So who's watching our Roommates on camera? Don't you think that's just a little bit creepy? Are the people and personalities we see through this 'candid' portrayal of share-house life real, or is it all just a spin for the sake of good show time?

Rosie: After five weeks of Roommate I think it’s pretty obvious how the show is going in a half-candid half-presumably-scripted way, but what are your thoughts on how the roommates live cooped up in this house with dozens and dozens of cameras! I think it’s fun to see how each of the cast members react to this lifestyle.

Qisti: Yeah, it’s really interesting to see how everyone reacts to the cameras that are literally placed everywhere. I’m glad that they casted different people from actors to idol singers, it really changes things up from normal Korean variety shows.

Lore: I agree, having the cast made up of people from a variety (pun intended) of professions is refreshing. You can tell definitely tell which ones are more comfortable in front of the camera.


Rosie: Wow so many cameras!

Each of them are so different when it comes to the cameras though. From Chanyeol who politely greets the manless cameras every time he comes home, to Park Bom literally turning them into her playthings!


Qisti: I think the person who is most natural around the cameras is Ga Yeon. She’s the only one in the house who isn’t always in front of some kind of camera. What we see on the show of her is how she really acts in real life. I find that she’s a really charming person. I love her rough attitude about things, but she’s still super polite to everyone even though she could probably kick everyone’s butts. I especially love the story of her ex-boyfriend and how he’s a professional soldier because of her.

Rosie: And she even said even said her manager directed her to say she’d never dated! Hah! How’s that for candid.

Lore: I loved the story of Ga Yeon’s ex- that he went off to the military because that was her original goal. Ga Yeon is one tough cookie but you hit it right on the head Qisti when he said she is charming.

gayeon soldeir ex boyfriend.png

Rosie: They’re all mostly charming, especially on camera, but I think all of us have to wonder, how much does it change things for the cast to know they’re being watched by big brother and collectively by all of us?

Lore: I think it definitely changes some things, the cast knowing they are being watched. Reference So Ra’s fab morning look - sunglasses and a robe! Ha! Or maybe she does that at home too….hmm….

Rosie: (I wish I looked that fab in my morning robe.)


Qisti: I feel like because most of the roommates are used the camera and it’s still the very beginning of this social experiment, that we’re not actually seeing everyone’s real personality just yet.

Rosie: Yes, their natural personalities are still coming out bit by bit. I love watching Kang Joon and Min Woo stumble out of bed in the mornings because, hey - they look like me in the mornings! And of course it’s handy to have those room cameras where Soo Hyun can sweetly turn to at any moment and say nice things about her new family, but it’s got to change things when you know every word you say might be recorded and announced to the world.

Qisti: I like the fact that I can learn more things about my favorite idols (in the least creepiest way). I’m a pretty big EXO fan, and I can’t get over how hilariously clumsy Chan Yeol is. I certainly did not know that he was such a DIY kind of person, especially after he made the lock for the girls in Room #1. ChanGuyver is a very appropriate nickname.


Lore: I just adore Chan Yeol on this show. I do wonder though how real his personality is, because something tells me he has to be super guarded about how he comes off (just like the other cast members). Regardless I believe he is a sweet kid. Soo Hyun in the morning is great, because she went from doing her makeup the first day to just rolling out of bed.

Rosie: Chan Yeol, bless his heart, really has to be so guarded though. It’s a pity almost because he’s probably the least open on the show despite his super pleasant personality. Soo Hyun the second morning was fantastic though. Oh, and did anyone of you see So Ra whispering to Ga Yeon one morning where we couldn’t hear? It was probably something like, “Hey your shirt’s twisted. Fix that before you get up! And pull down your shorts too, because… flashers!”


(Ga Yeon's so not judging us right now.)

Qisti: No I didn’t see that! The ladies of Roommate are so sweet to each other.

Lore: I missed that as well. Awwwwwww! Another reason I adore this cast, they fit so well together and seem to actually care for each other.

Rosie: I'd be glad for friends on a show like this too!

Readers and watchers, who do you think is the most natural on camera? Or the least?

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