The roommates are up to all sorts of excitement this week – including a trot song featuring a sword and a tarot reading that causes all sorts of transparent reactions from Nana. We are also treated to a guest star and a very entertaining beat box lesson (not in that order). Welcome to this week’s Drama Club: Roommate. Cheers!

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Lore: It is morning at the Roommate house and we find Gook Ju up early. As she makes her way to the kitchen she finds Kang Joon and Jackson asleep on the couch (they spray painted their room the night before so they couldn’t sleep in it because of the fumes). Gook Ju is a kind noona, so she moves a whiteboard in front of Kang Joon to block the sun from hitting his face. The white board does not help Jackson, however, and pretty soon he is awake asking noona why she didn’t help him out. Ha.

After breakfast we are introduced to our first story: a boy’s and girl’s outing. Nana, Sunny, and Gook Ju go out for a leisurely stroll that includes a tarot reading, while Ryohei, Joon Hyung, Jackson, and Se Ho decide to go skateboarding. We are treated to some on screen captions about the differences between guys and gals (thanks Roommate for the important lessons- which continue throughout this first story. Yes I am being sarcastic.) and then we catch up with the girls.

Nana, Sunny, and Gook Ju are strolling through the neighborhood giving their best “ladies who lunch” act (which is hilarious, especially when Nana admits to not washing her hair for two days and Gook Ju starts talking about how garbage smells good). The trio stumble upon a tarot shop and decide to have their fortunes read.

Nana is the first up and she asks about her love life. The tarot reader tells her that there is someone she can’t quite get over (which she confirms with her over the top reaction -way to be subtle Nana). Nana is then told she should try blind dates, maybe even clubbing, to find Mr. Right. Next, Sunny asks about work, and pulls all of the wrong cards. The tarot reader tells her she is tired and while she likes her job there are parts she wants to be done with (yeah, I could see that).

Gook Ju asks about her love life, and is told she has too many women around her, making it difficult to find a man. She turns on Sunny and Nana and playfully scolds them “It is all your fault”. Finally the tarot reader checks Gook Ju’s compatibility with Kang Joon and announces “He is just someone you know”. Awww.

We catch up with the guys, busy skateboarding. Joon Hyung is a pro and Se Ho has years under his belt as well. Jackson picks it up well while Ryohei has some trouble. They decide to indulge in a competition – first the eldest against the youngest- and then turning into a “skateboard not standing up” free for all. Ryohei once again proves he is the best at doling out punishments while Jackson does his best “Please don’t hit me hard” routine. In the end all four guys receive a punishment through losing one of their challenges or another, all returning home with a little bruise / red spot to commemorate the outing.

Back to the ladies -we find our trio once again acting the part of ladies who lunch. After their fab dialogue they all admit they are lonely. What better cure to loneliness then busting out their phones and calling their oppas? Sunny calls 2PM’s Taecyeon first, which leaves Gook Ju drooling (can’t really blame her to be honest). Next Gook Ju calls her friend, MC Hyung Moo. He ends up hanging up on her thinking the call is a joke. She calls back and they have some fun chatter before saying goodbye. With that the outing(s) comes to an end, and confirm that this whole story was cute and funny and cute and funny.

Qisti: The time spent between the boys and the girls was adorable. It’s just so awesome to see everyone just getting along with each other so well!

After a whole day out, the roomies all gather together in the living room for a mini talent show. Jackson attempts to teach them how to dance and beatbox. I think we’ve found Kang Joon’s talent: wave dancing. Oooh sexy~. The beatboxing scene was superbly hilarious. Aside from Jackson being boss at it, everyone else was able to developed their own little beat. Everyone was rockin’ hard on their beatbox collab. Albeit, Ryohei had the hardest time but his little “boo ooh” at the end of his solo beatboxing session was adorable.

Speaking of Ryohei, Se Ho invited trot singer Park Hyun Bin to give some singing lessons to Ryohei. Park Hyun Bin is always a blast to have any where. He’s not called the king of festivals for nothing and he doesn’t disappoint here. From bringing a gold jacket for Ryohei to the Grape Festival performance to the head singing, I was thoroughly entertained. Now, all that’s left is actually starting Ryohei’s trot singing career.

Park Hyun Bin leaves on a good note and the roomies begin to start their night time routines. Everyone else seems to be asleep, while Se Ho, Gook Ju, and Jackson are wide awake. They decide to surprise Lee Dong Wook at his filming site. On their way to there, we get a little of Jackson’s backstory. Jackson was preparing to go to the London Olympics when he was scouted by JYP. His father wouldn’t let him go until he became number 1. Jackson did just that and now we have the Jackson we know and love. What really got me was when he talked about his mom and how she’s sick and mostly at home alone. I was surprised to see a different side of Jackson, other than the playful side, but I definitely welcome it.

They finally reach their destination and put on their superhero disguises: Jackson as Hulk, Se Ho as Captain America, and Gook Ju as Iron Man. They go down the road where they’re filming. As they reach down there, they find that Dong Wook has moved to the next filming location up some stairs. So they end up scratching their superhero disguises and decide to go as staff. I love how they just casually ask the staff to borrow their stuff and ask for directions how to get to the next filming location, which was literally a few steps away. Lee Dong Wook is completely oblivious to the whole thing as he doesn’t even notice that both Gook Ju and Se Ho walked past him a few times.

Dong Wook get ambushed and everyone gets a good laugh out of it. They demonstrate the beatboxing skills they learned and tell him about their previous foiled plan. They stay a little to watch Dong Wook film his scene. This particular scene just so happens to be a hug scene and they couldn’t hide their giddiness and wrinkled faces as they watched.

Lore: I think we need a Roommate album - after their mini beatboxing show I was sold on their talent to make strange noises that sound good together! Your move Roommate.

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