Welcome back to another episode of Roommate! What do you do when you receive nearly 80 kg of beans? Make tofu, of course! Join our roommates this week as they make homemade tofu and enjoy the company of a special guest.

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Lore: We start the episode off with Kang Joon playing with the adorable house dog Cucumber. If you thought there couldn’t be a cuter sight the show was out to prove you wrong because Young Ji shows up to play too. Then a big uh-oh occurs when Cucumber runs out the open door. Luckily Kang Joon and Young Ji catch her and bring her back. Cue the collective sigh of relief.

The doorbell rings, it is a delivery- a big one. One of Ryohei’s friends has sent the roomies enough beans and rice to feed a small army. The roomies debate what to do with the gifts and decide to go big or go home (well, they are already home so I guess they just go big) and make tofu and noodles and who knows what else. The task requires purchasing a millstone and a large pot, which falls to Young Ji, Jackson, Seho, and Dong Wook to accomplish. The roomies who stay home are tasked with sorting the good beans from the bad beans, a tedious task.

The shopping team heads out and from the get go it is a Jackson / Young Ji focused trip. The adorable maknae pair bicker as usual (and once again Dong Wook tells them he will force them to marry for all the fighting they do). It is pretty clear the PD is shipping these two hard core and to be honest I can’t really complain. They are adorable.

Back at the house Ryohei shows up and mulls about, trying to avoid having to sort through the mountain of beans. Since it was his friend that sent all of the food he can’t get out of the task easily and ends up sitting on the floor sorting beans with the rest of them.

The shopping team reaches their destination, a flea market. Jackson proves he was born in the 1990s by questioning if televisions really had dials (“Really, that is how you changed the channel?!”) Yes Jackson, once upon a time remote controls did not exist. Then some strange comments about stickers are made and then finally Jackson pulls out a rated DVD from the stack the seller has in his booth. He shows the video case to Dong Wook, who smirks, drawing attention to it. Young Ji yells out and Seho tries to buy the thing. Just another day with our dysfunctional roommate family.

Because of the Jackji ship this show is peddling the team splits up- leaving Young Ji and Jackson to purchase the millstone and pot (while Seho and Dong Wook take a stroll through memory lane by visiting a record store). Young Ji and Jackson do a bunch of diabetes inducing things together (seriously I could go on forever – he puts his arm around her then tosses her away, she tells an Ahjumma he is handsome, etc. If I didn’t like these two so much I would be vomiting rainbows by now) culminating in an impromptu street promotion as the duo watch Jackson on a music show in a seller’s booth.

We take a break from Jackji and return to the house, where Gook Ju and Kang Joon fill Ryohei in on a Korean folk tale of two sisters, one good and one bad. Ryohei guesses that the bad sister is actually the good one, leaving the trio to discuss how the bad one was always out with men because she was more glamorous. God I love this season. They have the best conversations, seriously.

Qisti: That is a lot of beans. I’m thankful for Ryohei’s friend for sending them because now we get to see more awesome moments from our Roommates!

Moving on, we go back to our shopping team. Young Ji and Jackson have just dropped off the millstone grinder to the car and now head back to the shop to pick up the humongous pot. Jackson insists on carrying Young Ji on the dolly and she hesitantly agrees, while screeching that it looks fun but not fun at all and earning complaints from Jackson. They get back to the store and the owner is a little tired of waiting and hurries them to take the pot. Jackson insists, again, that he can carry the big pot by himself and soon finds out that he can’t. He and Young Ji decided to carry that big, ol’ heavy pot together so that they wouldn’t have to take the dolly back to the owner. The struggles they went through really made you wonder how far away their car was. As soon as they reached the car, they crawled inside and took a nap while waiting for Se Ho and Dong Wook (who were still on their mini excursion) to come back.

Back to the house and the beans, they finally have enough beans to start cleaning and begin grinding them to make tofu once the other half of the house arrives. While outside, Kang Joon discovers a rainbow and the roomies in the house come out and take a selca together with the rainbow. A rainbow has to be a sign of good stuff, right? I guess not today, as Dong Wook looks silly in the hat that Jong Ok made, in like 20 minutes, while Young Ji looks absolutely adorable in it. On top of that, Ryohei’s feelings get a little hurt when he sees the roomies complain and suffer over the beans that his friend kindly sent over. Everybody tells him that they were joking and that they’re really thankful but that doesn’t stop him from feeling guilty. What I loved about this scene was that everyone was trying to make Ryohei feel better. The thing is is that this scene was spontaneous and to me it seemed really...real (?).

During their tofu making, Se Ho gets a phone call from Hong Suk Chun who is supposed to come and visit the roommates, but is mostly motivated by meeting Kang Joon. I don’t blame him, lol. He comes to their home with gifts, mostly for Kang Joon, even though he’s there to visit Se Ho. Jackson is a little pouty but then asks if he gets anything and receives some ginseng. And everything is better. They put him straight to work, grinding the beans for their homemade tofu. This is probably my first (and probably last) time seeing someone grind beans for tofu using their hips. Though, I bet it does wonders for your abs and core.

Kang Joon gives him a tour of the house and receives some helpful advice from Hong Suk Chun concerning Guk Joo. Afterwards, he is invited to cook some food for dinner and makes a fusion dish of Italian-style dumplings. While he cooks, the roommates finished their very first homemade tofu in which Ryohei gets the honor of having the first bite. I love how Se Ho’s like this taste like super expensive tofu.

Hong Suk Chun and Jong Ok reminisce on when they were in a musical together. He said that he treated Jong Ok the best because she was always helpful and nice to him. The whole family sits down and enjoys the meal that they cooked together (which included some of the grinded up beans) and they talk about conception dreams. This was a concept I had never heard of and it was really quite interesting. I loved how Guk Joo’s mom’s dreamt that she picked the biggest apple in the orchard. I mean I would too, that would make the most sense to me, lol. Sunny recalls a time when her friend had a dream that she saw her dancing on stage with lots of people. It was a trend to buy other’s dreams from them, so her friend’s dream became hers. How crazy is that?

Rosie: This conception dream thing is definitely interesting. I’ll try to remember that if ever I have a kid. I’m a little scared though because my dreams are already so weird!

Having Suk Chan on this episode is certainly enlivening. However, I for one am getting a little intimidated about the process of tofu. So much work for something I devour so quickly, and evidently requiring all the strength of a man! Or, you know… Now I feel challenged.

1-Screen Shot 2014-12-12 at 8.04.06 AM.jpg

I’m totally going to make tofu now, because look at all the cute ways it can come! Then again, probably not.

The culmination of all tofu-making activities leads the roommates plus guest to another night of fun. Jong Ok knits hats with lightning speed, Suk Chan upgrades his style from grain of rice to strawberry, and Young Ji promptly steals the other one. Dancing inevitably ensues. And then they turn the living room into a sleepover and everyone gets cozy.

One of the best reactions of the night was definitely Jackson, who in the process of removing Gook Ju’s make-up learns that her eyelashes actually come off her face. Who knew!

1-Screen Shot 2014-12-12 at 8.09.03 AM.jpg

Ahh, evenings when the disguise can finally come off. Also, Jackson has a lot of things to learn about women. Maybe Suk Chan can teach him more! Hah.

The rest of this evening is a strange mixture of nostalgia and heartfelt confessions. Se Ho and Dong Wook put together the turntable they’d purchased earlier and Jong Ok requests a series of record oldies that leave most of the cast lost in their memories or crying for the sad stories of these old songs, and their singers. Kang Joon also learns a thing.

1-Screen Shot 2014-12-12 at 8.17.46 AM.jpg

Yes, Kang Joon-ah, records do crackle.

Somewhere in the night Gook Ju has a break down, and it’s not unlike the time Se Ho, our other comedian, broke down in the first season, talking about how hard their lives are, and how fleeting their careers sometimes seem. It sucks to watch them crying because usually all we ever see are their happier, sunnier sides.

1-Screen Shot 2014-12-12 at 8.20.48 AM.jpg

But Gook Ju in tears surrounded by a now supportive family is hard to watch, and I just want to give her a hug. I’m sure Jackson did too.

Did we mention Sunny is cute, even when bare-faced and dressed in a panda onesie?

1-Screen Shot 2014-12-12 at 8.11.08 AM.jpg

One hopes that fans won’t give her a hard time for her mini confession about wishing she didn’t have to worry about all her members being hurt if she does something wrong in her career. These people are people after all, individuals, whether they work by themselves or with other members too.

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