Comedian guest stars, and an impromptu g.o.d. fan-meet reunion are what we have in store for Roommate this week. Also, a food truck joins the cast in the roomies' own backyard, and Joon Hyung is a party pooper. Who'd have thought! 

Lore: We start the episode off with a flashback to one month ago. The roommates are having dinner and Se Ho has a favor to ask of them. His friend, comedian Nam Hee Suk, has a daughter who wants to interview Se Ho as part of a school project and he is hoping his roomies can help with the interview. The roomies are shocked to learn Hee Suk’s daughter, Bo Ryung, is now in 6th grade.

Like clockwork (is that the magic of editing?) Bo Ryung and her school friends show up for the interview. The roomies are happy to meet her, and tell her she looks like her Dad. Hint to the roomies- telling a 6th grade girl she looks like her Dad might make her feel a bit self-conscious (and it does, but we all know they mean well).

After a short phone conversation with Hee Suk (in which he asks them to treat his daughter well and gets the low down on her reaction to be told she looks like him) the kids and Se Ho start the interview. The first question is why Se Ho wanted to be a comedian- and through flashbacks we see that Bo Ryung’s Dad was Se Ho’s inspiration. D’aww. We are teased with the fact Hee Suk will visit later in the episode, before cutting out of this one month ago interview segment.

Next, we take a peek into room 2 where Jackson, Sunny, and Joon Hyung have gathered. Joon Hyung has decided he wants to school the youngin’s in what his early days were like and what better way than paying a visit to the dingy old dormitory where G.O.D. got their start.

To make things more exciting Joon Hyung posts a picture of Jackson, Sunny, and himself on his SNS, asking fans to meet them at the old dorm at 4:30 PM. They don’t think many fans will show because it is a workday and the old dorms are out of the way.

Once on the road Joon Hyung calls Danny Ahn (who was in G.O.D. alongside Joon Hyung) and asks him to meet them at the dorms. Danny declines (he is going to work) so Jackson suggest they invite JYP. Joon Hyung tells Jackson there is no way JYP would visit, he broke out in hives the last time he was at the place. Ha.

As the car ride continues we are treated to Joon Hyung’s awesome reactions at how the neighborhood around the old dorms have changed (I just love seeing people “go back home”). Finally they arrive at the old dorms to find out it is now a restaurant. On top of that Danny is there (you liar!) and so are some fans (which surprises Joon Hyung since it was such short notice).

The tour of the old dorms commences, and to be honest the place is a basement. Danny and Joon Hyung point out where all of the furniture was, mention the time the place flooded, and even claim the mold growing on the ceiling (“that is our mold!”).

After the inside tour is over, an outside tour starts- including the grave that sits next to the store, which was their only view while using the restroom. Can I get a collective eek! Joon Hyung greets the fans, telling Jackson he should pick one of them because they have money. Haha, nice Joon Hyung, nice. Concerned about how cold it is, Joon Hyung asks the fans to wait inside while he takes Sunny and Jackson around the neighborhood for some more sightseeing.

So what are the stops on this tour of G.O.D.’s neighborhood? Well, a hotel for starters. The members used to wash up here when they didn’t have hot water at their place. And when the hotel was unavailable to them they made their way to the neighborhood hospital, where they incognito snuck in and out of the bathroom to wash up. After a hilarious apology for their past behavior is made to hospital staff the party heads back to the old dorms.

So, how many fans showed up for the 4:30 get together? 200 some, and they have sky blue balloons (G.O.D.’s fan club color). Joon Hyung is shocked, since the place is so out of the way and it is a workday. The fans call out that they left work early or called in sick (haha, that is fan dedication right there) to make it. The fans start singing “Sky Blue Balloon” and Joon Hyung joins right in (is it just me or did Danny seem a little out of it at first)?

Joon Hyung reveals it is G.O.D.s 16th anniversary soon, and being the awesome fans they are two cakes are quickly brought out to celebrate the event. Joon Hyung gets a bit teary eyed, leading to alternating shouts of “Cry!” and “Don’t Cry!”

After blowing out the candles Danny announces that Joon Hyung will buy all of the gathered fans dinner. Since the restaurant they are going to eat at is so far away, Danny and Joon Hyung volunteer to drive all of the fans in mini-vans. Wow, I guess that was well worth calling in sick for. Well, unless your boss watches Roommate that is.

After a group selca, and then some clips from the drive and at the restaurant, the G.O.D. tour down memory lane comes to a close. Seriously, what a sweet segment. You can tell Joon Hyung really appreciates his fans and where he came from.

Rosie: I’ll admit, I cried watching this segment. Will this be us in ten years? Haha!

Qisti: So many people! I also have to give my congratulations to g.o.d. and their fans for sticking together this long. 16 years. Amazing!

Now to find out what’s going on at home. We find Se Ho and Young Ji in the kitchen busily preparing some food for their special guest, veteran MC Nam Hee Suk (the dad of the girl who interviewed Se Ho at the beginning of the episode). They go on to “taste” the food just like the court maids did before giving the food to the king. That sounds like my kind of job, minus the fact that you could die if the food was actually poisoned. Before he arrives, the roomies who are home since and chat about Nam Hee Suk and his past. We even get a recreation of Hee Suk’s infamous scenes thanks to Se Ho and Ryohei (who played the girl) calling him oppa.


Our special guest arrives and immediately has the whole house laughing right from the get go. You can just tell that this is going to be a good night. They start talking about how they first met each other. Nam Hee Suk mentions that when he first saw Se Ho, he thought he looked like broccoli and gave him his nickname, cabbage. He even gives Kang Jun a nickname, goat (if you put his last name with the korean word for goat you get Seo Yeom Suh, sounds a lot better right? lol). He also tells the roomies more about Joon Hyung and how he was the one he wanted to see the most.

Which then segways us back to g.o.d.’s dorm, where the four of them are eating and Joon Hyung tells them more stories. He recalls this one time that Yoon Kye Sang was practicing but because he was super stressed and tense he passed out. Ever since then, whenever they went to go and record JYP was always nice to him. Jackson asks if that’s what he should do, but Danny advises him that it won’t work again, haha!

Back at the house, they eat the food that Se Ho and Young Ji prepared. Nam Hee Suk jokes that he was born in Cuba and used to play music with Castro. Nana seems to believe it, while Young Ji is having a harder time. Then Se Ho and Nam Hee Suk go into a who is better looking battle. They decide to call Nam Hee Suk’s daughter and ask her who’s better looking, and instantly she says her dad. They decide to call Se Ho’s older sister who says Se Ho is better looking. As tie breaker, Young Ji calls fellow Kara group member Hara who struggles, but ultimately picks Nam Hee Suk.

Rosie: This whole segment was so unfair, but so hilarious! I guess this is just what happens when you put so many comedians and their celebrity friends on a variety show.

Soon after this, Joon Hyung, Sunny and Jackson return home from their adventures, and it’s time to… eat again?

1-Screen Shot 2015-02-05 at 7.12.05 PM.jpg

They have the production team actually park a food truck in the Roommates’ backyard! Now that’s my kind of fast food. The setting is so they can recreate one of Se Ho and Hee Suk’s first meetings which happened to take place at a food stall. Gook Ju and Sunny do all the cooking (or at least the part that we see) and Gook Ju does a perfect impression of a food cart ahjumma, soju and all.

1-Screen Shot 2015-02-05 at 7.28.15 PM.jpg

For having so many comedians though (plus Joon Hyung who I swear counts as one most days), the gathering turns heartfelt. Hee Suk recounts that Se Ho could have and should have taken a contract from other companies, because Hee Suk felt like he couldn’t do enough for him as a career. Se Ho hotly denies that he would have ever left, or that he ever will. It’s more than loyalty. It’s family plus loyalty and Hee Suk was prouder than ever when Se Ho finally made his name almost completely by himself.

1-Screen Shot 2015-02-05 at 7.44.01 PM.jpg

Hee Suk also had praise for Joon Hyung, especially for his successful return to the celebrity spotlight via this show and with g.o.d. in general. To Gook Ju he gave her encouragement and actually told her not to lose weight. The implication is, it’s a part of her charm and who she is, and to not stress over what people tell her.

His words to Ryohei though were interesting, and are probably things the Japanese foreigner doesn’t hear very often.

1-Screen Shot 2015-02-05 at 7.40.47 PM.jpg

Even on Roommate it is oftentimes very evident that Ryohei has a hard time, not only with the language and cultural barriers, but also because of who he is, a Japanese entertainer in a sometimes extremely biased Korean culture. For this reason, even seeing Hee Suk encourage him through all of this was touching, and probably a little brave. I’ve officially decided I like this man!

Somewhere during all of this touching stuff though, this happens:

1-Screen Shot 2015-02-05 at 7.49.01 PM.jpg

Joon Hyung… you’ve had a long, long day my friend. Sleep well.

Apparently everyone goes to sleep extremely late, because even Jong Ok comes sneaking home in the middle of the night and half of them aren’t in bed yet. We’re treated to the actress’s nightly ablutions including toenail care - always good to see people taking proper care of their toes - and then the passed out images of basically all the females on this show.

1-Screen Shot 2015-02-05 at 7.50.48 PM.jpg

As I always suspected!

The real news of the episode though is the person who comes creeping in early in the morning! Super sneaky of him. Or perhaps the roomies should’ve gone to bed earlier, but it’s nice to know they can party hard and have 2pm’s Taekyeon come in and make them breakfast for the next day.

1-Screen Shot 2015-02-05 at 7.51.50 PM.jpg

I look forward to next week.

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