This week, we got a full blast of melodrama. From the conniving schemes to the long-lost family members, from the physical tension to the separation, our characters suffered a wide range of pain. Join Wendilynn-jiejie and I (as Debo-jiejie has midterms to suffer) to discuss times...of Say I Do Again episode 10!

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Wendilynn: Melodrama is right. Finding out that Grannie’s son has been killed in America and that she has lost all the shares to the Mars Hotels in Shanghai is quite the starter.

Pamela: Granny certainly had a lot lost this week, but I hope Man Ni will lose more later, since you never know - she might have something to do with. She did with Zhen Yang’s loss of shares…

Wendilynn: That girl…pulling the stunts that she is. She is a piece of work. That kiss scene for Xin Kui’s benefit was a low move, although, not an unexpected one.

Pamela: *waves finger pointedly* That little whippersnapper needs a whip in that snapper of hers…

Wendilynn: ROFL!!

Pamela: ...And I really want Xin Kui to be the one to do it. She seems as if her confidence is going to grow exponentially soon, and I hope she soon realizes how two-faced her supposed new girl friend is.

Wendilynn: Its taken 10 freaking episodes for this story to finally get to the point. I've been wondering this whole time how they were going to get to the final episodes on what we had been seeing all this time. There just wasn’t enough story.

Pamela: I’ve been wondering the same thing - the past ten episodes haven’t been boring on my part, necessarily, but there had to be something the show was leading up to. I’m still concerned as to how the rest of the drama will proceed, but we have some more storylines to work with now.

Wendilynn: For example, the introduction of Man Ni’s brother. Not only will he add pressure to Zhen Yang to marry Man Ni, but clearly he’s going to develop a crush on Xin Kui. Don’t we have enough love lines in this show already? lol

Pamela: There are never enough love lines - this is a drama, after all. Man Ni’s brother is and likely will be adding urgency to both sides of Zhen Yang’s love triangle, which I find somewhat amusing. I also find his face to be entertaining in a nice sort of way, but that’s just my first impression.

Wendilynn: I agree. He is hard to dislike. I get the feeling that Man Ni is much more cold blooded then he is. Her suicide attempt as part of the histrionics to pressure Zhen Yang is really taking this a shade too far, and I”m sure we haven’t seen the end of the high jinks yet.

Pamela: And that is why Man Ni is not quite as hard to dislike. During the hospital scene, my eyes were so wide and glaring so intensely that I’m pretty sure I was the reason she started crying...well, besides the act she was putting on for her obsession - I mean, friend-turned-object-of-insane-affection - I mean...Zhen Yang.

Wendilynn: You know, we always wonder what goes through these characters’ heads when they try to use underhanded means to trap the good people they want to love. Doesn’t it ever cross their minds that the good person would be appalled? And of course, all this is making Zhen’s mom lose all reason. I was shocked when she ended up on her knees to try and get Xin Kui to disappear. The look on Xin Kui’s face made me feel so bad for her. You could just see her die a little inside.

Pamela: The guilt Xin Kui is having to endure is just… *sighs* I mean, her abandonment fear is making this romance difficult enough - now she has to deal with the ever-so-popular fear of hurting people over something as simply complex as love.

Wendilynn: Yeah, she gets the floor pulled out from under her in a myriad of ways this episode. I wanted to slap Zhen when he gave her that excuse about Man Ni’s drunk habit. Clearly the only time Man Ni has the courage to tell Zhen how she really feels is when she is drunk. Which means that Zhen doesn’t take it seriously and has dismissed it for who knows how long. I just wanted to hit him and give him a clue. lol He should have shut this all down years ago.

Pamela: He hasn’t yet mastered how to take love as seriously - and gingerly - as I am assuming it should be. Zhen Yang still has to deal with his mother, and he has his hotel to salvage, so that’s going to put a damper on his character growth for a few episodes. When he learns how much of a sly, obsessively driven b-- uh, bad person Man Ni is, I wonder how easy it will be to end that friendship. He still has the hotel stocks to get back.

Wendilynn: That’s going to be hard because their families are connected by a minimum of 20 years of history and probably longer. I hope we get Man Ni finally growing up and doing the “right thing” when she realizes she can’t have Zhen’s heart. (crosses fingers) I can’t see any other solution fixing things. HOWEVER, with Xin Kui’s mother making a surprise visit. Zhen’s mom won’t be able to say that Xin Kui is useless anymore.

Pamela: Personally, I’m just pleased that the mother-daughter conversation about why Xin Kui was abandoned finally happened. The tears were a bonus. Now that Xin Kui knows the reasoning her mother had, she can move on and take on the role she’s meant to play. Of course she wasn’t useless before - granted, she was going to be an object of revenge, but still. Now, though, I’m looking forward to the strength Xin Kui will gain, since she now has more responsibility and something to fight for as a new leader of Mars.

Wendilynn: I loved that Xin Kui turned out to be the long lost granddaughter. The look on her face though was interesting. I swear she was angry through so many scenes this episode. I also like that since she has worked her way up through the Mars organization to end up in the VVIP program and including having Chief Ji’s support. She has a lot going for her to be in a position to take over Mars.

Pamela: Xin Kui’s also lost some of the…dare I say...ditziness she had at the beginning. I miss having a clumsy character to relate to, haha...There are a number of stressful things piling on her now, so it’s no wonder she appeared sort of angry. She initiated her own break-up scene, after all.

Wendilynn: She hasn’t really had a reason to not be ditzy, although I don’t think she’ll ever lose her sweetness. But, it will be understandable for her to be irritated for an episode or two as she tries to sort the mess she now finds herself in the middle of.

Pamela: I agree; her sweetness isn’t something that can go away, despite the craziness that is her current life. It’s also understandable that some of us viewers will be irritated along with Xin Kui as we wait for her and Zhen Yang to just say, “Screw it - we want to love each other.” Until then, we’ll have to make due with Qian Qian and Chief Ji’s little moments.

Wendilynn: ROFL!! I want to see that scene with Xin Kui and Zhen Yang. As for Qian Qian, I'm so glad Granny called her on her bs. We all know she’s hard core in love with Chief Ji and she just needs to admit she’s not married and fess up. Although, Chief Ji will be furious with her for awhile when he finds out its all a ruse.

Pamela: I have faith that it won’t take him too long to get over it...Wendilynn-jiejie, I’ve come up with their couple name: Jian Jian.

Wendilynn: LOL… that’s revolting and really funny.

Pamela: Why, thank you. *bows* I pride myself on revolting-ness and hilarity.

And on that note...We leave you with plenty new developments in ongoing conflicts, but we also have a resolution in the Xin Kui-and-Momo story. All we can do is hope that Man Ni's antics don't get too out of hand...Do you think the melodrama's gone overboard? Have your feels gone overboard? Let us know in the comments below, and tune in next week!

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