What is more entertaining than eleven celebrity roommates? Eleven celebrity roommates and guests stars, of course! Welcome to part two of this week’s Drama Club Roommates, where we discuss who has already guest starred on the show and who we are dying to see make an appearance. Don’t forget to leave your guest star wish list in the comments section!

Lore: So far we have had three guests stars visit the house- two of Kang Joon’s friends from 5prise and Se Ho’s comedy partner in crime Chang Hee. Next week Baekhyun from Exo will be appearing. Do either of you have a celebrity you hope pays a visit to the roommate house? I am partial to seeing Dara drop in (but that mostly stems from Chanyeol being her fanboy. I just want to see how that goes down)!

Rose: I would fangirl too hard if Dara actually came. And Chanyeol would probably freak out - privately, where the cameras couldn’t catch it - so let’s not do that to the poor boy.

Qisti: Yes! Dara. That would be amazing! But I’d be down with all the members of EXO to come. It would be a complete riot.

But, if Kang Joon’s members actually spend a night there, I wouldn’t mind that at all.

Rose: Personally, I love it when family members show up on shows like these, especially if they’re those obnoxious siblings or embarrassing parents who spill all those hilarious secrets! Apart from hearing some of the parents in episode 1, we’ve only really met Min Woo’s parents, and that was just gold! So yeah, more of that pretty please!

Qisti: Or childhood best friends. We’d get stories that even their parents don’t know.

Lore: Yes- we need parents and siblings! Or any relation that will embarrass the heck out of the roommates! Another person I would really like to see as a guest on the show is Song Ji Hyo. I know she is close with Lee Dong Wook and I just adore her. I think she would be a really fun house guest.

Rose: Ji Hyo would be hilarious. Plus, she’s already a variety guru so it couldn’t hurt, and would definitely be fabulous. Though, Park Bom might get jealous.

Lore: True, Bom might feel a slight creep on her Bom Dang ship if Ji Hyo shows up. Other than guest stars (at least guests actually visiting the house), there was a moment in episode eight I found extremely endearing- Ga Yeon’s Oppa calling and teasing her. Ga Yeon is someone that really seems to change personality wise depending on who she is around. I am hoping at some point some of her gym buddies come to visit the house so her two worlds can meet.

Rose: You mean, you can’t wait until her gym buddies show up and completely beat up the cast of Roommates? Because you know they’d all ask to get beat up!

Lore: Yes, that is what I meant. Exactly. Lots of kicking.

Qisti: That part where her oppa was talking about how they don’t see that cheerful part of her was cute. All I could imagine is her gym oppas trying to be a little girlier to see that cheerful, cute part of her, haha!

But how cute was Se Ho’s friend when he came in the house. I loved how comfortable he looked for a while until Soo Hyun came out of the room. She was so surprised to see him there.

Lore: She was really surprised! I have to admit it, I cannot see Chang Hee and Se Ho together without flashing back to You from another star. They were hilarious in that drama! Oh - another guest star I would love to see on the show is any one of Soo Ra or Sung Woo’s friends. I would be interested to see the older housemates let loose a little, and get a peek into their lives at the same time.

Qisti: I would love to see more of So Ra and how she’s like. We definitely need to see more of her!

Who do you hope guest stars on Rommate in the future? Let us know in the comments!

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