It’s been 9 episodes and countless hours of Roommate viewing pleasure. I think by now we all know why we’re still watching the show, and who our favorite roomies are! In fact, I think most of us are still watching this because of our cast biases and bias wreckers. So here’s the question of the week: Who are your faves?

Qisti: Now, I’m not going to lie, when I start a drama or a television program it’s usually because one of my favorite idol singers is going to on it. When I heard that someone from EXO was going to be Roommate, it was a no brainer to start this show. I’ve watched Chan Yeol on various EXO programs and he’s always the one putting himself out there, MC-ing, etc. It was interesting to see that it wasn’t the case (mostly because he’s barely at the house). I think he acts a little differently towards the roommates versus his EXO members. After this episode, you can tell that he’s becoming more like the Chan Yeol with his members. He’s maturing every day. Anyways, this show has put Chan Yeol at the top of my Roommate bias list (and maybe the top of my EXO bias list, haha). Also, fun fact of the day, Chan Yeol was born exactly one day before me. Chan Yeol, 짱 (jjang)!


On the other hand, Jo Se Ho is currently fighting Chan Yeol for the top spot and is awarded bias wrecker. After this episode, I feel more for Se Ho. He’s so funny and the conversation starter. I can’t deny that Se Ho’s and Dong Wook’s “Love is an Open Door” is one of my favorite bits of the show (btw, also helped Chan Yeol move up my bias list). I feel like he’s really close to everyone in the house and loves everyone. It was weird but welcoming when we heard that story about his hardships from his parents. It’s like I get every single emotion from him. Se Ho, 짱!


On the girls’ side, Ga Yeon is the standout lady of the house for me. I knew nothing about her until Roommate. I absolutely love her. She’s so adorable yet rough. She’s all about doing her own thing while still being polite to all her unnies and oppas. For me, it’s that surprise factor that makes her interesting. I don’t exactly know what to expect from her. One moment she’s low-kicking Min Woo in public, then she’s helping Shin Umma in the kitchen, and then she’s on the couch singing a sweet ballad song. And I just want to say that I want her on my team for all things athletic. Ga Yeon, 짱!


Oh, Park Bom. She’s definitely a bias wrecker for me. Truth be told, I wasn’t exactly a big fan of her in the beginning. After watching the show, she’s definitely awesome! I’ve heard that she’s quirky and I love her style of quirky. She’s also pretty down to earth. I mean not all girls would agree to get slapped every time they lost in a game of paper, rock, and scissors. I couldn’t help but sympathize with her about being lonely. I knew exactly how she felt. Plus, I love how everyone in the house uses those ear sticker things. Another fun fact, I also have a hippo stuffed animal similar to Poong Poongie. Park Bom, 짱!


Shin Umma. I love this man (well, as much as you can love a celebrity you will never meet or actually know). So I guess I television love him. I had never heard of Shin Sung Woo prior to this show (hangs head in regret). After watching him roll up on his bike like a boss – then subsequently turn into a domesticated motherly presence, I became a fan. In all seriousness Sung Woo seems to be a stabilizing presence for the Roommates. He is there to cook, consult, and be a generally good Hyung/ Oppa. I adore this man. And I may have watched a lot of old videos of him. Like a lot. Or something.

My female bias on the show? Easy, Hong Soo Hyun. She seems so kind and caring towards her roommates and there is something so down to earth about her as well. My experience with Soo Hyun prior to this show was through dramas (Jang Ok Jung, Live in Love and Princess’ Man). I liked her in one show and hated her in another. I adore her as a person however and her personality has only grown on me as Roommate progresses in episode count.

On to the bias wreckers! The male cast member who is making me question my bias is none other than Se Ho. I have always enjoyed his comedic side (who doesn’t love a funny man) but as of late, with parts of his personal life and past being brought to light, I can’t help but like him for more than just his day job. Se Ho seems like a person who has worked hard, has a kind heart, and knows when to be serious. He seems like an all-around great guy.

As far as the female cast members are concerned I vote Ga Yeon as a bias wrecker. The maknae of the house, Ga Yeon is so quiet and reserved I often overlook her. Not to say there have not been moments where she was front and center (every time she kicked someone, when she was out with Bom and So Ra, her time at the gym with Min Woo) however she can easily fade into the background when she is with her more energetic roommates. Yet Ga Yeon has won me over with her gentle personality, strong resolve, and light hearted side. I just want to give her a hug.


Rosie: I have a crazy hard time picking a male bias, because they’re all so awesome and I can’t imagine the house without any of them. If I must be picky though… I know we don’t see him as much (as in, every other episode because of his filming schedule) but it’s a no-brainer that Lee Dong Wook rules the roost when he is home. Is it it his big time actor presence, his age, or his confidence (when he’s not being a total dunce)? I’m not sure, but I just love how he goes the extra mile to fit in with and relate to all the other roommates, teasing one here when they a pick-up, or giving advice there to friends who have had a bad day; it’s admirable!

Don’t ask me to choose a male bias wrecker though! Okay, ask me. It’s Sung Woo. Can’t get enough of the man, and now I’m thinking that Lore owes me some of those old video links so I can fangirl to my heart’s content! Chan Yeol, come back to me in 20 years if you are still just as amazing. Kidding, I love you too.


Ladies, ladies, ladies: It’s Park Bom, and I know that now because after watching her essentially have a little hissy fit about her Poong Poongs, I still love her. I’m incredibly anxious about her career at this moment, but whatever happens I thank Roommate for bringing her out here and showing her to the world because she’s just so adorable! She uses that to her strength too. It’s not every 30+ woman who’s so insecure about herself, but who is still so unabashedly weird, that she can come out on a reality program and let herself being filmed eating so cutely. I mean strangely. Come on, she eats weird, and we all know it! But hey, she’s a human being, and I am not the prettiest eater either.


Lee Sora is my wrecker, and I never thought I would say it in the early episodes of the show. But like Shin Umma, she has so much presence, quiet and unaffected, and I think she much do a lot behind the scenes and even on them, by helping anchor the roommates together. Is she the most memorable person to watch? Not really, but maybe this is just me loving the slightly older ladies and all their giving to this show.

Biases and wreckers, who are you faves?

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