Man Ni proves that she is finally stepping over into crazyville in this week’s episode of Say I Do Again. Xin Kui knows better than to trust anything said or done by Man Ni but Zhen Yang still wants to believe in his childhood friend and give her the benefit of the doubt. Man Ni’s desperation to have Zhen Yang is putting everyone in danger…. including her brother. Join Pamela, Debo and yours truly as we marvel that everyone hasn't figured it out yet.

Wendilynn: I’m so glad we got to see Xin Kui slap her again as they replayed last weeks developments because after the stunts Man Ni pulled this week, she needed it. lol

Pamela: After what Man Ni’s done this week, she deserves another one. Can I call this drama, “Slap I Do Again,” please? *reaches into computer to slap Man Ni*

Wendilynn: ROFL!!

Debo: Have you guys ever watched the “Sassy gay friend” segment on YouTube that came out a few years ago? (Not sure if it is still going) But there is a guy in there who goes up to literary characters and points at them saying “what, what, what are you doing?” And honestly, that is what Man Ni needs right now.

Wendilynn: *falls over laughing*

Pamela: I know what you’re referencing, and I love that you’re referencing it.

Wendilynn: This episode could almost be called “What stupid thing will Man Ni do next?”. lol

Debo: Agreed. The whole episode just got really stressful because Man Ni just kept outdoing herself with each despicable act she committed.

Pamela: That freezer act, though...It just pushed her over the boundary of being a reasonable human being. I understand that she didn’t know her brother was with Xin Kui in the freezer, but the fact that she found that locking Xin Kui in was necessary in carrying out her schemes is making me want to roll out of my bedroom window in frustration.

Debo: Agreed. She totally just stepped into evil territory with that act, even if she does not like Xin Kui, she could have killed her by locking her into the freezer! Also, after watching scenes like this I have decided to take my phone with me everywhere so I don’t die a horrible death like that. It also seems that Qian Qian has noticed how horrible of a person Man Ni is, hopefully she sticks up for Xin Kui in the later episodes!

Pamela: The two of us are also a teenager and a young adult, so we’d be attached to our phones, anyway…

Debo: I actually never use my phone. Haha.

Wendilynn: Hey, this “old lady” (HA!) doesn't go anywhere without her phone either. Nor do I leave it in my car where it can’t be of any use to me when I’m freezing to death. I could not believe Man Ni locked that freezer door. I know she has abused herself, and we’ve seen how dark she will go, but its never deliberately hurt anyone else. This time she could have killed her brother as well as Xin Kui…granted, she didn’t know he was in there, but still.

Pamela: She never really displays any remorse for the danger she put Xin Kui in. I wonder if Man Ni will find out soon that her brother decided to be a nice person and to risk his life for the sake of lychees.

Debo: Dude, her brother was actually pretty badass in this episode. Instead of going to the hospital like he was told after almost passing out from the cold, he’s like whatever, just going to order all of these people around to do my bidding.

Wendilynn: I honestly believed him when he said he wouldn’t do anything to ruin Mars. He doesn’t want to take over a ruined hotel. They needed that tasting to go over well so that their season goes well because a fall in profits means trouble for everyone.

Pamela: Without him, all of Xin Kui’s work to get Chef A Xi in the hotel for this tasting would have been in vain. He has goals, but he also has some morals. Lei Hao, I’d like to thank you for existing.

Wendilynn: He was pretty awesome in this episode. Although, when he was trying to get Xin Kui to confide in him over sushi I kept thinking to myself, “why would she say anything that would be used against her?” lol

Debo: Just random sidenote about Xin Kui, those frogs she purchased were so cute but for some reason when I first saw them, I thought that lady had stolen all of Zhen Yang’s frog plushies or something and was selling them. I thought that’s why Xin Kui was so shocked when she first saw them. Also, did she ever go back to get those frog plushies?

Pamela: *laughs* *chokes on water* That was beautiful right there, Debo-jiejie...and so will Zhen Yang’s face be if Xin Kui did in fact go retrieve them.

Wendilynn: I’m sure she did, but I do like that they are maybe redeeming slimy uncle. I happen to really like the actor who is playing slimy uncle and so if he gets to be a little good, then that will make me happy.

Pamela: It’s as if he’s changing from a slimy, muddy toad into a helpful, precious, possibly cute froggie.

Debo: I actually felt really bad for that slimy uncle. Hope he is able to work with Xin Kui to bring down Man Ni because I honestly don’t believe that he won’t have any evidence from their interactions. Especially since Man Ni is threatening him so much so it should be easy for him to record her confessing to her actions in the midst of threatening him. Then that could just be used as evidence for Zhen Yang to know what a horrible person she is.

Wendilynn: I can’t believe that Zhen can’t see her for what she is. I understand wanting to believe in ones friend, but COME ON already…..enough stuff has happened now to count against her. Does anyone believe that “nothing” happened when she stripped Zhen?

Pamela: At that point, I turned off my innocent-mind switch, so I’m just hoping that if her little shenanigans result in a mini-Zhen-ManNi-gan…(Excuse me for this failed name pun)...Scratch that, I’m just hoping for that specific result not to happen. As for the evidence, if Zhen Yang sees the flash drive Xin Kui has gotten a hold of, he won’t be able to deny that his longtime friend is too much to handle.

Debo: This was exactly what I feared Zhen Yang would do (Only believing Man Ni and no one else). But I’m glad he hasn’t pushed Xin Kui aside. I also feel like the mom is going to come in soon and just mess things up even more.

Also, I hope Xin Kui made copies of that flash drive because Man Ni will probably find some way to tamper with it.

Wendilynn: No kidding. What kills me about Zhen, and why I want to deck him a few, is that he claims to want to shoulder Xin Kui’s burdens but he refuses to be on her side where Man Ni is concerned…. rant.. “Your potential WIFE says your girlfriend is cheating you. She doesn’t lie. You need to man up and believe her!” .. end rant. lol

Pamela: When Xin Kui channels her inner awesome glare-y person, I feel very fulfilled with her progress so far. Zhen Yang needs to believe in the glare if he wants his hotel to continue functioning.

Wendilynn: Xin Kui sure isn’t that whiny, sad little girl anymore, is she?

Pamela: That’s for sure...And when Man Ni stops being one, too, and Omega can find the courage to reveal her concerns about a sad, little relationship with the whiny-about-friendships, possessive Xiao Hu, everyone will be happy. That relationship hasn’t become physical yet, and considering this is a drama, this may or may not happen, but I’m still concerned.

Debo: Ugg Xiao Hu has just been getting creepier and creepier. Can’t believe he changed so much after they started dating.

Wendilynn: He’s so controlling that its only a matter of time before he starts hitting. Omega has a valid reason for being hesitant. But the minute a guy starts making you afraid, its time to bail.

Debo: Agreed. Also, didn’t Zhi Cheng say the exact same thing?

And Omega is the complete opposite of happy right now.

Pamela: Here’s to hoping that Zhi Cheng and Omega can remain together and become a couple, because I would support that couple eternally and idealistically. Here’s to hoping no one is hit next week - excluding my mental slaps for Man Ni.

Does Xin Kui finally have the evidence she needs to put Man Ni in her place or will this just increase Man Ni's hijinks?  How much longer will Zhen Yang keep his eyes closed to the truth?  We'll have to watch next week to find out.  What are you're predictions for next week and what did you think of this week's episode?  Tell us in the comments below.

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