Welcome to this week’s first edition of Drama Club: Roommate! Episode 6 of Roommate focused largely on an are they / are they not love line (courtesy of Park Bom and Park Min Woo), so what better time than now for the drama club to delve into the much talked about subject of roommate romance. From wishful thinking to possible crushes, Roommate has been the subject of a lot of buzz regarding potential couples, or the lack thereof. Time to take a closer look at the lovebirds, real or imagined, in the Roommate house *pulls out Drama Club super magnifying glass*. Cheers!

Qisti: I’m pretty sure it’s safe to say that Park Min Woo is probably one of the most friendliest roommates in the house. He gets along with everybody and according to our love line list, he is currently number 1 with the most love lines in the show (and that’s not including all the bromances). When the Park Bom and Min Woo couple prank was decided, I was happy because we got to see a lot more Min Woo than in previous episodes, but I was also a little sad because it was just a prank. Even though the prank ended up with little reaction, when they were interviewed together they acted like they were an actual couple, it was too cute. Enough to the point where I was actually wondering if they were together or not. The PD even got them to confess that they met outside of the Roommate show.

mw pb.png

In order to fool the rest of the housemates, these two went as far as buying couple rings, shirts, hats, and even socks. As the day went on, the couple went around the house and tried really hard to convince others that they were dating. For the most part, everyone fell for their trick until Lee Dong Wook came home. By far, his reaction was my favorite. Let me be honest, I was a little frustrated that everyone fell for it because of how they made everything obvious, thank goodness someone came in and questioned them. Right when Lee Dong Wook came in the house and heard about the new couple, he knew something was off. I would like to believe it was because he was a little jealous. Since the beginning, we all knew that Lee Dong Wook and Park Bom had a little somethin’, somethin’ going on.

dw susp 2.png

There is a high possibility that Park Bom might have feelings for Dong Wook or Min Woo; but there’s also a high possibility that she might not because it’s only been a few days since they’ve started to live with each other. Either way, it was interesting to see everyone’s reaction to our fake couple.

Rosie: It hasn't gained much traction since the first few episodes, but I have a serious soft spot for the Soo Hyun-noona love triangle with the two young actors. It's completely adorable that part of Kang Joon and Min Woo's bonding session comes with a reasonable admittance that they both share the same ideal type among the women of the house. Soo Hyun herself there is utterly adorable.


She practically falls all over herself blushing over the two men and bouncing back and forth betwen them at random. I believe her when she says she's never dated. And suddenly in a house full of hot, talented guys? Jackpot!

I won't go so far as to say I ship them (hehe) but I'll admit to being a little miffed during the the Bom/Min Woo secret plot! Like, how will any of them, especially Kang Joon believe this, when it's a known fact that Min Woo prefers Soo Hyun?


Soo Hyun was still such a supportive unni though, that who can help but love her?

Now I know this show "HIGHLY" encourages couple-making, but I seriously don't see Soo Hyun walking away with a legit boyfriend here. And for that reason alone I think all their reactions are so much more genuine. They're all flustered by each other, circumstances force them to become friends, and because of that they end up acting comfortable and natural around each other. Against the other more forced love-lines, I'm finding myself appreciating the quieter, genuine relationship they have on screen.


Anyways, we can always hope the boys figure out one day how to divvy up the girl! Kai Bai Boh, anyone?

Lore: Oh Bom. Oh Min Woo. You really overdid yourselves. I was surprised so many people bought into their relationship as I was thinking “After a day or two you buy couple cell phone cases and rings and shirts and hats and…really?!” Regardless it was interesting to see how the roommates reacted to their “relationship” and it gave Bom the opportunity to blurt out her crush on Dong Wook – so all is good.

On to another “couple” - Nana and Se Ho have to be my favorite ongoing love line on the show, mostly because they fit the variety romance profile to a tee. Nana is the cute and fun idol while Se Ho is the goofy comedian, opposites attract if you will. So far this duo has indulged in variety couple push and pull to perfection. They road tripped to see Dong Wook on the set of Hotel King and the entire voyage was a “Se Ho likes Nana, Nana does not like Se Ho” setup. And it was hilarious. At the end of episode 6 Nana even shed tears over thinking Se Ho was having a hard time, which was touching. Does she like him romantically? Probably not. Does he like her romantically? Probably not. But her honest emotions and cute side and his hilarious intentions boost this couple into comedy gold.

Comedy aside, I think the show gave us Nana’s serious side in episode 4 when she admitted she liked Kang Joon, but he appeared disinterested in her when he admitted his ideal type was close to Soo Hyun (so she knew when to quit her feelings). It felt brutally honest, which was made all the worse when it was revealed Kang Joon was eavesdropping on the conversation alongside Min Woo. Kang Joon took his leave from overhearing the chat once he heard this, which added to the moments of this show that I think are more reality than scripted variety. While these two are not a majorly pushed couple on the show (though episode 5 had So Ra hinting to Nana that Kang Joon may just like her) I felt like Nana was being genuine and Kang Joon was genuinely sorry for the situation. D’aww.

Readers and watchers, which love lines make you giddy?

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