An eventful episode of Say I Do Again has befallen us as we see our three sets of relationships progress. Join Pamela, Wendilynn, and me (Debo) as we discuss the romance as well as cutthroat business of hotel management.

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Wendilynn: I called it. I said Chief Ji was going to be pissed when all the truth came out about Qian Qian lying about her marriage. To get that news on top of stomach cancer was way too much for our handsome Chief.

Debo: Agreed. When I saw that scene I just thought:

As the truth came out so did all of the declarations and the kiss at the end really was not good for my heart.

Pamela: I think I need an ice pack - both for my heart and my head that I accidentally banged on my desk in feels. The way I look at it, his brusque rejection after the kiss is his way of doing the same thing to Qian Qian that she did to him, but more so because he’s possibly dying. *reads last word of sentence* *sobs* *bangs head on desk* I think I’m going to need more ice packs.

Wendilynn: Figures we meet a good man and he has cancer. I cry foul on everything! However, we must pray the Tdrama gods will not treat our SLS so harshly. As for Qian Qian, she picked a LOUSY time to come clean. I’ve been in Chief’s shoes. You spend the first 24 hours sort of stunned. Any other emotional crap is too much. I really wasn’t expecting him to participate in that kiss at all, but he did kiss her back. So, let him focus on helping Xin Kui and give him some space.

Pamela: I will not be able to give him some space because I feel an intense urge to hug him.

Debo: Since we’re talking about couples, what about all of that Man Ni/Zhen Yang/Xin Kui hullabaloo? I honestly cannot believe how adamant Man Ni is about showing her “love” to Zhen Yang. It’s a little scary and obsessive.

(Note: Pamela has now found herself obsessing over the greatness that is the word, "hullabaloo." Random teenage interjection over.)

Wendilynn: I was glad to see Zhen Yang suspicious the whole time. She was soooo fake. The series of events is so glaringly pointing in her direction only an idiot wouldn’t connect the dots. I loved when Zhen told her that only way she could cover a lie is with a bigger lie. He was waiting for her next move and she certainly did it.

Debo: Agreed. I’m just really glad he saw through her lies instead of actually marrying her because he had to like other Taiwanese dramas probably would have done.

Pamela: Personally, I haven’t seen many Taiwanese dramas, so I don’t know how often other Taiwanese dramas go the other direction with that marriage dilemma...I do know that I also want to give Zhen Yang a congratulatory hug for not giving in to the urge to trust in his friendship. Man Ni is nowhere near done with her pursuit, though...Zhen Yang’s going to need some pepper spray to ward her off.

Wendilynn: So question: Is her brother, Lei Hao showing interest in Xin Kui to pull her away from Zhen for his sister’s sake or is he sincere? What do you think?

Pamela: It’s hard to say. I think it’s partially on Man Ni’s behalf, and partially because, at this point in time, Xin Kui may just seem to be a fun challenge and conquest to Lei Hao.

Debo: Yeah, I agree. I think he will see it as a conquest but he will start falling for her.

Wendilynn: He’s got such a nice face its a shame he’s the bad guy in this. However, the actor had a hard time not smiling when he was about to slap Man Ni, did you catch that?

Pamela: That’s just a tad concerning...Remember when Debo-jiejie said Man Ni is scary and obsessive? Not that self-harm is anything to mock, but the amount of it she inflicts - directly or indirectly - upon herself in order to earn Zhen Yang’s pity and trust (or “love,” as she dubs it) is just… *hits self in head with ice packs* ...worrying me.

Debo: Agreed she does not seem like a very stable person and it’s very worrisome. So far all of these have been a ruse but will she actually inflict pain on herself if she is desperate enough?

Wendilynn: She committed fake suicide. She was willing to cut her own wrists. Another aspect that bothers me is that Dad and brother are willing to go along with these histrionics. We know Man Ni spent considerable time growing up with Zhen Yang and his family. What is her family like that they think this is all okay?

Debo: And don’t forgot how she wrestled that hot pot of soup from Xin Kui’s hands knowing that it would most likely hurt her.

Pamela: Now that the family issue has been brought up, I’m really looking forward to seeing Father Liang appear. The family dynamics must be pretty complex - competitive and nurturing, I’d gather by Man Ni’s reliance on her dad and brother.

Debo: Yeah, I think that’s why her father and brother were willing to go along with her whims because they are so protective of her and have sheltered her so much that she thinks it is ok to do this just because she “loves” Zhen Yang.

Wendilynn: Zhen has her number now and I think that is what prompted his move to merge his hotel with Mars once Man Ni went through all that nonsense of giving his shares back. I loved everyone’s stunned expressions when they saw Xin Kui dressed up in that white dress suit. She was so beautiful.

Pamela: She was, though...Her character growth has skyrocketed since early in the drama. I enjoyed watching her respond to the reporters’ questions on the spot with such confidence in herself. If I were in that position, I would be trembling enough to start an earthquake. Xin Kui made a hefty character jump, and Zhen Yang made intelligent decisions. *thumbs up*

Debo: Agreed. And what about our other trainee couple?

Wendilynn: I thought the floor scene when Zhi Cheng caught Omega was very telling. She was just as captivated looking at him. And then her doubt about Xiao Hu being from a wealthy family was also interesting. It could really go either way I think.

Pamela: Omega has finally realized that Zhi Cheng can protect her, too, and that makes me really happy. Both he and Xiao Hu want Omega to love them, and both do deserve her...Although Zhi Cheng’s attempts to help seem a bit more sincere and warm, so I support him and his adorable, friend-zoned shyness.

Wendilynn: I think we have an easier time relating to Zhi Cheng and so that makes us like him faster, which gives him the audience support edge. Until this episode, we didn’t even have anything that allowed us to relate to Xiao Hu. He was just the pretty rich boy. So, now that we have to save Mars and Xin Kui is now the new heir and needs all their support, I guess we aren’t going to see any cutting of the VVIP training group.

Debo: Yeah, I’m really glad Xiao Hu got more character development this episode. I was wondering (like what we’re wondering with Lei Hao’s character) whether or not Xiao Hu liked Omega because he was a conquest or because he actually cares for her and it definitely seems like the latter. I honestly have no idea who she will pick….but we shall see!

Wendilynn: In the mean time, we can wonder what Lei Hao and Man Ni will do to respond to this merger of Mars and Dun Hua. Both of their faces fell big time.

Pamela: Well, I hope their shares fall big time, for one thing...But let’s have fun waiting for next week’s schemes together...well, together through our electronic devices.


There were many big events that happened in this episode and much to discuss. So what do you guys feel about this week’s episode? Did it whet your appetite for drama or are you still pining for more? See you guys next week~


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