How would you react if Ok Taecyeon from 2PM woke you up one morning? The Roommate household welcomes Taecyeon, who originally came to cook breakfast but ends up doing much more. Our roommates also get to experience working in a coffee shop and a restaurant. Sounds easy enough, right? For our roommates, not so much. Read and watch to find out what happens!

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Lore: The big day has finally arrived! Ok Taecyeon, of 2PM fame, pays the roommate house a visit. Taecyeon has been called over to help Jackson (his fellow JYP Entertainment artist) cook breakfast. But there is a more important task at hand as Taecyeon arrives, and that is to wake up a sleeping Gook Ju. Gook Ju is asleep on the couch, recovering from the roommates' night of drinking with guest Nam Jee Suk.

Gook Ju groans and grimaces at showing her bare face to the beastly idol, but she recovers her spunk rather quickly. Gook Ju turns on her thirsty mode, and here on out we are treated to the "Gook Ju crushing on Taecyeon" show. Jackson has fun teasing his Noona for her antics, while Taecyeon looks mildly uncomfortable as he cooks amidst the flirting.

Once breakfast is done, Jackson has the idea to wake the other roommates up with the smell of French toast. Jackson grabs a plate and drags Taecyeon along on his impromptu wake-up-committee. First up are Nana and Young Ji, who are shocked to wake up with Taecyeon standing over their beds. Young Ji especially shows her discomfort (as has been mentioned in previous episodes, she is a huge Taecyeon fan).

After waking up the rest of the roomies (with hilarious results) it is time for everyone to sit down to a JYP cooked breakfast.

Qisti: I’m not quite sure how I would have reacted to being woken up by Taecyeon. I feel like I’d pull a Kang Joon, where I’d be super out of it and give the wrong answers (I’m a deep sleeper).

Our roomies finally all gather together to have breakfast with their special guest, Taecyeon. Gook Joo and Lee Dong Wook are first at the table and discuss, or at least try to, what happened the night before. Gook Joo apparently doesn’t remember much of what happened the night before or how she ended up sleeping on the couch. Dong Wook tells her to not worry about it and just start fresh. Jackson on the other hand leaves the table to rush the others, where he finds Nana and Young Ji putting on makeup. Once at the table, Jackson starts to tease Young Ji and they begin to bicker. Taecyeon notices this and comments that it’s cute.

Afterwards, Young Ji gets asked to dance a little of “Mamma Mia” for Taecyeon. Then Gook Joo and Jackson join her for 2PM’s “Heartbeat.” Taecyeon gets pressured to dance “My Ear Candy” with Gook Joo, where Gook Joo plays Taecyeon’s part in the song. Breakfast ends after the small dance party and everyone disperses to do their own thing. Jackson gives Taecyeon a massage after cooking for everyone. Then Joon Hyung comes into the room and praises Taecyeon on his cooking. Taecyeon somehow agrees to cook some more for the roomies.

He also ends up making rolled omelettes. If I was ever invited, I’d definitely come during dinner or if they’re having a special party.

While Taecyeon cooks the extra meals, our roommates split off to do part-time jobs. Jackson and Kang Joon go with Young Ji to her parents’ coffee shop. During their drive there, Jackson learned an invaluable lesson: when a guy knows how to make coffee, he’s a cool guy. On the the other side, Joon Hyung and Nana go with Ryohei to work at his friend’s mother-in-law’s restaurant. You’d think it’d be easy, but it’s the opposite. They get straight to prepping the restaurant and food.

It’s time to say goodbye to Taecyeon as he finally finishes cooking everything and more for the roommates. He takes a breather and talks to Sunny for a while claiming that he doesn’t feel like a guest. That just means that he has to come again, and I’m totally cool with that. His break doesn’t last that long, when Sunny begins to start cleaning around the house, Taecyeon helps her by folding the blankets and cleaning a little. With that, the ultimate nice guy is on his way back to the comfort of his own home where he doesn’t have to cook.

Rosie: Bye bye Taec! Come and cook and clean for us again! (He’s hoping, not.)

In our next segment, Roommates send the cast to work! You know, like how they did with Taecyeon. This time, however, Jackson and Kang Joon go with Young Ji to her parents’ coffee shop to learn the ropes and hopefully not give away too many family secret recipes on the broadcast. Young Ji tries to give them a crash course in serving customers, but Jackson is pretty much stunned into confusion.

1-Screen Shot 2015-02-12 at 11.29.04 PM.jpg

They promise he’ll get the hang of it. In the meantime, Kang Joon has already done similar work before and looks like a total pro.

1-Screen Shot 2015-02-12 at 11.33.05 PM.jpg

Whether or not he fits into the mold of a true prince of princes, his coffee creations do look rather good, and for now he’s confident in the roll.

In another part of Seoul, Joon Hyung, Ryohei and Nana work in a restaurant. The first bit of schooling is teaching Joon Hyung now hot to frighten off customers, either with his frown or with his too bright smiles.

1-Screen Shot 2015-02-12 at 11.35.16 PM.jpg

He’s got questionable waiter-manners, but will it all be fine when the real customers enter? He technically ends up asking the regulars about what condiments go on each table. Nana likewise is a little lost when customers assume that by telling her a number of something, she’ll know what it is. Things are going mostly okay for Ryohei until a customer offers him a drink and the staff throws a fit.

1-Screen Shot 2015-02-12 at 11.49.07 PM.jpg

The boss was watching. Better be careful! Later on he’ll make up for it by learning how to mix the fried rice, and it’s all tension again (and a lot of shady smiles by the customers) when he’s declared a success. Joon Hyung likewise livens up and starts adding more rice to the bowls, under the disapproving glance of the manager on duty. It’s all good though, right? Because:

1-Screen Shot 2015-02-12 at 11.54.17 PM.jpg

And this poor restaurant will have to deal with the consequences later.

Back at the coffee shop, Jackson and Young Ji make a surprising discovery - sweet potatoes are sweet! Okay, so it’s also due to the special machine they have for roasting them with honey, but who knows if they will make enough to actually sell.

1-Screen Shot 2015-02-13 at 12.03.43 AM.jpg

Kang Joon meanwhile is being a sweetie and personally coming out to each table with their coffee orders, while explaining that it tastes good because he made it. That pride. But at least finally, the younger two are ready to start doling out sweet potatoes. Even the weird-looking ones because Jackson is Jackson and he can sell anything.

They’re selling literally like hot cakes on the street, so fast that they soon run out. While the next batch roasts, Young Ji bursts out into her old standby, Mama Mia, and entertains the crowd.

1-Screen Shot 2015-02-13 at 12.12.50 AM.jpg

It’s probably not the biggest stage she’s performed on, but it does the trick. And they do eventually sell every last sweet potato. 

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