Heavy drama alert! Join Pamela, Wendilynn and me (Debo) as we discuss the failed romantic conquests and devious plans hatched from multiple sides in Say I Do Again.

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Wendilynn: Failed is right. Our darling demented brother and sister just kept trying and trying to get a foot in edgewise and Xin Kui and Zhen weren’t having anything to do with it. Although, I thought Zhen was going to disappoint me right at the beginning.

Debo: I am glad Xin Kui and Zhen Yang are kind of sticking up for their own love but on the other hand, why did Zhen Yang not just emphasize Xin Kui and his relationship? And just be like, I know how you feel about me and I don’t feel like it would be a good idea to have you stay with me. Here, let me get a hotel for you that you can stay in until your dad calms down.

Also, Man Ni creeped me out so much when she basically drugged Zhen Yang and tried to rape him. Like, what? Why is he still letting her live with him?

Pamela: Zhen Yang’s struggle throughout this drama has been letting go of his worries about his past. He and Man Ni have been friends for years, and as Man Ni so graciously *cough* incessantly *cough* reminds us, they’ve even lived together. It’s still difficult for him to think of her as his enemy. Zhen Yang’s experiences with Xin Kui and almost being drugged into another sub-conflict with Man Ni, though, have been helping him overcome his qualms.

Wendilynn: I don’t quite see it as fear of past, but Man Ni has been, in effect, his little sister. But, the drunk/sex attempt is really eroding away all that good feeling that 30 years of sibling-like closeness built. Frankly, I’m surprised she didn’t use a date rape drug.

Debo: Haha. It ruined that sibling-like relationship just a bit. :P

Pamela: That would make for an awkward family reunion…

Debo: Well apart from awkward “familial” relationships, I am honestly not surprised that Man Ni was cooking up some terrible plan. I cheered when Xin Kui slapped her. However, I hope no repercussions come to Xin Kui because of it. Ugg. I don’t want to see Man Ni try to plan some sort of weak damsel in distress because we all know she’s not like that at all.

Wendilynn: I don’t think she can get away with damsel in distress this time either. One, her brother overheard the whole thing and enough has happened now that Zhen knows that Xin Kui would not hit anyone without being justified. And I know I jumped out of my chair yelling “All Right!” when she laid one on Man Ni.

Pamela: At the very least, I am so proud of Xin Kui for channelling her inner Ha Ji Won anger (as the latter is the queen of amazing glares). There may be some misunderstandings for a part of next week’s episode, as this is an Asian drama we’re talking about here, but Wendilynn-jiejie, you have a point. Lei Hao knows how far Man Ni is willing to go, and thus hopefully knows how well-deserved that slap is. Zhen Yang could be a bit harsh on Xin Kui at first (as she did slap his longtime friend), but will definitely understand eventually.

Debo: As of now, I’m just not sure how Lei Hao is as a character. Is he not as bad of a person as he is acting as? Or not?

Wendilynn: He’s really a toss up, isn’t he? We have no clue which direction he is going in yet. When they went to go talk to the chef and the evil sibs tagged along, I felt like all the glances Xin Kui and Zhen were exchanging were saying, “great the saboteurs are tagging along.” lol

TCe9 save me.jpg

Pamela: All of Xin Kui’s other glances were saying, “This guy disgusts me.” (Those facial expressions were just…*sighs* beautiful. haha) Lei Hao is going in all directions. On one hand, he supports Man Ni’s endeavors, but he condemns them on the other. He wants to sabotage Zhen Yang and Xin Kui’s hotel-management positions, but he still wants to get all creepy lovey-dovey with Xin Kui.

Debo: Seriously, what is up with this influx of creepy men in this drama? First we have Lei Hao and now we have Xiao Hu who is basically starting to try and control every aspect of Omega’s life. This is definitely not going to turn into a healthy relationship which makes me sad because Omega is so sweet and she just wants a nice guy to love her.

Wendilynn: I was wondering how they were going to end that relationship, because Xiao Hu couldn’t be the winner since he got to go first. lol But I’m also not surprised to see him turn jealous and controlling after hearing his family story.

Pamela: Same here. While I’m glad that Zhi Cheng has more of a chance to gain Omega’s preference thanks to Xiao Hu’s jealousy, I am hoping the drama does not take the relationship any closer to the borderline of an abusive relationship than it is now. I think I’m set with the current creepiness level, thank you very much.

Debo: Agreed. The topics that have been brought up, especially in this episode (the alcohol/sex as well as the abusive dynamic between Xiao Hu and Omega), have been surprisingly darker than what I had expected from the relatively light hearted tone it had taken up in the previous episodes.

Wendilynn: They were willing to have a character fake a suicide. They established then that this drama will have no problem going dark. But, as potentially dark as these elements are, they have kept them on the lighter end of the spectrum, so far.

Pamela: True true, jiejie...There also are warm moments as there have been every week. Xin Kui’s growing stronger and more self-assured, but she has not lost her light outlook on her situation. She has her grandmother to help her, and she has friends around who love her. (And yes, I did just place Zhen Yang in the friend zone.) The grandmother conveniently provided the means for another warm scene - the chef coming to terms with his wife’s last wishes. And, you know, Zhen Yang almost drowning in the lake...assuming the lake water was warm.

Wendilynn: While Zhen is in the friend zone for now because of necessity, I really got the feeling that the lake incident really made them re-commit to each other so that they know they are a team this time around.

Debo: I do really like seeing them slowly growing closer together instead of just jumping headfirst into a relationship/marriage like they did in the very beginning.

Pamela: The characters seem to be taking advantage of the second chances they’re getting, and that is one of the satisfying aspects of this drama. Our main leads are learning from their mistakes and are at least attempting to make the relationships work, which is admirable and allows us to feel painful and romantic feels. Personally, the feels are getting quite intense… *is pushed out of chair by emotions*

Wendilynn: I had wondered early on in this drama how they would learn to communicate with each other and learn how to be a team, and we are seeing that happen right before our eyes. However, one relationship that I’m not really happy to see having some movement is Chief Ji and Qian Qian relationship. Was I the only one irritated that they sort of semi reconciled?

Pamela: Are you not on Team Jian Jian, Wendilynn? *pouts*

Wendilynn: oh jeez.. rofl. ewwwww. I want Chief Ji happy. I love him enough for that. But Qian Qian gets on my nerves. She seems so selfish to me. Now he’s dying so now she regrets lying and yada yada. I can’t tell if he kissed her because he really loves her beyond reason or he was just too tired to fight her. She has a lot of gall. That’s all I can say.

Pamela: Qian Qian has been less concerned about Chief Ji’s emotional needs than we fangirls would be, I'll admit. At the same time, Chief Ji loves her. He may have moved on when he put that ring on the fake wedding portrait, but he has devoted his heart to that relationship for years, and so I think he kissed her because he does love her. He’s only tired of fighting her because he doesn’t want to push away the woman he has been searching for for four years. Qian Qian pushed him away because she was afraid she would hurt him; Chief Ji isn’t sure whether he should push her away for that same reason.

Debo: I believe he wants to think that he has moved on but he obviously cannot erase that many years of feelings so quickly. So I do hope they get back together, it would be very difficult, but given that it is a drama, it probably will happen.


So many points came out of this week’s episode. So now we want to know, what moment really got to you? What do you think will happen next with our love polygon? Till next time SIDA Drama Clubbers~

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