This week on Roommate, we learn that kids will bicker, kimchi making is hard work, and strong men are required. Gook Ju goes on a radio program, and Ryohei furthers his career as a trot singer. Regular old shenanigans in the share house! Plus, did you know poop makes a sound when it drops into the toilet? Spoilers: It does.

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Lore: It is kimchi making time in the Roommate house, but not before the gathered roomies take some time to poke fun at Dong Wook – who has been looking very tired lately (he has been filming his drama Blade Man). After the teasing Jong Ok, Joon Hyung, Jackson, Dong Wook, and Young Ji head to the market to pick up supplies while the rest of the roommates stay home to wait for the delivery of salted cabbage.

The market trip is mostly filled with Jackson and Joon Hyung messing around, much to the annoyance of Dong Wook. They fight with vegetables, help advertise a sale, and then film a music video segment about fish, all with Dong Wook and Jong Ok following behind to rein them in. It was funny, but I could see Dong Wook looked about ready to slap somebody.

Towards the end of the trip Young Ji calls Jackson short which leads to some adorable bickering from the maknaes. Dong Wook tells them to make up – which leads to sweet little scene with the two of them getting something to eat and deciding whether they will get along. Young Ji buys Jackson cheese as an apology gift and it seems to work because in no time they are back to messing around together. These two…they are just too cute. I ship it. There I said it.

Back at the house the roommates receive the cabbage delivery and get to work peeling vegetables for the kimchi. Seho brings up something he recently read, Ryohei said in an interview he likes girls that cover their mouths when they laugh. Sunny and Gook Ju are quick to shout “Young Ji out!” Ha. Ryohei reveals he answered that way because he liked a woman who laughed like that, which leads into a lot of “Ohhh” and “Ahhhh” from the roomies, especially when he reveals he never ended up dating her.

The doorbell rings and the first guest of the episode shows up, Choi Hong Man, has arrived. You may have seen him on other variety shows (that is how I am familiar with him), he is a very tall fellow. I mean tall, and strong which is why Seho invited him- he will be perfect at speeding up the vegetable mincing. Hong Man gets to work (after showing how he can pick up every one of the roommates). After a while the man gets hungry and goes in search of food, which leads to him adorably eating an apple. This gentle giant is adorable.

Qisti: I need more of Jackson and Young Ji in my life. They are just too adorable. I love how Lee Dong Wook has to play mediator for them, everywhere.

Rosie: Indeed, Dong Wook probably has too much on his plate to keep tabs on those two all the time. Give the man some rest, please! (I say this with much love and humor.)

Qisti: Our kimchi party continues when the grocery crew comes back, minus Young Ji and Jackson as they’re in the process of making up. They get straight to work cleaning and peeling radishes. They complain about how hard the work is and reflect on how hard their mothers must have had it when they made kimchi. Joon Hyung legit looks like an ahjumma with this patterned shower cap looking thing. When you look closer at it, it looks more like a flower print bandana and then he put a plastic bag over it. What? Is this a new trend I don’t know about?

Rosie: Trend it!

Qisti: The party continues inside once the sun starts to set. They begin to season it and it takes 52 cups of red chili powder to season it. In the end, the stuffing for the kimchi was salty and spicy (well at least to Jackson it was spicy) so they had to cut some more radish and add it to their mix. As they stuff and season their cabbage heads, Jackson starts the roomates off on another beatboxing track. This time with kimchi related beats. Lee Dong Wook comes in at the end and has to say “who’s thirsty” to the beat, pffft. Dancing parties, kimchi parties, and beatboxing parties, this is my kind of house.

Finally, the roommates finish their homemade kimchi and put it in the ground to let it ferment and do whatever kimchi needs to do to taste delicious. The ground is hard, but no fear because our gentle giant, Choi Hong Man, is here. With the help of Jackson and Ryohei, under the direction of Hong Man, they successfully buried their kimchi! Afterwards, Hong Man, finally gets to have his meal courtesy of, who seems to be, our new chef in the household.

After eating dinner, the roommates gather around the table and talk about Hong Man’s ideal type. He seems to have his heart set on Sunny, but young and fresh Young Ji is ready to steal his heart. Young Ji’s first attempts, which included a Sunny imitation, at impressing Hong Man falls a little short, but her enthusiastic dance to her group’s song won him over, for the time being. Sunny is then prompted to dance for him as well and she ends up winning his heart again.

Lee Gook Ju’s friend, trot goddess Hong Jin Young, stops by for a visit.

1-Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 9.31.17 AM.jpg

Rosie: This is apparently a trot-month special, but I have no problem with that because Ryohei singing trot is awesome! And hilarious. But awesome too! He also wins over approval from Jin Young so who can argue with that? I mean look at her face. Woman’s in love. ;)

The problem of course with another female in the house though is that they once again go into Battle Mode: Win Hong Man’s Heart. And this time it’s an aegyo battle. Any shocker that Young Ji loses, Jin Young does her best, but Sunny sends him into a coma?

1-Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 9.33.34 AM.jpg

Who told Sunny she was allowed to be this cute?

Gook Ju demands on-screen cuteness too with her appearance on a radio show. It’s absolutely the job for her, and I hope there is video footage other than on this show because everyone deserves the chance to see Gook Ju dancing to her favorite sings on a full bladder.

1-Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 9.38.31 AM.jpg

Hard work and patience is the key though, because she gets a surprise visit from Kang Joon, and the fluff and love and dinner date is too much to handle!

1-Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 9.47.01 AM.jpg

Also, don’t tell Jackson that someone is trying to steal his noona. He won’t appreciate it very much.

In dog news this week, Cucumber gets a bath, Young Ji gets soaked bathing it, and then Cucumber pees and steps her own pee. Living the dog life. Poor roomies. But question: who gets the dog when this show ends??? I really want to know! Cucumber needs a solid home.

1-Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 9.49.41 AM.jpg

To close, Dong Wook tries another segment of midnight Roommate news, and is overtaken by Young Ji’s troubles with her wisdom tooth, Jackson’s concerns that when he poops it can be heard on the mics, and oh - Joon Hyun has a girlfriend?? Oppa nooo waeeeeeyo!!! 

(Just kidding. But not about the girlfriend part.)

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