Welcome to another wonderful episode of Roommate! Our roommates are ready to face a new day and welcome some new guests, Kim Hyun Joo and Kim Jung Nan from What Happens to my Family. Unfortunately, due to lack of funds, we are forced to say goodbye to honorary roommate, Michael the donkey. 

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Lore: A nice beautiful morning, a donkey, and Jackson. Yes, what a way to start off an episode. Too bad the donkey, Michael, seems to not give two cares for who Jackson is. Jackson freaks out (but they were best friends yesterday!) and tries a slew of tactics to win his donkey friend back.

He dresses up like Eeyore and then in bright orange clothes (because the donkey likes carrots so he must like the color orange, right)?!

Jackson lands on the answer to a donkey’s heart in the form of sugar cubes. D’aww, the bromance (or is that donkeymance or…) is back on.

Gook Ju and Young Ji go to the store, now that the seasons are changing they want to brighten up the share house. Part of their shopping trip is spent in a seed store, where they find some very interesting peppers. Naughty, naughty girls.

Back at the house Kang Joon arrives. He has invited a guest over, a very pretty actress. The roomies decide to cook something for her before she arrives, with a competition built in to see who has the best dish.

Before they cook Kang Joon gives Jackson his birthday present – underwear. Yes, underwear. Jackson and Seho decide to film a pretend underwear CF. Well then.

The guest turns out to be actress Kim Hyun Joo. She gets a full tour of the house, commenting that the boy’s rooms are a mess. Yeah, pretty much. After the tour Jackson pulls his new favorite prank – close your eyes, so I can surprise you with a donkey. Why does that sound so weird? Oh, I know, because it is weird.

After Hyun Joo and Michael are acquainted Jackson asks her if he can borrow $20K to buy Michael. Because that is how you make a memorable first impression. Oh Jackson, what are we going to do with you?

Qisti: When they were doing the underwear commercial, I was like, “Can you even show this stuff on television?”

Now it’s time for Se Ho and Ryohei to use the skills they learned the night before from Chef Choi and cook the perfect cold seafood pasta. They work together to create the dish, which consisted of them eating more than actually making the food. It’s Ryohei/Se Ho’s pasta (and wine pouring skills) vs. Joon Hyung’s super long name tomato pasta vs. Kang Joon’s fresh spring rolls (which also is Hyun Joo’s favorite food). Unfortunately, Se Ho’s and Ryohei’s dish falls a little flat and comes in last place, while Kang Joon is named the winner. Jong Ok comes in and claims the seafood pasta is in last place as well.

After lunch, the roomies and Hyun Joong gather around the living to start making cushions with the fabric that Gook Ju and Young Ji bought. Hyun Joo shows them how to sew and make the cushions. She even fixes Se Ho’s silk pajama pants that had a hole in it. She is such a cool lady. While they sew, or I guess while Hyun Joo sews and the roommates watch her, Se Ho finds an old video of her dancing and everyone is in a good mood. They ask her to dance it again, but she politely declines and continues to sew.

Jackson, Young Ji and Joon Hyung take Michael out for a walk. Jackson tries to sweet talk Joon Hyung into lending him the money to buy Michael by telling him that he’s the hyung he trusts the most. Jackson tells him that Michael’s matured in just one night because he doesn’t poop anytime he wants and that’s why he’s worth $20,000.

And then we come home to this:

Se Ho gave Ryohei a stretching massage, which then progressed to a tickle fight (?). Yeah, I know right. Am I sensing a new bromance forming? First the cooking lessons, then massages, and now tickle fights. Definitely bromance. What should we call them Ryoho or Sehei? Lol. In the middle of their bromancing, another guest arrives and its Kim Jung Nan from the same drama as Kang Joon and Hyun Joo.

1-Screen Shot 2015-03-20 at 1.21.38 AM.jpg

Rosie: All I know is, thank goodness she came by when she did. This was turning r-rated very fast!

Jung Nan comes right into the Share Home like she’s been here before, happy to meet Cucumber and see her tricks and then come find the others and Hyun Joo in the kitchen. (Did I mention how Jackson is still walking around the house in his Eeyore costume?)

It seems that ever since Chef Choi came to the house, the men are devoted to putting their newly found cooking skills to use. It seems to work too, as far as the overall entertainment value goes.

1-Screen Shot 2015-03-021.jpg

For the good of their dinner though, Hyun Joo has control of the kitchen, meanwhile Jackson takes Jung Nan arm-in-arm around the house to discover a sleeping, snoring Joon Hyung. He misses dinner unfortunately, else he could have been part of these lovely gag photos:

1-Screen Shot 2015-03-20 at 1.36.59 AM.jpg

Conversation over dinner actually turns to the drama the actors were all in together, including how Kang Joon felt jealous about actor/idol Hyung Sik. It’s kind of touching because there’s already been a theme on this show about how hard the younger actors find it, trying to break into showbiz.

1-Screen Shot 2015-03-20 at 1.59.58 AM.jpg

The rest of the episode though is pretty much an ode to Kim Hyun Joo’s talents. And let’s face it, the woman is talented. Seho counts 13 skills or talents displayed in this one episode alone. She cooks, she sews, she sings, dances, arranges flowers, plays piano and guitar, and learns to beat box, courtesy of Jackson’s demonstration. Who can even remember the rest? I almost forgot she was an actress after all of that.

Really though, the unsung gentleman hero of the evening award must be given to Jackson.

1-Screen Shot 2015-03-20 at 1.54.05 AM.jpg

Maybe not for his gigolo skills, but the boy did what he does best, and that is to make everyone - especially the guests - feel comfortable and loved. From back massages to dancing waltzes, and serenading the guests, he does it all.

Too bad none of those traits lended to someone giving him the 20 million Won needed to buy Michael. Our poor donkey friend had to leave us finally. But before we say goodbye to Michael and Jackson, we get a song.

1-Screen Shot 2015-03-20 at 2.05.58 AM.jpg

It’s so very fitting. I think though that Jackson will need lots of hugs now. 

What did you guys think about the episode? Let us know!

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