So with this week’s addition of that AMAZING octopus on Roommate, I can’t help but notice A) there was a lot food in this episode, but B) so many gifts and people bringing gifts! Koreans are big on the housewarming presents, and even if it seems a bit late, Se Ho’s parents bringing that octopus seemed like a very special thing. But what about all the other presents that were given or received this episode?

Lore: There were quite a few gifts given this episode. Let’s see - Shin Umma gifted Bom with a gaggle of Poong Poongs, The roomies went out and bought spicy food for So Ra (even if it was for a challenge it was a gift) and gifted Ga Yeon flowers, shoes, and a cake for her coming of age day. And of course that AMAZING octopus (which scared the living daylights out of me).



Qisti: That octopus was great!! It was humongous and so...alive. What a great gift to give! I wonder how much an octopus that size cost? It’s got to be a lot.

Rosie: I was thinking it had to cost a fortune. But totally worth it for the entertainment Nana got out of playing with it, and my own enjoyment/terror when it crawled out of its basket and landed on the floor in a puddle of gooey ink. *collective ewwwww*


Lore: Did anyone else get a little teary eyed when Ga Yeon received her presents? That moment got to me, as did Se Ho’s Mom revealing his past struggles. I think I spilled tears more than once during this episode.

Qisti: This episode did give a lot of sweet moments between the roommates. I thought it was extra sweet of So Ra to buy Ga Yeon those shoes. She was so happy, just like how she was when she went to train. I didn’t think that Ga Yeon would start crying when she started to read the letter.


Rosie: There were so many sweet moments, and the gift-giving really helped to showcase them.

Did we ever solve the mystery that was the deliverer of the Poong Poong family tree? That was seriously a ton of cute stuffed animals, it’s no wonder Park Bom melted into her bed with them.

Lore: The stuffed animals were adorable! The Poong Poong family tree is still shrouded in mystery. If I remember right we heard about Cha Cha the Mom, Poong Poong the Dad, Roo the baby….and the remaining five to ten plushies have yet to be identified. Now this is a mystery I will stay tuned for (side eyes show for the Bom Holmes teaser that resulted in zero Bom Holmes this past episode).


Qisti: Lol, I love the fact that we have no idea how many plushies she got. Bom probably doesn’t even know herself. I thought it was Shin Umma who got her the stuffed animals? Or did he just open the package?

Rosie: I’m not really a big gift giver, but it’s pretty interesting to see how throughout the show’s run so far, most of the roomies kind of have some screen time to give or get presents. Nana’s parcel of gag gifts come to mind too!

Lore: I will forever love Nana’s gift giving prowess, because if it was not for her we would never have met Kang Dash Man! When I think back to previous episodes there has been a lot of gifts given. It is sweet how caring the roomies are to each other.

Qisti: I’m still waiting for Chan Dash Man. Not only does the gift giving give them airtime, but I think it’s also another way to get closer to each other. Like how Min Woo gave the summer blankets to Kang Joon’s members; and how Se Ho and Sung Woo gave Chan Yeol and his EXO-K members food on their comeback day.

Side note: Did you guys see Se Ho’s cell phone case? It has the sticker that Sung Woo and Se Ho made when they went to visit Chan Yeol, haha!


Rosie: Keeping mementos now, is he? Hey if I lived in this house with a bunch of awesome people, I’d want to always have things around that remind me of people. Se Ho’s got the best of everything too, probably. He even persuaded Bom to give him one of her animals! Now that had me seriously laughing.

So what are your favorite gifts amongst all the roomies? Do you think they help with breaking the ice and getting to know one another? Or are the cuter things still when they do things for each other, like bringing Bom breakfast in bed? Because that was seriously sweet.

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