people laughing at her while she danced–which gave birth to her career in comedy.

When Gook Joo talked about how her career started I kind of felt bad. You could tell she has a lot of passion around dance and the fact her passion turned into a joke…well, I can’t help but think that had to have been tough for her. But maybe not, she does have an amazing sense of humor after all. I really like Gook Joo and I think that this revelation is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of learning more about the person behind the comedy. I can’t wait to learn more (non-weight focused things) about her in the future.

Later, the roomies go on a fun picnic. During their outing they play a few games (3,6,9 and don’t drop the ball) and dole out punishments to the losers. The picnic portion of this episode was full of body gags as the roomies made mistakes playing the games and failed at trying Jackson’s martial arts examples. This entire bit was lighthearted and full of laughs – and I think our roomies need little moments like this as they work towards getting to know each other.

Ryohei was a hoot to watch during the picnic. His frustrations at loosing were very real, he showed some of the strongest emotions he has displayed on the show to date. Ryohei seems like he will be a difficult person to get to know because he doesn’t really open up a lot, but when caught in the middle of fun challenges we get to see a side of him he usually keeps hidden. We need more challenges not only for bonding purposes but because I need to see more Ryohei talking!

Rosie: Poor Ryohei! I feel for him because his personality is so compared compared to the others, and then you get to add on cultural differences. Even singing Korean music in the car is a trial for him.

Qisti: I played the “369” game once in Korean class and it’s not as easy as it looks. Especially if you’re not playing it in your native tongue.

Rosie: I can imagine! I lost my place just following, and I had the benefit of subtitles!

The ride home after the picnic was great. It’s good to see the new cast really getting to know one another, discussing family roles, who gets to bicker and all that goodness. Young Ji and Jackson are a great duo.

1-Screen Shot 2014-10-14 at 8.17.53 PM.jpg

Of course the next scene was "Take your children and foreign cousin to the grocery store" for poor Dong Wook. I can’t believe this foursome can get anything done, with Jackson losing their baskets, and Ryohei wandering off for scented shampoo, and Young Ji looking for validation at every purchase. How I wished I could have been a bystander at that store.

1-Screen Shot 2014-10-14 at 8.25.09 PM.jpg

Yes, Dong Wook, you were, but I can honestly say this was most entertaining shopping trip I’ve ever seen on variety television. Let’s not be too hard on the kids now. They just want to eat everything and buy everything, and bring Gook Joo noona a Belle blanket cover because they’re sweet, and if you’d learn their names properly Dong Wook (Jackson =/= Henry) maybe it’d go better? Poor guy was too stressed!

But not as stressed as Jackson when Ga Yeon came to visit!

1-Jackyeon 1-001.jpg

1-Jackyeon 2.jpg

Lore: I love the Young Ji/ Jackson dynamic! And Dong Wook and his shopping buddies were too funny–I love when Dong Wook told them to stay put so they froze. Haha. In my opinion Jackson is really bringing a wildcard to this season in that I have no clue what the guy is going to do next. His shy act around Ga Yeon was kind of unexpected (and dare I say a little overdone) but still cute. This kid has grown on me.

Qisti: Best shopping trip ever! Well at least for the viewers it was, probably not so much for Lee Dong Wook. Favorite part: Jackson lost the cart because he got distracted by sushi. That sounds like something I would do.

Not only did he get to meet a pretty girl, but he got to meet his ideal type. He was so cute and shy when he got to meet Ga Yeon. It was just like a scene from a manga. I mean, did you see how fast he ran once he saw Ga Yeon at the front door? Not going to lie, his reaction was definitely not what I expected it to be. I expected him to be super macho, but we got a super adorable kid instead. I agree with Lore, Jackson is definitely a wild card. It was great to see Ga Yeon again. I’m pretty sure she was confused and flustered by the whole situation, but a great sport for going with the flow.

After Ga Yeon leaves, the boys of the household prepare dinner with the ingredients bought during the shopping trip. Somehow dinner making turns into a dance party. With Joon Hyung playing DJ and Jackson showing Se Ho some sweet new moves to try out at the club. We can’t forget Min Woo dancing with the vegetables in his hands.

Our roommates talk about different things at the dinner table. Se Ho tries to teach Young Ji how to use chopsticks. We find out that both Jackson and Ryohei can’t eat spicy food. Min Woo and Ryohei have a hard time unrolling their Ls. This leads us to Park Joon Hyung’s English lesson ft. assistant teacher/scenario maker extraordinaire Jackson.

I love, love, love it every time the roommates decide to roleplay a few scenes. I especially loved this one since it was English. Somehow Jackson is able to come up with these hilarious scenarios that everyone just goes along with well. Se Ho and his Oscar speech has got to be one of the funniest things I’ve seen on the show. That and Ryohei playing the daughter who comes home at 7 in the morning with her boyfriend to announce their wedding plans.

Somehow this scene of a robbery ends up as a dance party as well, lol!

Lore: Jackson’s reaction to Ga Yeon gave me life! He was so cute with his shy running away! I am not sure how genuine it was, but it was adorable none the less. And when she kicked him–wow, way to leave a love mark (a bruise)! I hope Ga Yeon makes another stop at the house just so we can see more of her interactions with Jackson.

What did you guys think about this week's episode? Let us know!

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