Can you climb sixty stairs in under twenty minutes? Eat three lemons without wincing? How about make friends with two people who pulled your hair? Or deliver a questionable prank? Well, the roomies can and showcase just that in this week’s episode. Time to check in on the shenanigans in the share house, with two visitors and a whole lot of stairs in this edition of Drama Club:Roommate.

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Lore: We start off with Gook Ju preparing dinner for the roomies – a yummy meal of fish cake soup, chicken, and green onions. By the look on the roomie’s faces when they chow done the meal is scrumptious – the only problem is that Gook Ju inadvertently threw away Jong Ok’s corn silk tea when she was looking for a pot to cook in. Oops! Jong Ok forgives her easily and the roomies move on with their night.

Everyone goes upstairs to watch, what else, but Roommate when they are interrupted by the doorbell. Ryohei answers the door and looks a bit perplexed – two women greet him but he is not sure who they are there to see. It turns out the visitors are Jong Ok’s best friends, actress/singer Yoon Hyun Sook and actress/model Byun Jung Soo. The three women greet with some squealing and hugging, which makes Jong Ok suddenly seem like a teenage girl meeting up with her BFFs after summer break (and it is super endearing, at least in my opinion).

The duo are a lively pair and quickly integrate themselves with their friend’s roommates, at one point even “interrogating” Kang Joon (who is too cute when he meets them and blushes at their compliments). Next, everyone gathers in the upstairs living room for what is becoming their staple moment when visitors come calling – a dancing bonanza. Hyun Sook dances to one of her hits from the 90s while Jung Soo takes Gook Ju and Nana under her wing for a mock catwalk.

One of the real highlights of the visit was how much insight was given to Jong Ok’s personality. I have often thought she is one of the least open of the roommates (or maybe open isn’t the word, it just feels like we haven’t seen enough of her- gotten to know her as much as we have some of the other roommates). It was awesome to see Jong Ok’s two best friends talk about how friendly and open she is, how much she is open to new things, and get her to say the best looking male roommate is Jackson (after finding out his age Hyun Sook blurted out “That won’t work!” Ha). These two should visit again – so we can get to know more about our resident Unnie/Noona!

Qisti: I freakin’ LOVE Jong Ok’s friends! They were so cool and I loved how they played the clip where they were all fighting each other in the drama that they all were in.

Se Ho comes home holding a special package in his hands. He opens it and inside we see what looks like marathon numbers (nametags, marthoners what are they called? lol). Ryohei is the only one home and instantly becomes Se Ho’s main target. Ryohei (unfortunately) is recruited to climb over 1,200 steps of the infamous 63 building. A round of applause please, haha. They sit there and think about who in the house would be the best choice (victim) to join them.

Guess who they pick? Our loveable JYP new rookie group, Got7 member Jackson. *cue flip*. He comes home, enters his room, and finds a nice, big ol’ poster announcing his participation the race. What’s an even bigger shock is that the race takes place on the next day.

The day arrives and the boys wake up early and get ready for the big day. Sunny, Nana, and Gook Ju go and cheer them on. They get to the building and there’s so many different people. Men, women, children, families, people in costumes, and much more. My favorite has to be the guy in his pajamas. Se Ho is the first to go, followed by Ryohei, who claims that he’ll finish in 11 minutes but then gets intimidated by the MC and says he’ll finish in 13 minutes. Last but not least, Jackson enters with all the energy in the world even though he’s sick. His VJ couldn’t even catch up to him at the beginning of the race.

Everyone starts out strong, but once they hit the tenth floor our three roommates start to slow down. What I loved about the scene when they were climbing the stairs was that everyone was supportive of each other. They gave Se Ho high fives when he stopped for a while and encouraged each other with loud “Hwaitings”. Everyone was having fun, especially all the kids posing for the cameras. As expected Jackson finishes the race first, Ryohei follows shortly after (and barely stays under 13 minutes), Se Ho finishes last. After the race, they go down and write their wishes on little cards.

Rosie: I’m more than amazed they all made it up those 63 steps. Probably I would have passed out before the 10th floor. Probably I would have been with the rest of the girls cheering them on. Jackson’s recovery time alone is enough to daunt me, and he’s super young and in shape!

I’m glad they got to chill at the park afterwards and not get too terribly crazy. Roommate outing! Or, in other words: doggy’s day out.

1-Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 11.58.13 PM.jpg

Trust a beagle to ruin the picnic cloth.

1-Screen Shot 2014-12-05 at 12.00.01 AM.jpg

And trust Joon Hyung to forget just minutes later.

The picnic quickly turns competition hungry, as all things with the roommates must be. This time it’s Kang Joon’s turn to prove he’s super awesome at eating lemons, and the rest of the group can’t even hold a finger to him. They sputter and die, and meanwhile…

1-Screen Shot 2014-12-05 at 12.02.54 AM.jpg

Just another day with the cast, and Joon Hyung keeping it classy.

The last segment of this week’s episode really should have been the highlight. That is, if the PDs had actually brought in Jackson’s mom like he truly wished for. Instead, Kang Joon and Gook Ju come for a visit for GOT7’s showcase, and no amount of cute parking lot dance rehearsals make up for the lack of Jackson’s mother.

PDs, you tried, but this was seriously not funny.

1-Screen Shot 2014-12-05 at 12.12.33 AM.jpg

I feel like they should have known better, especially Gook Ju. Jackson had a killer recover time - split seconds while his crushed face turned into entertainer mode - but my heart broke for him. Even the sight of noona wasn’t quite enough to make up for it.

1-Screen Shot 2014-12-05 at 12.14.40 AM.jpg

So not cool, Roommate.

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