Welcome back to part 2 of Roommate episode 7! Variety shows are made up of many fantastic moments, including extremely funny moments that make you go, "What just happened?" (they may also make you raise your fist). Roommate is no exception. The setup of the show may be different from your traditional variety show, but it doesn't exempt it from having some (or a lot) of face palming moments.

Lore: There were plenty of situations in episode 7 that had me cringing (or just laughing) in second hand embarrassment. Take Nana and Ga Yeon getting lost for example- I felt so bad for them but I could not help but be embarrassed for them as well.

Rosie: Yes, that parking break signal… are those just completely ignorant of dashboard lights notifying of you problems such as that? I think the unsung hero of this episode must be that that auto repair guy for not laughing his head off at their idiocy.


Lore: Right! The auto repairman was really nice about it. I probably would have laughed my head off if I was him.

Qisti: I just want to know how they couldn’t find their way back to the house with the GPS on. As much as I love the both of them, couldn’t they have paid attention a little more to the lady on the GPS.

Rosie: No way. The GPS was wrong, remember? ;)

Qisti: Ohhhhh, that’s right. It was. My bad, haha!

Lore: Kang Dash Man was another highlight of episode 7. You could tell Kang Joon was a little less enthusiastic about the get-up the more times he had to wear it. Haha.

Qisti: I think I remembered hearing Nana say that she bought a matching pair for Chan Yeol. I’m really curious now, I want to see Chan Dash Man!

chan dash man.png

Rosie: Aww, poor Kang Dash Man. His dance was pretty funny, but for the whole evening, yes he seemed to get less and less excited about it. At least it was him who got the outfit and not Min Woo. Poor guy, I completely sympathized with him about not wanting to wear that bald man hat. Now this is how you know their personalities are real. If you won’t even wear it when you’re on a variety show? Hah.

Lore: What did you both think of Se Ho and Shin Umma meeting Exo? I thought Se Ho was adorkable (and embarrassing, hehe) when he was watching them perform!

Rosie: I admit I couldn’t pay much attention to Se Ho because Kai and Chanyeol kept falling all over the place laughing hysterically. Question - was it really that hilarious, or are they really just as easily tickled about everything as they come off?

Lore: Great question. I often wonder that about Exo because a lot of the members have really over the top reactions when they are on variety / talk shows (part of me wonders if it is their training). I would like to think they genuinely thought Se Ho was hilarious, because he was pretty funny. I mean, not Kai reacting like a crazy man funny, but still funny.

Qisti: I was the opposite. I got a kick out of Se Ho’s “Overdose” dance. He surprisingly knew it pretty well, or he knew the song really well. I absolutely loved when Sung Woo tried to remember their names, tried to guess them, and then got it wrong. I mean he thought Kai was Chen. Then Se Ho swoops right in and names all them perfectly, even referring to Kai by his real name. Now that’s a real fan boy.

The best part of the whole Se Ho/Sung Woo visiting EXO-K was the stickers they made. Now that is a sign of true love.


Rosie: Can we talk about the whole plot point where nobody knew it was Sung Woo’s birthday? Now that was just plain awkward. Why couldn’t he have mentioned it to somebody during the day?

sw bday 2.png

Lore: That was awkward, but I can understand how it all happened. If Sung Woo is celebrating his birthday by the lunar calendar it will not be the same every year, so his roomies would probably have no clue even if they looked up his actual birthdate. From what I have read the older generations in Korea may still celebrate birthdays using this date calculation, but it has fallen out of practice with the younger generations (so I doubt Sung Woo’s roomies were thinking about it) But why he never said a word to his roomies….that is kind of perplexing (maybe he just really didn’t want to make it a “look at me” kind of day)?

Qisti: Throughout the day I couldn’t tell if he wanted them to know or not. I feel like Sung Woo didn’t really care if the members knew or not. It kind of seemed like he wasn’t really feeling the surprise party at the end but I’m sure he appreciated the party and all. The way the show edited all the captions made it seemed like he wanted people to care. Which then made me feel a little conflicted and awkward about the whole situation.

Lore: What did you think of Min Woo’s parents, more specifically his Dad admitting his love for Soo Hyun? I face palmed when he said if he was to get married again he would marry Soo Hyun and not his wife (though I am sure he was kidding).


Qisti: I cringe at those kinds of questions, truthfully. I felt like it was super random for Kang Joon to ask Min Woo’s dad. But, yeah, it is a variety show after all.

So readers, what were some of your favorite face palming moments of Roommate?

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