Hello Dear Readers! We’d like to introduce you to the new Roommate Drama Club, where twice a week we’ll sit back and discuss this star-studded cast of Korean celebrities and… well, obviously they’re roommates, for the duration of this show at least. We have five weeks to catch up on here today, so without further ado let’s meet all our friendly roomies.

Rosie: Room #1 is the largest and most diverse room in the house. It’s young-person chic but lodges two of the oldest females and our house maknae: model Lee So Ra (and dog), 2NE1 vocalist Park Bom and MMA fighter Song Ga Yeon. Could these ladies be anymore unevenly matched? Probably not, but after a few early hitches about who gets the coolest bed and who can actually sleep at night, what with Bom’s late-night entries, somehow the match-up works! (In a Korean variety kind of way at least.)


On their own I don’t think these ladies are 100% interesting, and they probably wouldn't gravitate towards one another naturally in any other environment. But this is Roommate, and forced cohabitation does things to people. I love how So Ra basically adopts them as sisters, especially the shy Ga Yeon who’s so unused to this lifestyle. That girl though is basically my favorite – she’s in a position here she can literally dropkick every guy on the show. And don’t you dare ‘ask’ her to kick you because she doesn't go easy! Now that’s a talent I’d love to have.


Park Bom is definitely the alien everyone talks about her being. So odd and strange and laughable but lovable! I’m positive So Ra hated her for a few episodes for coming home late and disturbing her sleep, but who can blame Bom? A few episodes later they women would be falling over each other laughing and singing K-pop songs and So Ra steadfastly determined that Bom is an angel! Wow, cheesy much? Oh well. We all know one can’t deny Bom’s charm, especially when she says she’s not allowed to do something to ruin her image, and then she does something just as stupid and man, I can relate!

Qisti: In Room #3, we have roommates who have the largest age gap between the two. Singer and musical actor Shin Sung Woo and EXO’s Park Chan Yeol are 24 years apart. In the beginning, it was really hard to catch these two together as their schedules never matched with Chan Yeol being gone for most of the day and night. Sung Woo is always feeding Chan Yeol as he comes home from his long schedules. When you do catch them together, it really is like a mom with her son. From this day on Shin Sung Woo will now be known as Shin Umma!

sw cy 2.png

What I find the most interesting about this pair is Chan Yeol trying to reciprocate the love. After a long night of partying with his cast members of the musical Three Musketeers, Shin Umma wakes up with a slight hangover. Chan Yeol attempts to make a bean sprout soup to make Shin Umma feel a lot better. It’s great to see these two bonding with each other by helping each other out. It’s also great seeing Chan Yeol maturing a level after buying a cake and champagne for “adults”.


Based on visuals alone, if I were to be locked into a room by force, I would be locked in Room #5. Actors Park Min Woo (Flower Boy Ramyun Shop) and Seo Kang Joon (Sly and Single Again) room together and I’m super excited to see all the glorious bromance scenes. My favorite part from the two so far is when they decided to make a list of all the things they had in common which includes that they both have dimples and their ideal type in the house is Soo Hyun. Ooooh, drama.

mw kj.png

As they continue to find more similarities, they decided to have a basketball challenge in which the loser would be kicked on the bottom, hard. Min Woo loses this round and gets kicked by Kang Joon, who only finds out AFTER he kicks him that he had spikes on his shoes. I have a feeling that there’s going to be a lot more rivalries between these two. I’m pretty sure they’ll solve it the way guys usually do, hit each other and move on.

mw kj 2.png

Lore: Room #2 may just be one of my favorite rooms in the entire Roommate’s house, and only part of that is due to the most amazing porcupine / tree pillows I have ever seen (if you know where I can spend too much money on these please let me know because my house is crying out for these). The residents of Room #2 - Lee Dong Wook (actor, Hotel King, Fugitive of Joseon, Wild Romance) and Jo Se Ho (comedian, My Love From Another Star) cannot be more different. While Dong Wook is all handsome-pants actor man, Se Ho is that funny older brother that you never take seriously. But somehow it all just works and works well.

Maybe it is because they are both consummate entertainers, but this pair of roommates is an extremely watchable mixture of funny, dumb, and funny and dumb moments. While Se Ho is usually busy delivering his comedic comments with a straight face and a quick come back, Dong Wook perpetually comes off as the kind big brother that is fighting his serious side with a hidden funny bone.

Some of my favorite moments from this pair of roommates thus far include their hilarious lip syncing video in episode 3, Se Ho and Nana’s road trip to visit Dong Wook on the set of Hotel King in episode 5, and their very first meeting in episode 1 (also known as the time Dong Wook shows up at 2 AM and proceeds to wake Se Ho up with the words “Did you sleep well?” Ha!).

Time to jump over to Room #3, whose residents are actress Hong Soo Hyun (Jang Ok Jung, Live to Love) and singer Nana (Orange Caramel, After School). The show has had an odd buildup for this pair – from hinting that Nana will annoy the crap out of Soo Hyun to highlighting their burgeoning big sister / little sister relationship. So far in the series this pair of roommates has gotten along quite well, with Soo Hyun admitting that she saw a bit of herself in the younger girl.

Late night singing and bare faced beauty shows for their in-room camera seem to be the norm for this duo, highlighting their playfully endearing side. In episode 3 Soo Hyun followed Nana to the dance studio and learned the choreography from Orange Caramel’s hit “Catallena”, which further revealed how close they had become. Another favorite moment from this pair is when Soo Hyun found herself home alone in episode 5. When she heard Catallena come on the television she scurried to watch her roommate’s performance, remarking “Nana is the prettiest, as expected”. Can I get a collective “Awwwwwwwww”?!

So who's watching Roommate and who are your favorite roomies so far?

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