This just in from the Roommate Drama Club: g.o.d. concerts, veteran guests (everybody’s favorite Kdrama grandpa), fighting sports, and graffiti. We get baby pictures and old stories, and is that Min Woo I see? Where on earth has he even been? We are also treated to a special lesson on what NOT to do when plucking nose hairs. 

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Rosie: Today’s episode with a lesson in Korean Taekkyon, which I have it on good authority is a very beautiful and graceful kind of martial arts - just not always when it’s our cast of roommates doing it!

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Gook Joo and Joon Hyung were always good at making it fun, Nana and Young Ji showed off their flexibility, and Jackson was… well, Jackson. He flips, he flies, he kicks Joon Hyung in the nuts. Oh the joys of reality TV and Roommate’s unmerciful editing.

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I heard people raving about the new Jackson/Young Ji ship, but as far as I can figure out, it’s just Young Ji joking she likes Taecyeon better, and Jackson retaliating by saying Go Hara is prettier. Oh young love. If that is where this is going… Hah.

In another part of town Jong Ok and Sunny visit the theater where two very revered veteran actors are performing. I feel like I’m seeing my own grandparents on screen when they introduce Na Moon He and Lee Soon Jae, they’re just so impossibly cute.

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And a bit old-fashioned. But hey, he is confirming that Roommate isn’t dabbling in erotic sleeping situations, so I can get behind that.

Sunny leads him around the house like a precious granddaughter, and besides her and Jong Ok everyone else acts become tongue-tied with the 80 year old actor sitting on their couch. At least until Young Ji decides to break the ice and bring out the massage tools…

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And makes everything a million times more awkward. Sunny was totally done with them all. It’s amazing she even survived the night.

Did I mention Kang Joon and Jackson went for Round 2 on redecorating?

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It seems they got embarrassed that their room was so bare. But not anymore! (That hug is something else though…)

Qisti: Jackson holding Lee Soon Jae while massaging him and wearing his jacket has got to be one of the most oddest, hilarious scene I’ve ever seen in this show!

The roommates are all gathered in the evening at the dinner table sharing old memories of their past. They bring up old graduation photos starting with Joon Hyung’s high school yearbook. Ngl, it’s kind of cool that he made it on the cover of the book. Anyways, he pretty much looked the same in high school as he does now. I loved how Lee Dong Wook’s picture was of him when he was 17 years old, and everybody was like no freakin’ way. It was touching to see everyone gathered together and just talk about themselves.

After their talk, they begin to get ready for bed. Ryohei gets nagged on for brushing his teeth for a long time. I love the fact that he’s comfortable enough in the house to brush his teeth outside the bathroom. The lofty, living room area isn’t exactly the best place to brush your teeth. Speaking of brushing teeth, what is going on in room #5?

After brushing his teeth, Jackson decides to repay Kang Joon’s kindness (apparently Kang Joon made a homemade face pack for Jackson) by buying nose trimmers? Jackson claims that he’s helping Kang Joon since he’s in a drama and needs to protect his image from the dangers of nose hairs. So they both try to trim each other’s nose hairs. Nana, who innocently only wanted to ask if they wanted to eat, almost got pulled into it but luckily Se Ho became her scapegoat.

The next morning Gook Joo and Young Ji are on breakfast duty. They decide to make some delicious kimbap at 4:30 in the morning. I just feel like Gook Joo lives by the motto work hard, play hard. They have some fun with the camera, mess around with their hair, and eat a lot of their labor. Big Unnie Jong Ok, wakes up early in the morning to harvest some peppers that are grown in the backyard. I wonder if they actually take care of the plants? Is that part of their chore list?

During this time, Joon Hyung and g.o.d. have their encore concert with close to 40,000 people in attendance. Min Woo, Se Ho, and Kang Joon come and show support for Joon Hyung and g.o.d. Didn’t they look adorable with their blue, light-up, animal ear headbands?

What was surprising to me was when Joon Hyung suggested during the planning stages that only 2,000 were going to go. Throughout the small interview and the concert talks, you could tell that he was surprised and extremely thankful. It was cool to see the behind the scenes with the other members of g.o.d. fooling around with each other and getting nervous together before their big show.

This episode had a lot of great moments. What were some of your favorites? Let us know!

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