The Roommate house plays host to three guests this week, which means three more people to join in all of the hilarity and hijinks. If that is not enough excitement for one episode, there was also a lot of talk about bowel movements. Yeah, you read that right. Time for this week’s Drama Club: Roommate!

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Lore: The episodes begins with Sunny, Ryohei, Joon Hyung, and Jackson going on an outing to pick lotus roots. They plan on using the roots in a dinner they are preparing for their guests. As usual, Joon Hyung is the mood maker of the group, freestyle rapping and just being all around funny on the drive.

Once the four roomies reach the farm, they meet the best grumpy old lotus farmer I have ever had the pleasure to see on television. The man is not afraid to scold the roomies until they go about picking lotus leaves and harvesting roots the correct way. In the end he calls Joon Hyung his new brother, and the roomies pack up and head back complete with lotus roots (which are great for constipation, apparently – leading several people to point out Ryohei is suffering from the ailment and should eat as many roots as possible. Ha).

Back at the house, the group prepares dinner as the guests start to arrive. Danny Ahn, Joon Hyung’s cousin and a fellow member of the group G.O.D. is the first to arrive. Almost immediately after him follows Cha Yeon, a singer/ actress and friend of Ryohei.

It was interesting to see the sunbae/hoobae dynamic that takes over with these two new additions -Ji Young gives a 90 degree bow to Danny while Danny is nervous around his sunbae Bae Jong Ok (I thought it was cute how he stood there with his hands clasped, unsure of what to do in front of her). After introductions are made the roomies and guests sit down for quick dinner where once again we hear about Ryohei’s constipation problems. Poor guy, eat those lotus roots!

Rosie: We’re always learning so much about these people on this show… Even poor Ryohei’s constipation makes it to air. Hah! Here, give him a puppy to make up for the indignity!

1-1-Screen Shot 2014-10-022.jpg

Qisti: I want to try lotus roots now.

Rosie: Well, with new guests come new greetings. Or rather, the staples that are Jackson tumbling (although in a softer, gentler manner) and Young Ji singing. I love how it’s a given that everyone has to continuously show their skills, and we get to see them evolve. Although with the current roomies and their guests, you never know what you’re going to get.

For instance, a history lesson on Joon Hyung’s chronic snoring and how Rhyohei’s deep sleeping habits apparently makes them perfect for each other? Bromance. Or how about the actors in the room concocting the the samurai love triangle.

1-1-Screen Shot 2014-10-022.jpg

Even Danny doesn’t know what to make of this.

Just when the guests are starting to get comfortable, more arrive in the form of Sunny bringing Girls’ Generation band member Yoon Ah, and Jackson shows off (again) his inability to deal with pretty girls. This time however, he doesn’t even know her name! (Jackson, sweetie it’s okay. Once upon a time I couldn’t tell the girls apart either, but then I’m a civilian.)

1-Screen Shot 2014-10-023.jpg

I love how indignant Sunny gets though when her roomies don’t react properly to her friends. That’s how you know she’s comfortable with them - when she can scold everyone for not showing their best. Jackson and Gook Jo get the worst of her adorable tirade. Meanwhile Gook Jo is distracted by her childhood idol Cha Yeon.

1-Screen Shot 2014-10-022.jpg

Don’t blame me for this screenshot. The show PDs themselves paused it here. Poor Sunny’s face! They definitely know how to make her attractive.

Qisti: I kind of got lost during the whole flashback thing. They really lost me when they started to talk about pagers and restaurants. I don’t think I could ever get tired of Jackson’s reactions. It’s always something different and unexpected..

Lore: I loved how the younger cast member’s reacted to the talk of pagers and pay phones, they looked so confused and amazed! It was cute - and it definitely showed the generation gap among the roommates.

Qisti: Once Yoona arrives, the roommates eat and then gather upstairs and have a dance party. I’m not even kidding. With SNSD in the house and our very own dancing queen Gook Joo, there’s no way that Yoona could have avoided dancing. I mean, we all got a G.O.D. performance earlier and they’re the BIG sunbae. We get to see Sunny and Yoona dance to “I Got a Boy” and “The Boys” with Young Ji. Gook Joo gets to dance with her idol, Chae Yeon. Se Ho does a hilarious (but pretty darn close) impression of Taeyang.

Nana comes home and sees that Cucumber isn’t feeling to well. Her belly is extremely swollen and they urgently call around trying to find a 24 hour veterinary hospital. It was nice to see everyone in the house gathered together to make sure that their dog is okay. It turns out that Cucumber ate a lot of stuff that she shouldn’t have and has to stay overnight. Poor baby looked so sad when they all left.

Not only was Cucumber having stomach problems, but Ryohei was having some constipation issues. Who knew that constipation could help people grow closer together? Ryohei seemed like a very reserved person, it was cool to see him open up to the roommates. Him and Sunny are super friendly with each other. Maybe too friendly? Too early? Lol. Anyways, I just think its hilarious that the show dedicated a good amount of time to Ryohei and his constipation issues. But it’s all good as he goes to the bathroom at the end of the episode. What a happy ending!

What did you guys think about this week's episode? Let us know!

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