The Roommates were all over the place this week, from shantytowns to the ambassador’s house, to old Italy playing Romeo and Juliet. (Let’s just see how well that goes, huh?) Did I mention more fun food adventures and another riotous grocery trip? (Poor Sunny’s credit card.)

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Lore: To start out, the roommates decide it is high time they go meet their neighbors. Jong Ok, Joon Hyung, Jackson, Sunny, and Ryohei head out to Bukjeong village, a nearby neighborhood that is called the last shantytown in Seoul. They tour the area and meet the locals.

Was it just me or did it seem like Joon Hyung was winning over the neighborhood one conversation at a time? Seriously, this guy is so personable, I feel so the more and more as I watch him on this show. He can come off as abrasive at first, but his heart of gold is more and more evident as time goes by.

Back at the Roommate house, Gook Joo is busy dressing up in hanbok. The roomies have been invited to the Finnish ambassador’s residence (also in the neighborhood). Nana, Se Ho, Gook Joo, and Kang Joon set out to the Ambassador’s place, playing a hilarious game of “family” on the ride over. I just about died when Gook Joo (who was the mom of the scenario) scolded Nana for her short shorts – “they are like underwear”. Nana’s response –“Mom, it is the fashion now.” Ha.

The roommate quartet arrives at the ambassador’s house – the Finnish ambassador and his wife are super friendly. The roommates give a gift to their new friends, while the roommates in turn are greeted with champagne (and it happens to be Kang Joon’s birthday, which gives them another reason to celebrate).

Back in Bukjeong village the roomies stumble upon some older men playing a game of yut. One thing leads to another and pretty soon the roommates are facing off against the neighborhood grandfather’s in a heated game. Surprisingly the roommates win, but they decline the prize (having the looser buy rice win).

Rosie: (And if someone can actually explain that game to me, I’d be much obliged!)

Lore: Joon Hyung says he will pick up the tab, and the happy group go off to have a drink together. This entire scene was adorable. The residents of Bukjeong village were super friendly and the grandfathers (H4 anyone?!) were a hoot. The roomies need to meet the neighbors more often!

Qisti: I’m loving the parts where they go and meet their neighbors. It’s not just their next door neighbors but also the surrounding areas. It’s so sweet just seeing them interact with people outside their house and profession. Definitely, Joon Hyung was winning throughout the whole episode.

Rosie: Joon Hyung was definitely into it all, but I loved more how all the grandfathers were blushing around Bae Jong Ok. “I’ve seen her on TV!” Every generation has their idol after all.

Qisti: Continuing on with the Ambassador of Finland. The ambassador and his wife take our roommates through a tour of the rest of the house which includes showing them their own sauna. Poor Gook Joo looked about ready to die in that sauna with her pretty Hanbok on. Who knew that Poong Poongie was originally a Finnish character, and Angry Bird.

After meeting the neighbors, the roomies gather together and decorate their rooms. Gook Joo decides to put a cardboard cutout of herself in Jackson’s room. Gook Joo catches both Nana and Young Ji off guard when she claims she looked the same in all her pictures because she didn’t get any work done on her face and then proceeds to teach the girls how to be more ladylike. I freakin’ love her! We finally get to see Dong Wook. Albeit, not in the best condition as he messes up decorating his part of the room. But who cares, we get to see Lee Dong Wook lol.

Young Ji’s uncle sends over some fresh thornback ray (I’m pretty sure it’s the same thing as skate) and 5-year-old kimchi for the roommates to enjoy. They decide to eat it for dinner along with some broiled pork. Young Ji, Jackson, and Gook Joo go grocery shopping with Sunny’s card. Sunny is one brave girl. The shopping trip was probably just as you imagined but not as hectic as it was a smaller market. Young Ji and Jackson show off their aegyo and talents to try to get more. Not a discount, but to get more food. In the end the bill totaled to approximately $168. It seems like all they bought were snacks. You can bet Sunny wasn’t too happy about that.

Everything was better after a SNSD dance party! Gee gee gee gee baby baby baby!

Before dinner is served, Ryohei loses a game of paper-rock-scissors (instantly might I add) to try a piece of raw skate. Apparently, the taste hits you pretty hard after a couple of bites. Poor Ryohei looked like he was about to kill someone. Afterwards, they beg Joon Hyung to try one and describes it tasting just like the dye they use for his hair. Then Kang Joon comes in and gets tricked into trying it.

Kang Joon’s Reaction vs. Ryohei’s Reaction

Rosie: Poor Rhyohei. It seems all the varieties have been about skate this week, and I’m pretty sure this is a privilege I wouldn’t mind skipping! If only to avoid looking ugly myself when I make that face. (Because I know I would.)

Later that even that evening, however, we get a new kind of story - which is Gook Ju wrestling with her feminity.

1-1-Screen Shot 2014-10-030.jpg

To be honest, when I heard she was going to do a cameo performance with Baek Ji Young, I was vaguely excited that we’d get to see a new side of her. And part of that was true, to watch her getting into professional mode, but still as the gag woman act she’s made herself known for and singing about pork…

1-Screen Shot 2014-10-030.jpg

On stage of course she kills it, and I forgot to look at anyone else because it was so much fun to see Gook Jo get out there and dance and have fun. Off stage though, she’s exactly like how I would be - fangirling at every other person she met, especially her seniors, Back to the Sky, and even Baek Ji Young’s husband!

Now, with so many great actors in the room, what else to do but give acting classes for the less experienced? Jong Ok directs, and it’s about what I imagine every drama club or acting school must be like - in other words, half the class in full character and the other half falling over themselves in fits of giggles.

1-Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 9.27.20 AM.jpg

Jackson needs to be taught how even to start up a class. “Attention. Bow.” He and Joon Hyung both don’t know that stage directions don’t need to be read out loud, and with the amount of mispronounced words from Joon Hyung, it’s amazing Sunny even survived to say her lines at all.

1-Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 9.34.02 AM.jpg

Perhaps they’ll do better after the next lesson?

What were your favorite moments from this episode?

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