A foreign contingent of idols descend upon the Share House of Roommate as Henry, Amber, and Bam Bam all come to learn about Korean culture and bowing and blessings. Also, Joon Hyung terrorizes a monk during temple dinner. (Spoilers: the monk is a fan!)

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Lore: Thank you Roommate! As many of you may have heard, the show is sadly airing its last episode on April 14th, which left a huge question mark over if the lunar New Year’s special would be aired. This week we were treated to the episode, and in my opinion it didn’t disappoint.

We start off with Jackson asking Young Ji if she wants to meet his friends. Of course she does – we all do, hurry up and call already! Jackson makes the necessary phone calls and we cut to the morning of his friend’s arrival.

Jackson and the other foreign cast members are set to wear hanbok (Korean traditional dress) for the day. Jackson hilariously tries to figure out how to wear the garment and ends up using the hat as a belt. Hey, I wouldn’t know what it is for either. Ryohei and Joon Hyung fare a bit better when it comes to getting dressed, managing to look dashing in their outfits.

Once Jackson emerges from his bedroom he is schooled by Young Ji regarding his “belt”. Se Ho takes it upon himself to teach Jackson how to act, considering he is dressed as the part of a noble person. Trying to get Jackson to stay calm is a losing battle, especially when his teammate in Got7, Bambam, arrives.

Bambam was previously on the show when he helped the roomies deliver charcoal briquettes way back when. During his first spot on the program, his crush on Young Ji was revealed. The boy is no less shy this time around. The roomies play the situation up, asking Bambam what he likes best about Young Ji.

Jackson acts the part of the jealous…friend or something (the level of Jackji shipping cuts in this episode is in overdrive). Jackson swears off Young Ji, telling her that they are over. Bambam meanwhile talks about how he likes Young Ji’s smile.

Dong Wook plays the good hyung by patting Jackson on the back and telling him to hang in there. Captions explaining Jackson’s jealousy and anger flash on the screen as the cute scene plays on – complete with Bambam revealing that Jackson told him to “be careful” when he was around Young Ji. Jackson plays it off like Young Ji is a seductress, he was only worried about his friend falling into Young Ji’s trap. Interesting, very interesting indeed (and hilarious, I might add).

The doorbell rings – the SM Entertainment contingent has arrived! Amber from girl group f(x) and Henry from Super Junior M are at the door…singing “Do you want to build a snowman”. If this is any indication of how their visit will go I am guessing I will not be disappointed.

The two new arrivals are led into the house where they greet Cucumber with a bow and say hello to the other roommates. Pretty soon everyone gathers in the living room for introductions. Amber and Henry share stories of how they met Jackson. I didn’t know that Jackson had been friends with Henry for that long or that Amber once lived in the same building as the Got7 boys. It sounds like they had a lot of fun back in the day.

After a while the recent SNS “scandal” between Henry and Gook Ju is brought up. To keep it short and sweet – Henry appeared on a program with Gook Ju. He took a picture with her, making a kissy face towards her cheek. The caption on the picture he uploaded said something about her being his girlfriend. Henry was asking for trouble – and he got it when fans started questioning the picture. Gook Ju and Henry playfully banter before both deny their “scandal”.

Jackson offers to show his friends around the house. They take a peek at his room before heading up to room one, which belongs to Nana, Young Ji, and Gook Ju. Henry opens a drawer and starts looking around, which cues Amber and Bambam that now is the time to leave. They don’t want to be any part of Henry’s snooping and decide to go see the house on their own. Probably a good call. Henry, just what are you doing?

Qisti: Can I just keep a miniature Bam Bam in my pocket? Jackson’s jealousy is adorable. Bam Bam’s adorable. Young Ji’s adorable. Everyones just adorable, lol.

Henry and Jackson start snooping around the girls’ bathroom, claiming that it’s for “educational” purposes in order to learn more about the ladies. They snoop around and Henry finds a hair extension and immediately does a GD impression. They hear noises outside the door and decide to hide. Yeah, that didn’t turn out very well as Nana caught them red handed investigating a pair of leggings. Jackson bolts out of the bathroom and leaves Henry and Nana in there alone. Talk about awkward. Henry tries to reason with her but Nana’s not taking any of it.

Everyone is gathered in the loft area and they start talking about culture shocks and differences that they’ve faced. The first one that everyone agrees on is the concept of honorifics. Honorifics is hard enough, but when it gets even more confusing is whether or not to use honorifics when talking with a group of foreigners like themselves. Henry even asks Jackson why he’s not calling Amber “noona”, to which Jackson says that he has never called her noona. The conversation shifts to talking about saunas and the horrors of seeing naked people, to language differences, which then turns the conversation to talking about small heads. Amber notes that big is good in America. It’s interesting to see how each situation is super specific but everyone there completely understands it and has experienced it one way or another.

And now it’s aegyo time! Jackson tells everyone that Bam Bam is the best at doing aegyo in their group, to which this prompts an aegyo battle. Bam Bam starts us off with your basic v-sign aegyo. Next is Henry, who initially doesn’t want to do it, does half of Shinhwa’s Shin Hyesung’s “mom, I want that” aegyo. Amber surprises everyone with her adorable “oppa hwaiting” Ryohei, though, goes for the kill. Best. Aegyo. Face. Ever. I love this dude.

Aegyo time swiftly turns to role play time as the guys all propose the Young Ji. Bam Bam acts out a scene from a Thai movie which ends with a kiss on the hand. This gets Jackson riled up and he leaves the room. Jackson comes back up and asks why does it have to be Young Ji, why couldn’t Sunny do it. Oh Jackson, just go and do your proposal already because we all know you want to. Haha! Jackson’s proposal is a little dangerous with an exploding flower. Young Ji has to choose the best one and she chooses Ryohei’s simple but sweet proposal. And Jackson gets angry.

The boys and Amber all decide to dress up in traditional clothes for the new year and to give their new year’s bows. The boys go down to Jackson’s room where they discuss Jackson’s love life and jealousy. Once they put on their outfits, Henry notes that the pants are like hip hop pants (Joon Hyung does too) and they start to dance. On the other side, Amber wears a king’s outfit and starts to dance as well. We can see where this is going, haha!

Rosie: Once they’re properly dressed, and have stopped popping, it’s time to learn how to pay their respects to an elder. Jackson, Bam Bam, Henry and Amber all try it their own way first, and thus we get four very different kinds of bows. Then Sunny and Min Woo (in his 3 seconds of screentime) teach them the proper way. The ‘kids’ are then left to demonstrate what they’ve learned and ask for a blessing from Father Joon Hyung and Mother Ryohei. No, I didn’t assign those roles, they assigned them themselves.

1-Screen Shot 2015-04-10 at 7.38.13 AM.jpg

Joon Hyung isn’t very verbose here. He tells each of them to become bigger. Yes, bigger. As entertainers in their careers, I’m sure. The rest of the cast is practically rolling around on the floor. Joon Hyung gracious gives each of them a 50,000 won note, prompting them to ask if this is standard fare, but nope: it’s only because Joon Hyung didn’t have any cash, and if it was his own daughter, they’d only have received 1,000 won.

To complete the lesson in Korean culture, Dong Wook accompanies Joon Hyung and Ryohei to see the tomb of King Sejong.

1-Screen Shot 2015-04-10 at 7.42.04 AM.jpg

“Dear King Sejong, thank you for your hard work.” Because the man who created the Korean alphabet deserves to be honored.

Then the fun and games begin. I mean, more solemn reflections and learning begin. They’re going to learn how to eat a proper temple meal, under the tutelage of the most forgiving monk this show could probably find.

1-Screen Shot 2015-04-10 at 7.45.17 AM.jpg

Joon Hyung is of course ten times more of a dunce than the others, including Ryohei, as the monk has to instruct them in everything from how to place their bowls down (silently) to how to serve the meal (silently) to how to chew their food (silently) and not to eat the pickled radish because that’s for cleaning the bowls.

1-Screen Shot 2015-04-10 at 7.53.26 AM.jpg

Joon Hyung even commits a great evil at the meal: he asks to blow his nose, and then proceeds to do it even though the monk is shocked and horrified and Dong Wook can pretty much not even sit up straight, he’s laughing so hard.

What I love about this segment though is how amused the monk truly is. He has to stifle his own laughter more than once (or possibly ten times), and at an especially tense moment, he stops the ritual to allow them to just laugh once and get it all out.

1-Screen Shot 2015-04-10 at 7.54.38 AM.jpg

It also turns out that he’s a fan of g.o.d. and knows many of their songs. The monk turns into a fanboy for a slight moment, and then dishes out the remonstrations which I think Joon Hyung was trying to lighten.

1-Screen Shot 2015-04-10 at 7.55.23 AM.jpg

This is the second to last episode of Roommate, which is cancelled after next week’s broadcast. I am honestly not surprised. With the drop in ratings, it’s amazing it has lasted even this long. Nevertheless, the Drama Club returns one last time with the final episode and thoughts on the series. We’ll see you then!

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