Kim Soo Mi, the famous drama actress and apparently the best cook in Korea, makes an appearance- and now all I can think about is food and swear words. Be forewarned, you may need a snack to get through this episode, and maybe a swear jar! Time for your weekly Roommate recap.

Qisti: Kim Soo Mi! Kim Soo Mi! The queen and mother of all mothers in Korean dramas comes to visit the roommate household at the request of Jong Ok and Nana. She quickly agreed to come and even offers to bring food and teach them how to make side dishes. A few days later, while the roommates are waiting for her arrival, Ryohei decides to play a small prank on Min Woo by placing a fake cockroach next to him and scares the crap out of Min Woo. He plays the same prank on Jackson too, but it takes him a while to catch on.

Ryohei, Jackson, and Jong Ok all go to pick up Kim Soo Mi, with Ryohei driving there and it’s his first time ever driving on a Korean road. They think of a plan to trick Kim Soo Mi by having Jackson and Ryohei pretend to not be able to speak Korean. It was a little awkward but still funny. Jackson takes to calling her noona and she absolutely loves it. Jong Ok drives on the way home and Jackson keeps showering all his attention on Kim Soo Mi and she can’t get enough of it.

While the trio are out, Gook Ju, Young Ji, and Min Woo go outside to plant the seeds that they bought. Gook Ju hauls all the soil over while Min Woo daintily put the soil in the boxes. It was a lot of gochu (pepper) jokes that I kind of get, but I’m not sure if I’m supposed to understand. Anyways, they get to planting the seeds and the next thing you know Dong Wook is standing near the window, inside, looking grumpy. Turns out he’s lost his slippers, his fifth pair since entering the house.

They reach home and the roomies greet their sunsaengnim with big bows and requests for her to curse, which she does with ease and its hilarious. Any chance that Joon Hyung can get, he asks her to do her infamous cursing. They get right to cooking or more like unpacking all the food that Kim Soo Mi brought. Everyone comes out to help and enjoy the Korean feast that she brought, complete with special plating and napkins as well. I mean, holy crap, look at all the food that she brought!

Rosie: Roommate is seriously a show about celebrities disguised as a food-eating bonanza! So many delicious meals, and this time they don’t need a world-famous chef, they just need a super talented woman who learned how to cook from watching over her mom’s shoulder.

What’s continually hilarious though is how Jackson-biased she is, feeding him foods and doting on him. Other than Joon Hyung, who she knows from the practically ancient g.o.d. it’s only Jackson with her. So who better than to give Kim Soo Mi a tour of the background, and their buried kimchi.

1-Screen Shot 2015-03-27 at 12.08.55 PM.jpg

Of course they don’t do it right. It’s Roommate and the roomies don’t know how to make kimchi, a long standing joke. After fixing the seal - she gets Jackson to bring a giant rock over it - they settle down for a ‘mother-son’ date.

1-Screen Shot 2015-03-27 at 12.09.38 PM.jpg

This leads to so many interesting discussions, like how Jackson says he still kisses his mom on the lips and people find that weird (she agrees) and how she hasn’t kissed her husband in twenty years. They haven’t held hands in at least thirty, preferring to live like non-touchy friends.

1-Screen Shot 2015-03-27 at 12.10.38 PM.jpg

“When you’re married, you’ll see,” she tells him, and then proceeds to tsk when he confirms that his parents are still very affectionate with each other. They apparently agree to disagree, and Soo Mi can later be seen inside complimenting Jong Ok on her lack of neck wrinkles.

Of course no episode is complete with the standard grocery store visit. On the way there Jackson secures future visiting rights at her house, because no food he’s had at a restaurant is better than hers. I love watching others observe all this mooching, especially Dong Wook, but then again they know how Jackson is like, and that’s to just lay on a genuine, slice of greasy respect!

1-Screen Shot 2015-03-27 at 12.23.38 PM.jpg

See how he even gets introduced as her son when they get to the market? Now those are some nice privileges. (In return, he pays for a pair of pants she wants.)

Kim Soo Mi proceeds to prudently every ingredient she needs for later, and has no qualms about sending off her ‘other’ sons on trips to get eggs. Incidentally, this is the coolest way I’ve ever seen egs packaged:

1-Screen Shot 2015-03-27 at 12.36.52 PM.jpg

Then, they’re off on a shopping date, just to the two of them. Jackson and his new adopted mom go to a cosmetics store where he thinks he’s being sneaky getting her a surprise present, but of course Kim Soo Mi has decades on this boy.

1-Screen Shot 2015-03-27 at 12.38.46 PM.jpg

She refuses to receive lipstick from him as a present, and even to be surprised. She won’t even fake being surprised! But Jackson pouts long enough that she gives in. I mean, who wouldn’t? Jackson’s got nothing on crushing old ladies. She even has him put the lipstick on her to try, and agrees that he can buy it for her. Let’s hope she actually uses it now, so Jackson’s heart can pound at a later date.

Lore: First I need to get this off my chest. I want Kim Soo Mi to adopt me and only half of that wish is based on her cooking (that I haven’t even tasted, but man does it look good)! Okay, with that out of the way I can dive into the recap.

It is dinner time and Soo Mi asks Jong Ok to call in the underlings AKA the guys to help her cook. Pretty soon the kitchen is full and a delicious meal of Rice Cake Japchae is on the stove. We see an end of an era during the food prep as well, since Jong Ok brings out her infamous radish kimchi. Soo Mi echoes the opinion we have heard multiple times “It is beyond humanly possibly to save it”. Poor Jong Ok! But at least it seems that she has come to terms with her lackluster cooking skills.

Young Ji adds some fun to the cooking bonanza with an impromptu Mama Mia dance, which Soo Mi dances along to. Too cute. Dinner is served and the roomies sit down to another fantastic meal courtesy of Soo Mi. During the meal she explains that she is very militaristic (her words) about meal times, she even writes it into her film contracts that there must be three meal times a day. A woman after my own heart.

Se Ho arrives back home dressed in army fatigues (is he in the reserves or was this for a filming. I am confused). Soo Mi plays the Mom and feeds him, making sure all of the best side dishes are passed his way. It doesn’t take long for Se Ho to ask Soo Mi to move in to the house, prompting her to respond that he only wants her for her cooking. Ha! But probably at least half true, I mean who wouldn’t want someone who cooks three amazing meals a day to live with them?

The table talk turns serious as Soo Mi recounts her early life. Her parents passed away when she was in high school and she found herself without an ability to pay for college. Her lack of money led her to acting and the rest is history. Se Ho cracks some jokes as the talk turns towards who was alive when Soo Mi debuted (Jong Ok and Joon Hyung were the only roomies) and Soo Mi takes an instant liking to Se ho’s comedy. Maybe he will convince her to move in yet.

After dinner Soo Mi retires upstairs where she rests - think again. She rearranges the upstairs living room, lighting candles and arranging flowers. Does she ever sit down? I feel lazy. Pretty soon the roomies are all gathered around, Soo Mi playing the voice of wisdom as they talk about what has been troubling them. Seriously, she is wise, a great cook, and likes to clean. Can you move into my house? Pretty please?

Did I mention Soo Mi made a phone call? Soo Mi mysteriously called someone over, telling Se Ho she would play matchmaker and set him up with a woman who is perfect for him. So who is this mystery woman? None other than former guest Byun Jung Soo, who is very much married. Poor Seho.

Jung Soo, Jung Ok, and Soo Mi retire to Jung Ok’s room for some serious discussion around casting. Apparently Soo Mi is charged with casting the actresses for an upcoming film and has her two younger friends in mind. It is adorable as they geek out together, happy at the thought of working together again.

Back downstairs, Jackson decides to play a prank on Sunny. He calls her and asks if she can stop by his room. When she arrives he jumps out wearing his tiger facial mask (which is kind of adorable). Sunny wants one too and pretty soon the duo are sneaking upstairs to scare the other roomies. Soo Mi isn’t even spared from their prank as they bust into Jong Ok’s room wearing masks.

Pretty soon it is time for Soo Mi to take her leave - but not before Jackson asks her to spend the night. Seriously this kid and his sleepover invitations. Soo Mi leaves a handprint behind and off into the night she goes, probably preparing to cook a seven course meal in a few hours.

During the credits we are treated to scenes of the roommates playing a game of truth or dare, complete with a question for Young Ji on whether she would date Jackson. Now if this is the last episode of this season (as it is rumored to be) that is just cruel. Or a genius cliffhanger from the PDs. Either one. What do you think? Is this the end or is there another episode awaiting us before we say goodbye to season 2?

What did you guys think about the episode? Let us know!

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