Our roommates get a special visit from S.E.S's Shoo and her super adorable twin girls, Ra Hee and Ra Yul. Not everything starts out as smoothly as the roommates would have liked, especially for one of our members. It's an episode filled with cute kids, hard love, more grocery shopping, and a throwback dance party!

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Lore: We start out with our obligatory Cucumber scene — this time she has figured out how to maneuver the bag of dog food close enough so she can secretly chow down within her enclosure. Sneaky, sneaky adorable puppy.

The big news of the day is that Shoo (of S.E.S. fame) will be visiting with her twin daughters Ra Hee and Ra Yul. Apparently Sunny is close to Shoo, which facilitated the invitation. To prep for the visit Sunny begins setting up play toys, which bring out the kid in Nana and Gook Ju. I can’t blame them, because I would have done the same thing. Ball Pit? Yes please.

Shoo pulls up in her van and the visit begins with one of the twins sleeping and the other crying at the sight of Se Ho. The crying continues – soon both of the twins are in tears; they are probably just overwhelmed with all of the people and the new environment.

It doesn't help when the guys of the house think they can cheer the girls up by donning super hero masks and inadvertently scaring the crap out of them; the show gives us plenty of “this is why the guys should just leave for now” captions. They even wonder if Gook Ju’s pictures are the cause of the tears and hilariously remove them from the room.

Shoo manages to get the girls calmed down and they slowly make friends with the roommates. Well, they make friends with almost all of the roommates. For some reason the sight of Ryohei has them in tears. The rest of the roomies tell Ryohei to go upstairs and stay away, which he does for a few minutes before once again trying to make friends with the twins. It doesn’t go so well and Ryohei is back upstairs, alone, pondering why the kids don’t like him. Poor Ryohei, but I can relate — kids tend not to gravitate towards me either.

There was a lot of cute when the roomies were trying to make friends with the girls. Se Ho caught their attention with Pororo, Joon Hyung showed them an S.E.S. video, and Jackson flipped for them. I enjoyed these moments a lot more than the first fifteen minutes of the episode when I wanted to mute the dang show because of all of the crying. I mean, the kids are cute, but the noise. The.Noise.

Qisti: Awww, poor Ryohei. The twins may not like you, but I still do.

Ryohei is still upstairs all by his lonesome self and finally works up the courage to go back downstairs and befriend the twins. He slowly comes down the staircase but when one of the twins looks his way he instantly freezes and becomes a mannequin. He finally makes his way downstairs and once of the twins gets a good look at his face, she immediately starts to cry. And once again Ryohei is banished and forced to go back upstairs.

Back downstairs, the rest of our roommates are busy getting closer to the loveable twins. Rayul is close enough to everyone (minus Ryohei) and gives them winks left and right. Ryohei comes back down to help Shoo set up napping mats for Ra Hee and Ra Yul. There he learns that Shoo actually grew up in Japan and they began to have a conversation in Japanese. Ra Hee seems to be in a good mood, as Jackson asks her for a kiss on the cheek and she gives him one and Joon Hyung.

Se Ho tells Jackson to formally introduce himself to the his sunbae. Shoo doesn’t really know a thing about GOT7 but she knows Se7en, the solo singer. Nana introduces herself from both After School and Orange Caramel, and that confuses Shoo even more. She realizes who she is after recognizing an older Orange Caramel song. Who knew that Shoo met Sunny when she was in 4th grade? That’s crazy! Afterwards they start talking about the past and S.E.S. and of course this results into a throwback dance party. Shoo still got some moves.

Everyone becomes hungry and they decide to make some lunch. Nana suggests that Shoo help them grocery shop to make some jjajjamyung and leaves behind Ra Hee and Ra Yul in their care.

Rosie: For an episode almost entirely centered around Shoo and her babies, this has been surprisingly hilarious.

At this point, is anyone surprised that Ryohei can only spend time with one of the twins when that twin is passed out for nap time? Poor, poor man.

1-Screen Shot 2015-01-22 at 5.36.50 PM.jpg

Jackson, Nana, and Shoo are now on their way to the grocery store when Shoo tries to play a little sleight of hand with her age.

1-Screen Shot 2015-01-22 at 5.37.43 PM.jpg

27? Just look at that expression on her face. Born in 1987? Try 1981. Poor Jackson is so wary about this, you can see his brain trying super hard to believe her while not actually pushing. Tsk tsk, Shoo. But it was funny.

1-Screen Shot 2015-01-22 at 5.38.24 PM.jpg

Meanwhile, Ra Yul is getting super good at giving kisses to everyone in the house. She apparently loves her new uncle Se Ho, but Uncle Ryohei just keeps on trying! It ends in an epic fail once again, because all that child needs to cry is to see his face. It’s kind of pitiful. I really hope Ryohei gets about 10 kids some day that adore him to pieces, because he certainly deserves it for all the effort he’s making with these twins.

1-Screen Shot 2015-01-22 at 9.59.20 PM.jpg

Look, even Uncle Joon Hyung has to hide his head. This baby is so picky.

Back at the grocery store, the trio there are making big purchases. I never realized that when you’re feeding jjajangmyeon for ten people it costs so much! Forget the food though, when a rude man pushes passed Shoo, Jackson turns on his gentleman switch. He may get a little more than he bargained for though because Shoo warns him that her husband may get a little jealous.

1-Screen Shot 2015-01-22 at 10.04.42 PM.jpg

Jackson tries again at the grocery store counter, and this may just be the saddest part of the show — sadder even than Ryohei and the twins.

1-Screen Shot 2015-01-22 at 10.08.02 PM.jpg

His credit card is turned down, and I’ve never seen a sadder looking boy. How he ended up with so little in his account is a bit of a mystery to him, but it’s obvious he’s living sort of hand to mouth with his paychecks. Shoo promises she won’t ever return if she’s going to have to pay. It’s a joke, but I don’t think Jackson is really in the mood for it.

Shoo tries to cheer him up in the car by telling Jackson and Nana that fame isn’t everything and they should find their own paths in life. Good advice, but not something they’ll probably try to worry about for a few more years to come.

1-Screen Shot 2015-01-22 at 10.16.13 PM.jpg

By the time they return both twins are awake and crying for no other reason than their mom is back so it’s time to rejoice. Also, Ryohei is still in the house.

Any bets that he’ll make progress with the twins for the next episode? I’m looking forward to seeing Shoo’s husband though, basketball player Im Hyo Sung — basically because it looks like Jackson will try to play against him. I’m excited.

1-Screen Shot 2015-01-22 at 10.01.31 PM.jpg

What did you guys think about the twins and our roommates interactions? Let us know!

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