Two roommates, two emotional confessions. While one roommate confessed to feeling the weight of negative criticism, another roommate dealt with feelings of jealousy. It was an interesting episode this week as viewers saw a different side to two of the roommates. Welcome to this week’s Drama Club: Roommate (and remember to share your thoughts on the episode in the comments)!

Qisti: To tell you the truth, I was really surprised with this episode. I definitely did not expect for the episode to get this honest so soon in the series. It was interesting to see the roommates’ perspectives about the show and how they’re dealing with it. I’m glad that they addressed Nana’s personality and the slight friction between Min Woo and Kang Joon.


It was really sad to see that her efforts to be friendly was misunderstood. I’m guilty of that. I remember telling my sister that I really didn’t like Nana’s voice. She told me that that’s probably her real voice because that’s how she sings, in that high pitch. I’ve watch idols in variety shows all the time, sometimes I think that the ones who are really want airtime overreact, a lot, so that it comes over as fake. So then it becomes hard to differentiate between what’s real and fake. But, I sincerely think that the ones that make it in the variety scene really do emulate some part who they really are.


It kind of broke my heart when Nana was talking about all the misunderstandings that people had of her. But then my heart was mended right back when Soo Hyun asked her if she had some way of dealing with those issues and gave her own personal explanation. It felt like she really cared for Nana like an older sister would.


As far as Min Woo and Kang Joon go, I’ve always felt that there was some kind of competition between the two. I was waiting for a moment that would push one of them over the edge. Truthfully, I didn’t think it was going to come this soon. I don’t want to say that how Min Woo handled the situation(s) was bad, but they weren’t the best way either. In reality, how would you deal with something like that? I think that taking him aside and talking to him (yes, talking) was all that he could do at the moment. I feel it would have been better than him bottling up inside and then exploding later.


Finally, I just want to say that we’ve all been in these kinds of situations. Not going to lie, I sometimes overreact to people I just meet in person so that I don’t come off as rude or awkward. The mistakes that Kang Joon made, I’ve definitely made before. With this being said, how can we say that this isn’t real or that their personality isn’t real. Just something to think about :)

Rose: This week’s episode gave us something a little different when it included the two rather darker commentaries/confessions about Nana dealing with viewers’ criticism and Min Woo’s sudden mood swings regarding Kang Joon’s work opportunities.

Screen Shot 2014-06-26 at 12.44.54 AM.jpg

I’d like to say it makes for great entertainment, but it really doesn’t. And that’s where the Roommate show steps up in the world of reality television, and just not variety comedy. Am I entertained by Nana’s sadness? No, but I can feel for her. Am I amused with Min Woo’s jealousy? No, but I can suddenly understand a smidgen more about what these celebrities probably deal with on a daily basis. It can’t be easy at all to have colleagues and even friends in this unstable world where the ups and downs can have major effects when it comes to your career or image.Screen Shot 2014-06-26 at 12.53.32 AM.png

Actually, sometimes I think these kinds of things are part of the reason Roommate isn’t doing very well in the ratings in Korea: because it’s not entertaining 100% of the time and because the ‘characters’ are too real. Granted, I like discovering that celebs are just as human as me, but unfortunately I think some people just don’t care. Are they just too boring some days? Haha. I really do like how Nana tried to explain how so much of her onscreen persona is purposefully hyped to be entertaining. She is trying, definitely, but it’s hitting wrong with a good percent of the viewers. And as Dong Wook said to Min Woo, people watch shows like this expecting one persona, and then they find out you’re someone different altogether. What will the end result be? Will they like you more for your down to earth heart, or call you fake? It’s all in the cards…

Lore: The honest confessions that occurred during this week’s episode were not the prettiest moments. But they sure were interesting, at least in my opinion. It felt like we saw a little bit of what Nana and Min Woo felt, behind the funny and exciting going-ons that we are usually privy to. I hope we get to see more moments like this in this shows future; even if they are not always pleasant I feel they are more genuine than a lot of the moments on this show.

That said, Nana’s confession got to me. I have read a few articles regarding Nana’s personality on the show, namely surrounding viewer’s blasting her fake persona. I fully admit that Nana was the last person I thought I would enjoy watching on Roommates, in fact I found her kind of annoying in the first couple of episodes. But the girl has grown on me over time. In my opinion it seems that Nana is really trying to show a positive image, even if she blunders at it. I think she makes an effort, and I hope she doesn’t get too depressed about negative comments.

Park Min Woo’s handling of Kang Dash Man’s MC news was a little disappointing, but I can understand why he felt the way he did. A part of me would love to have heard his conversation with Kang Joon, but a part of me knows it is probably best this talk appeared off camera. Min Woo seemed genuinely sorry about his reaction, and he appeared to benefit from his heart to heart with Dong Wook (this whole thing made me love Dong Wook even more, if that was possible).

I know in the end Min Woo did co-host Inkigayo with Kang Joon so it seems that everything worked out (at least as far as the initial reason for Min Woo’s jealousy). Here is hoping these flower boy roommates continue to grow their friendships and banish any awkwardness this situation may have caused (while still managing to retain their honesty with each other).

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