This week on Roommate (I know, it's been a while since we could post), Gook Joo has some comic visitors, Dong Wook plays in the snow, Jackson and Young Ji cover Exid, and Joon Hyung learns about baby-eating kings. Maybe.

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Lore: Young Ji and Cucumber start off this episode with some playing and peeing –the latter action carried out by Cucumber, which is a good thing for viewers and censors alike. Cucumber tears through the house and then goes outside to play with Young Ji before we cut over to Gook Ju and her guests.

Gook Ju has invited two of her fellow comedians over, Hong Yoon Hwa and Kim Min Kyung, and they just so happen to also be on the plus side and hilarious to boot. What ensues is an entertaining tour of the house, complete with the trio carrying meat sticks around and joking that they can’t all go up the stairs at the same time lest they collapse.

Of course every Noona has a thing for Kang Joon, and these two lovely ladies are no exception. They fight over who gets to lie on Kang Joon’s bed, with Gook Ju joking that they deflated the mattress during their “fight”.

Hong Yoon Hwa even brought a handmade infuser for Kang Joon, who she admits she wants to call Oppa (she is older than Kang Joon, so Oppa doesn’t really work as the term is used by women when referring to men that are older than them).

After the tour and Kang Joon fan-girling runs its course the trio plus Young Ji bring out the frying pans and start an epic meat party. Everyone chows down on the delicious meat, and the conversation is fun and lighthearted. The three meat lovers are puzzled how Young Ji eats lettuce wraps without much meat, but Young Ji assures them it tastes good.

The party cranks up the funny as Gook Ju decides to play a prank on Se Ho by telling him over the phone her two guests are beautiful television announcers. Se Ho is confused but interested; Gook Ju tells Se Ho to text her a code word if he likes one of the announcers. After he hangs up he calls right back — because one of the announcer’s that they were impersonating is married. Ha! Se Ho is afraid to say he likes the woman because she is married…but he admits he likes her any way. This sets the women off into another round of boisterous laughter.

Seriously, love this trio together. I guess the fact they are comedians and not afraid to be self-deprecating added a lot in terms of how entertaining they were together. All I know is I would never turn down an invitation to a meat party these three throw, but I would be wary of taking a call from them. Loved it.

Qisti: It’s a shame that they came at a time when there was nobody in the house. It would have been a riot. I was so looking forward to a bigger dance party with everyone in the house.

Joon Hyung is the first one home and Gook Ju introduced her friends to him as the announcers. Both girls have so much energy that the first thing that Yoon Hwa does is start dancing to one of g.o.d’s song. Joon Hyung is a little scared by all their energy and runs away to the kitchen. The girls follow him in there and ask to rank them by who is the skinniest. Poor Joon Hyung, he was so flustered. I mean, he’s pretty much in a lose-lose situation. Yoon Hwa gets picked last and has the best reaction.

Joon Hyung goes upstairs and brings down a gift for Yoon Hwa as she’s a big fan of g.o.d, and all is well again. Jackson and Lee Dong Wook come home and enjoy a little bit of their company until it’s time for them to go home.

We get the continuation of the talk from last episode with Lee Dong Wook, Joon Hyung, and Ryohei. They pull out some of the kimchi they made to eat the potatoes that they roasted. It looks freakin’ delicious, but it’s extremely salty and cold. Dong Wook asks what their new year resolutions are. Ryohei says his is to quit smoking and suggests that Joon Hyung does it too. He at first agrees but immediately kind of changes his mind saying that he’s going to make an effort because if he doesn’t quit then it’s going to make him into a liar. I guess that’s a start, haha. Dong Wook’s is a super heartfelt one. He just wants to return back to being confident after a year of lots of hard work but not much progress. Joon Hyung reassures him that he’s doing great, nobody he knows talks badly about him, and that understanding his problem means he’s halfway there.

They get to talking about their past. Joon Hyung recalls a time when he was 10 where he was bullied because of his race. These kids covered him in a blanket and started to kick and punch him, and that’s how he developed claustrophobia. Joon Hyung tells him that he’s not really scared of anything, he’s been skydiving and continues to hilariously tell that story. Ryohei tells his story of how his sister went as far as trying to break his arm to try and get rid of his arrogant attitude when he was younger.

While they’re having this deep, meaningful talk outsdie in the cold, inside Guk Joo, Young Ji, and Jackson decided to parody today’s hit song “Up and Down” by EXID. It’s hilarious. They start off by simply dancing to it, but then that all changes when they change into costumes and start filming everywhere in the house. Jackson, with his little bow, inside Cucumber’s little pen while the girls are dancing is hilarious.

This whole thing can be seen outside by everyone outside.

The men outside have their fair share of fun as they play paper, rock, scissors. The loser gets 2 buckets full of snow thrown on them. Ryohei and Dongwook opt to get it thrown on their bodies, while Joon Hyung chooses his face. They gather the snow and Joon Hyung realizes that it’s basically ice. He freaks out and starts to protest, but they continue on. Luckily for him, Dong Wook loses and gets the punishment. In just short sleeves. Joon Hyung does him a favor by making sure that the snow is nice and fluffy.

Lee Dong Wook’s is having a great start in the new year, haha!

Rosie: It could have been worse, Dong Wook. It could have been like the water slaps they did in Japan, ice right to the face! Although this honestly looked pretty miserable too.

In the next segment, Joon Hyung and Ryohei go on man’s get-away together to Young Wol, where they get into many historical misadventures! First they confuse the heck out of some girls on the street trying to find a coffee shop, then they up in a ‘tea shop’ which is what old, traditional coffee shops are called. Joon Hyung predictably orders coffee, but Ryohei orders this thing:

1-Screen Shot 2015-01-16 at 7.44.30 AM.jpg

I’m sure it was delectable, but no thank you. Anyways, they then proceed to drive the tea shop lady insane by their inability to understand her stories. I’d kind of like to think Joon Hyung was doing all this on purpose. Then again, the Korean language is rather particular and I could understand if some of those old words aren’t quite taught in your everyday conversational Korean class for non-native speakers.

1-Screen Shot 2015-01-16 at 7.46.02 AM.jpg

To confirm whether or not the 12-year-old exiled King Danjong really was forced into exile and force-fed eggs so he couldn’t give birth… they actually do visit the island villa. And Joon Hyung finds another tour guide to recite his history lesson to, that Danjong was fed eggs AND babies.

1-Screen Shot 2015-01-16 at 7.48.21 AM.jpg

What Ryohei must put up with on a daily basis.

They walk around the compound, and Joon Hyung maybe figures out what this place is about by recreating the emotions of the little exiled king. It was a nice spot to learn about something completely new. And to take pictures with trees.

1-Screen Shot 2015-01-16 at 7.54.13 AM.jpg

Afterwards they visit the radio museum in honor of the famous Korean movie Radio Star which was filmed in Young Wol. They record a small special in the radio studio there and call it a day.

Meanwhile back in the Roommate house, Gook Ju, Nana and Sunny are having a [private] girl talk about liking boys and wanting to date, and apparently Nana never plays hard to get? The show ends on a dun dun dun cliffhanger! Sunny is about to reveal something big!

1-Screen Shot 2015-01-16 at 8.03.12 AM.jpg

Or… will she. 

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