This week on Roommate, Jackson gets at least one present off his bucket list, Dong Wook probably goes broke buying a donkey, and a celebrity chef visits to teach the men how to win some ladies' hearts: with food of course. 

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Lore: *Throws confetti* It is Jackson’s Birthday! We start the episode off in the living room, where the roomies are gathered to wish Jackson a happy birthday and to ask him if he has any wishes.

Because this is Jackson we are talking about he has a whole list of birthday wishes and each one is bit more outlandish than the last. He wants to go sky diving, swim with dolphins, live on a deserted island, or stick his head in a lion’s mouth. Okay then.

Once Jackson’s birthday wish list is whittled down from the impossible/ not going to happen wishes, the only feasible wish left is to own a donkey. Who doesn’t want to raise a donkey? I mean, other than myself and everyone else I have ever met, but hey kudos to Jackson for being unique. Se Ho calls a donkey farm and the “raise a donkey” wish is seemingly put into action.

Dong Wook (poor, poor Dong Wook) rises to the challenge, offering to drive Young Ji and Jackson to the donkey farm. I bet it is going to be a nice, peaceful, quiet car ride to the farm. Or not. Jackson and Young Ji start off the ride by bickering (no surprise there).

After their bickering Jackson reveals that Young Ji has to listen to him all day, since that was his birthday wish to her. Young Ji goes along with his wish to an extent, even backing up Jackson’s argument that they really should buy a donkey, not just borrow one. Dong Wook seriously looks like he is regretting his life choices as he tries to explain why they can’t keep a donkey in a house in Seoul.

Before we know it—and with Dong Wook’s sanity apparently still intact—the trio arrives at the donkey farm. The laughs continue as the owner of the farm explains what donkeys eat – cucumbers. Young Ji and Jackson think he means their dog Cucumber and freak out, only to have Dong Wook explain that he meant the vegetable not the dog. This entire trip keeps getting better and better, I swear.

The farmer leads the three roomies into where the donkeys are kept and it is quickly apparent that Jackson (A) knows nothing about donkeys and (B) is afraid of donkeys. And his wish was to live with one? Um. Apparently Jackson thought donkeys were dog size. Jackson then proceeds to try to feed a donkey through its eyes because the farmer told him he needs to maintain eye contact. I just…don’t know what even to say at that so I will just continue laughing.

Finally the subject of price is brought up – and the miniature donkey Jackson wants is 22 million won (about 19,000 USD). Jackson tries to convince Dong Wook to loan him the money, when that doesn’t work (because Dong Wook says he doesn’t have it) Jackson asks if they can lease the donkey monthly. Like I said, this strange episode just keeps getting better.

After taking the two miniature donkeys out for a spin around the farm, they agree to rent one of the donkeys for two days. Jackson and Young Ji try out some aegyo for a discount, and the farmer agrees to give them a ten percent discount with a purchase option at the end of their rental. The farmer loads up the donkey and drives it to Seoul, Jackson riding shotgun in the truck.

So just what is going to happen when the donkey shows up at the share house? I am guessing whatever it is, it will be hilarious.

Qisti: After all the things he could have gotten, Jackson wanted a donkey. Well, I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised haha!

Se Ho and Ryohei are at home waiting for a special guest to arrive. Ngl, he has to be one of my most favorite guests the Roommate has ever had. Introducing, owner of 5 restaurants, television chef personality, and master of sexily cooking stuff, Chef Choi Hyun Suk. After a little small talk, Chef Choi heads to the kitchen to check out what they’ve got. Surprisingly, the roommates use the same set of knives that the chef does, instantly earning praise from the Chef. He checks out their fridge and decides that they need to go grocery shopping. Once they get there, Chef Choi tells them he buys things on impulse and that could be a bad thing for them.

I learned so much from this episode. Like, if you want to buy an eggplant, make sure you buy ones that are straight and not bent (same goes for cucumbers). I love that Chef Choi and his daughters have a system so that he can get samples without being noticed. They finish buying their groceries and head on home to begin their cooking lessons. Chef Choi comes prepared with his own set of tools and apron. Tonight’s cooking goal is to look good in front of girls. Now, sexy cooking lessons from Chef Choi.

Step 1: Take your hand towel (doesn’t matter if you need it or not) and as you’re cooking sexily throw it over your shoulder and continue cooking. Make sure the towel lands on your shoulder and not in the food (ehem, Se Ho).

Step 2: Aggressively throw salt on the pork chops. Enthusiastically shake the pepper on the pork chops. Make sure to not look like a chicken while doing so.

Step 3: Give your significant other a glass of wine (or whatever they like) while they wait. Give them a shy yet confident, romantic side glance as they sip their wine. Beware: if you’re really good, your significant other might choke on their drink or shrivel up because of all the corniness.

Lessons take a break as the chef has to take a bathroom break. Timing is a wonderful thing. Just as Chef Choi goes to the bathroom, guess who comes home? Jackson and Regal! They take Regal to the backyard and tie him up to the tree. Jackson asks Dong Wook if he could bring Regal inside the house for a bit and he agrees. Mind you, nobody in the house knows that they ACTUALLY brought home a donkey. And this is what we get.

Chef Choi comes out of the bathroom in time to see the donkey in the house. He even gets the chance to take the donkey on a short walk around the living room. Life proceeds and they’re back in the kitchen continuing their cooking lessons.

I have to say, this is the best combo of guests this series has ever had.

Rosie: And I absolutely have to agree with that! A donkey and a celebrity chef in one episode? Roommate certainly made this week exciting. Adding in a sometimes very clueless Jackson was also priceless.

1-Screen Shot 2015-03-13 at 7.56.19 AM.jpg

Jackson trying out the food, perhaps to make sure Regal (now known as Michael) knows what that real cucumbers are vegetables, and not dogs.

Meanwhile back in the kitchen, cooking lessons continue as Chef Choi makes two seafood dishes to melt women’s hearts, and Se Ho and Ryohei are still eager pupils.

1-Screen Shot 2015-03-13 at 8.02.10 AM.jpg

Gook Ju comes home, and while she is mildly impressed by the chef she’s met before, the students’ lessons in towel-throwing sexiness reminds her more of old men in a public bathhouse fanning their sweat with towels. Apt image, Gook Ju. I’m impressed.

1-Screen Shot 2015-03-13 at 8.05.21 AM.jpg

Jackson distracts her soon enough, covering her face with a fresh handkerchief to show her the new guest. Gook Jo screams and flails at first, startled, and then it’s time for the next victim. At least Joon Hyung smells it coming.

1-Screen Shot 2015-03-13 at 8.08.23 AM.jpg

Predictably, the new houseguest smells like manure, and Joon Hyung is about as impressed as Gook Jo and the rest. By the way, I couldn’t help but notice Dong Wook was missing by himself somewhere do this part of the segment. Any guesses he was upstairs hiding and trying to recover from this harrowing day?

Still in the kitchen we get another lesson in manly cooking.

1-Screen Shot 2015-03-13 at 8.13.05 AM.jpg

Step 4: When making whipped cream, if you cry, you lose. Showing pain and exhaustion is a no no.

And this would be the reason Chef Choi begins to sweat halfway through, confesses that he usually has someone else do this task, and then he walks away to hide his years. Good to know we all have weaknesses. It’s all in the finished result anyways, right? The tiramisu they make looks to die for.

1-Screen Shot 2015-03-13 at 8.17.16 AM.jpg

Dinner this night in the share house looks amazing, and not even the return of the dreaded ‘cream-on-lips’ jokes mars an otherwise fabulous meal.

1-Screen Shot 2015-03-13 at 8.23.09 AM.jpg

Until the guys bring out Jong Ok’s wretched radish kimchi experiment. Let it alone guys! The poor woman isn’t even home and you’re embarrassing her yet again! “In your opinion, is there a professional way to save this kimchi?” Dong Wook asks. The polite Chef Choi answer is basically: no.

I don’t want to imagine how long it took to clean up, but somehow the kitchen looks clean. Clean enough once the guest has gone and the donkey’s been put to sleep for Gook Joo to sneak in and make herself one last ramyun meal.

1-Screen Shot 2015-03-13 at 8.25.13 AM.jpg

Now that’s my girl.

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