Wow, I can’t believe it’s already the end after a whole year. We were so close to 50 episodes but I guess all good things must come to an end. Roommate had its ups and downs, but now that it’s really over I feel a little unsatisfied. In order to compensate for these feelings, instead of recapping the last episode, we decided walk down memory lane and focus more on the members with superlative awards (some serious, most silly). Enjoy!

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Rosie: Park Chanyeol may have drawn in the Exo fangirls (myself included) but overall he did not contribute much to the crew, other than being adorable and the object of motherly affection by rocker Sung Woo. To me this was almost wasted potential, so no matter that I thought he was a sweetie, I’m thinking he was probably terrified of doing or saying something to get the fangirls on him. Therefore, I’m giving him The Most Careful of His Idol Image on Roommate award. Except when he was chasing chickens because that was the best. I hope he experienced much growth on the show.

Lore: You may have heard of the term “noona killer” used to refer to a man who has all of the older women fawning over him. The reverse is true for first season participant Hong Soohyun who quickly proved to be popular among the younger guys in the house. For that she receives the Hottest Noona award.

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Rosie: I feel like our resident comedian Jo Se Ho got so much grief from the viewers. Either was doing too much, or he was everywhere, or he was the only hardest working cast to keep the ball rolling for all Roommate’s dry moments. And maybe they had a point, but I kind of grew to like him for putting himself out there as much as he did. He gets from me the I’ll Try Anything award.

Qisti: Lee Dong Wook gets the Best Supervisor award for his exemplary work for watching over his roommates during shopping trips, donkey buying trips, big cauldron buying trips, essentially anytime they needed to buy something. Not only was he watching over them during buying trips, he was always there to lend a helping hand and give good advice and guidance to his hoobaes and sunbaes.

Lore: The Chicest Big Sister award goes to Lee Sora. From the moment she walked downstairs in sunglasses and a bathrobe, I had a good idea that this former model would be showing viewers just how fabulous she could be.

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Rosie: Nana was everywhere on this show! Even when she probably didn’t want to be here. Really, her entire appearance seemed like one long Catallena promotion cycle interspersed with a Get me out! attitude every time the show tried to ship her with Seho. She gets the Most Effective Resistance to a One-sided Crush award. Poor girl.


And then there is Park Bom. Maybe some of you are thinking, “Who?” That girl who headlined the Roommate pre-show teasers and then was promptly edited out mid-scandal? Yeah, that one. But she was so cute when she was there! So loveable! And I never got to see her actual bungee jump even though I’m certain she must have! I’ll give her the Blink and She’s Gone award.

Lore: Park Min Woo moved into the Roommate house in season one, and continued living there right up until the end. However in season 2 it was a rare sight to see him on air often leading to questions of if he was still part of the cast. For that Park Min Woo receives the Ninja Cast Member award.

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Qisti: Do you guys remember in season 1 when the younger roommates decided to bungee jump? Do you remember when Kang Joon was originally not going to jump but decided to do it after seeing Ga Yeon jump? And he gave us the most epic, hilarious (named the chopstick jump) bungee jump ever. For that Kang Joon gets the Courage award, for his bravery to try something new even when he’s scared.

Lore: Season one’s oldest cast member, Shin Sung Woo, was not even on my radar prior to watching this show. But he hasn’t left my radar since he peaced out at the end of season one.

Sung Woo had a lot of memorable moments on the show, from letting Bom cut his hair in one of the very first episodes to his gentle support of his roommate Chanyeol. What sticks with me however is how well he took care of everyone - making sure they were fed and fed well. For that Sung Woo receives the Everyone’s Favorite Mother award.

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Rosie: In light of Ga Yeon’s recent company troubles, I sometimes wonder what she really thought about being on the show? Probably the most least exposed to celebrity life pre-Roommate, this gave her MMA career a boost, for better or worse. And yet, everyone on here basically adored her! If the Roommate’s could give out their own awards, she’d probably get the Best Little Sis award.

Lore: There is only one cast member that I could argue probably should never have been on the show to begin with. Not because they weren’t funny or cute or it was bad for their image. No, it was more the pet owner in me that had me worried over the share house pooch, Cucumber.

From having to go to the vet for eating a bunch of stuff outside to being shown confined to her little corner for most of the episodes (not to mention her complete lack of training) I couldn’t help but think that this roomie might be better off not being on the show. I hope that now that the show is over Cucumber finds a loving home. For that I give the littlest member of Roommate the Hoping for a brighter future award.

Qisti: From making kimchi from scratch to outdoor camping to getting health checkups, our forever young big unnie/noona receives the Most Ambitious awardBae Jong Ok never backed down from a challenge and was always organizing and willing to do things with her younger roommates. No matter how salty or bland her kimchi was or how scared they were to get an endoscopy exam, we all knew that the roommates did it with her out of love.

Oh Jackson, I don’t even know where to begin with you, lol. Jackson gets the Most likely to Succeed award. I think that Jackson benefited most from this show and he’s set to go on to do greater things in the variety world and his group, GOT7. I would also like to give him the Hardest to Give a Gift award because I would never have guessed to get him a donkey. Never.

Rosie: Sunny was such a mystery to me. Sometimes a ball of sunshine like her name, sometimes dangling on throughout the show like she’s tired and wants a rest, I couldn’t help but like her. So real a person, and sometimes just so depressed. Nevertheless, she was cheery when the occasional necessitated it. And was also very fond of dressing up. She wins the Cutest Human Panda award, among other costumes too.

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Lore: G.O.D. frontman Park Joon Hyung is a very interesting person - he kind of says whatever he wants, whenever he wants and it is often so far out there you can’t help but laugh at his antics.

Some of my favorite moments with Joon Hyung have occurred while he is learning - how to have a temple meal, how to improve his Korean, or how to do flying yoga. The guy is hilarious when he faced with an unfamiliar circumstance. For that Joon Hyung receives the Best Student award- not because he is always the most studious but because he is always, without doubt, going to make learning interesting.

Qisti: Ryohei is the definite runner-up for the Best Student Award, but tonight he receives the Most Improved award. At the beginning of season 2, it was rare to hear him speak but now you see him talking up a storm and playing pranks on the roommates. It’s a shame that the series is ending now when Ryohei is getting more air time. The sad thing is I have no idea where I might see him again besides historical movies (which I don’t usually watch). I hope he gets casted in more television shows or something.

Rosie: Ahh, our female comedian Lee Gook Joo! And I have no other choice but to give her the She’s Gonna Do it Her Way award for sheer persistence in being a named force in entertainment! I wish her the best in her career.

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Qisti: When I was in the 5th grade, we got class awards and I got the Miss Congeniality award. When I received it I had this super confused look and my teacher explained that it just meant that I was really friendly. I instantly I thought of Young Ji. The Miss Congeniality award goes to Young Ji for her super fun, bright personality and ability to get along with everyone in the house including the guests, no matter what age they were.

Also, I would like to take the time to give a special award, Cutest Couple, to Jackji. May all your adorable bickering lead your lives to love <3.

Thanks for joining this awesome ride with Lore, Rosie, and myself! Whew, getting a little emotional here *holding back tears*. I had an awesome time working with these ladies and I hope you guys had as much fun as we did watching and recapping this series. Thank you!

Let us know what superlatives you would give to our roomies!

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