Would you have fallen for Min Woo and Bom’s relationship prank? Were you surprised how the roommates reacted to the couple news? Did you love some reactions over others? We did. Queue the discussion of Roommate episode 6. Cheers!

Rosie: So yesterday we talked about the main love lines Roommate has been hinting at (aka: shoving in our faces) and a little of that is to be expected I think. But Bom and Min Woo’s ‘fake’ love line was almost a little too fake for me. Basically, it was just plain premature if they really wanted everyone to believe it.

Lore: Yeah, it was overkill in my opinion. I mean all of the couple accessories! The rings! It was all very premature. If their relationship was real they would be married in a week given the pace they were setting.


Qisti: Not going to lie, I wouldn’t mind having a wedding scene haha.. Could you just imagine them having a wedding in the house. They could invite their neighbor, the Mexican Ambassador, haha! But, yeah, definitely too much.

Rosie: Wedding at the Mexican embassy! Yes! And we’ve already got the bridesmaids and groomsmen all lined up to go. Maybe not Dong Wook though…

Lore: Yeah, I think Dong Wook might not participate - he would be busy still denying it was real. Ha.

Rosie: My favorite bit about the Bom-Min Woo “reveal” has definitely got to be their oh-so-NOT-subtle revelation to Chan Yeol. I mean, here the kid is desperately trying to impress his sunbae by (not)butchering her song on the piano, concentrating so hard, and Bom is steady lining up hers and Min Woo’s matching cases and tying couple tees over her head.

Chan Yeol’s already noticed something fishy. Need you beat him over the head with it too? It made me laugh. He was probably sitting there in a panic thinking, ‘Uhm… Am I supposed to say something? I think I’m supposed to say something here.’’


Lore: Chan Yeol was too cute. He was really unsure of what to do. I laughed when he saw them going into the same room and eventually went to the bathroom out of confusion. Haha!

Qisti: I loved Chan Yeol’s bit with Ga Yeon and Soo Hyun. When they were at the table talking and Ga Yeon was like “Well let’s get them to confess...” and Chan Yeol’s like “To send them away.” Lol. Side note, Ga Yeon’s reaction to it was super cute too. She was super giggly like a little girl figuring out her best friend’s secret.

Lore: That was a great scene, I just love Ga Yeon! I also thought it was hilarious when Dong Wook, after Min Woo and Bom admitted their relationship was a joke, started to think the pair may actually be dating. It seemed more logical to him that they would come off strong and obvious, pretend it is a joke, but have a relationship behind everyone’s back. I can’t say the “Haha we fooled you!” made my mind go there at first, but after thinking about it I could see how Dong Wook could buy into that scenario. It was just too funny he could not be fooled by the prank but he could fool himself when the prank was revealed. It’s like reverse psychology or something. Too much thinking for me. Aish now my head hurts.

dw susp 3.png

Qisti: Dong Wook’s reaction was definitely my favorite! His train of thought exactly reflected mine. Throughout the whole episode I was like “Really? How could you guys fall for that?” or “There’s no way for them to be a couple after they just met”. Right at the end, when the PD got them to confess that they meet outside of the show, I was like “Eh? What? Are you guys really dating?”. I mean they seemed super close to me during the interviews.

Rosie: After Dong Wook’s reaction though, I loved Nana’s. Try to lie to her, Bom. Just try!


Lore: Nana and Dong Wook were not having any of it- I was surprised more of the roommates were not openly suspicious. I mean Mama Shin and Se Ho never even seemed to question it, they accepted it right away. And all it took for Soo Hyun was spending an hour with Min Woo and Bom calling him. They were surprisingly easy to fool, or at least they were surprisingly good at not raising suspicions if they had them.

Qisti: I feel like that everyone knew it was fake. I think it was more to see how they would react to it. Would they accept it without questions or would they raise doubts. What if it was some kind of trust exercise? To test to see how well you would trust your roommate if they told you something as big as this.

Can we talk about how much more cooler the prank the roommates did on Bom and Nana? Dong Wook was right, THAT’S how you do a hidden camera. It was funny and there were a lot more reactions. I didn’t think the two girls were going to cry at all. Even though they cried, you could tell that Bom and Nana do care about their roommates.

hidden camers.png

Rosie: Yes they probably all thought it was fake too. I mean, they’re on a ‘reality’ show after all. Note, heavy emphasis on ‘reality’ *coughs*. The second prank was much more entertaining though. Shame 80% of this episode was spent on the love line and not on more events like this.

Lore: Yeah, that last prank was a lot more successful. I guess that proves we know who in the Roommate house knows how to pull a hidden camera. Hopefully we will see some more of this, but without taking up a whole episode (and without Bom and Nana tearing up)!

Readers and watchers, how did you react to the prank?

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