Man Ni can now officially be crowned the whiniest child of the entire show. We have engagements, heartbreaks and achievements in this week’s episode! So, without further ado let Wendilynn, Pamela and I (Debo) talk about the details of these action-packed moments on Say I Do Again!

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Wendilynn: She’s done gone crazy. I’m so glad, SO GLAD, that Zheng Yang has figured it out on his own.

Pamela: I’m just glad he figured it out at this point...As an afterthought, it is nice that he didn’t instantly become cold towards Man Ni after his revelation. They were friends for years, and his attempt to salvage and respect that relationship makes sense in this context.

Debo: Definitely. A (very) small part of me feels bad for Man Ni because she tried with all of her might to make Zheng Yang hers and failed miserably. However, he now sees her for what she truly is, a spoiled child who has no regard for the welfare of others. Honestly her personality is just so sad...she is like an infant who does not know right from wrong, it just seems like she will throw a massive, over the top temper tantrum, complete with a lot more back stabbing.

Wendilynn: What I like best about Zheng Yang is his warm heart. I didn’t think he would abandon his friend once he knew, but he should have clued in a whole lot sooner. Man Ni is now at a dangerous stage. She refuses to accept responsibility for her actions and now she’s so out of control, frankly, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a real suicide attempt or a murder attempt on Xin Kui.

Pamela: Maybe that’s part of why Man Ni is so adamant on forcing Xin Kui to leave Taiwan - maybe she’s just concerned for Xin Kui’s safety. *goes into a series of intense pffffffffts* Man Ni and her obsession are a risk to everyone she is around, especially the man she hopes to be around the most: Zheng Yang. I hope she doesn’t make a second attempt at a suicide or homicide, but honestly, all I can do is hope she doesn’t do much of anything. But *sighs* we have eight more episodes, so I wonder how many more freezer lock-ins we will be forced to endure...

Debo: So I don’t know why Dramafever didn’t translate the last sign, but it definitely gives us a big hint for what Man Ni is planning to do next. The sign is for a Gynecology clinic, so I think she is going to fake a pregnancy (blaming it on the time that Zheng Yang came home drunk and she is probably going to say that he attacked her and either like threaten to tell everyone that he raped her or raise the “child” with her or something along those lines)

Wendilynn: I’m so glad you can read Chinese. lol I was wondering what that sign said. You’re right, faking a pregnancy is her realistic next move. Although, I don’t understand how she could possibly believe that after everything she has done, she still has a chance to change his mind.

Pamela: This is Man Ni we’re talking about, not Man...No. *failed name pun* And thank you for translating, Debo-jiejie! I now award you an electronic round of applause for being able to read Chinese and for being awesome. :)

Debo: Haha. Yeah. I’m interested in seeing how Zheng Yang will be able to get out of this issue! In summary I think Louise is the perfect example of how Man Ni will be next episode:

Wendilynn: bwhahahahahaha!! I’m thinking her brother and father will have to step in to stop this. I really like Lei Hao. I like that he is willing to help Xin Kui even though her heart belongs to someone else. I felt that his heart was truly moved when she was talking to his friend about family and making smart careful choices with what is essentially a family legacy.

Pamela: Lei Hao, while insistent about his love to the point of making Xin Kui slightly uncomfortable, is certainly a lovable character. He’s interested in helping her, despite the fact that his assistance also helps his romantic rival. On the other hand, Man Ni wants to hurt Xin Kui despite the fact that she will also hurt her romantic interest. She really should take a few pointers from her brother. Her brother respects Xin Kui and the family values she has as a person and as a businesswoman. Lei Hao also deserves an electronic round of applause.

Debo: Yeah, Lei Hao is definitely the better sibling when compared to Man Ni. I just find it interesting how both siblings are so quick to confess their love for the people they are interested in and be so adamant about it even when the other person does not seem interested at all. They just do not get discouraged at all.

Wendilynn: I think that comes from being generally confident people. Lei Hao is a good person who has had a lot of success in his life. Why wouldn’t he consider himself a good catch? lol

Pamela: In the end, the love she has Zheng Yang and his frog passion have grown on her and have become ingrained in her so deeply that the poor rich man doesn’t have a chance.

Wendilynn: I have to laugh at your comparison between frog passion and the poor rich guy. For some reason, that just strikes me as so funny.

Debo: Haha, that comparison just reminds me of this pretty old Taiwanese drama called “The Prince Who Turns Into a Frog.” But anyways, enough about the siblings, how about Qian Qian and Chief Ji. That sure was one hell of a proposal. Paintball, blood and marriage...oh my!

Wendilynn: I’m happy that Chief Ji is getting his love returned, finally. But I just cannot warm up to Qian Qian. I guess I’m holding a grudge against her because the ONLY reason she finally fessed up and faced her feelings is because she thinks he’s dying and she feels guilty. I don’t like it. Not one bit.

Pamela: Chief Ji is so devoted to Qian Qian that as long as she is around and willing to love him, he will wag his tail and run after the bone she’s given him. But Chief Ji is sweet enough, and he’s gone through enough, so I can accept Qian Qian’s circumstantial confession. She has been somewhat wishy washy about her interactions with him up until now, even when she returned the ring this week, though, so Wendilynn-jiejie, your frustration is understandable. But...Jian Jian will never die! *scrunches face*

Debo: Is that your couple name for them, Pam? :P That’s kind of funny just because Jian Jian can mean “sharp” which I guess makes sense. Their relationship is not the most stable but I’m interested in seeing how it will turn out for them as well as whether Chief Ji will live or not till the end. (That sounds really somber)

Pamela: Yay, the improvised ship name I conjured up a few weeks ago actually means something...None of the romantic relationships in this drama are stable, necessarily, but I have faith in a happy ending for most of the relationships being set up. I’m interested as well in the fate of Chief Ji and Qian Qian. Will the drama writers be realistic and kill him off in the end? Or will we see our feels realized and a recovery for Chief Ji?

Wendilynn: You’re tearing my heart out here. Chief Ji dying would royally suck. He’s still a strong SLS for me. I just want to hold him and make all the badness go away. But, on the flip side, I don’t like miracle happily ever afters unless the story is set up for them, and this story is not.

Debo: Agreed. We’ll just have to wait and see! I’m also surprised that the other execs did not get any air time this week. Omega and Xiao Hu’s relationship is truly becoming more and more dangerous and I’ve been waiting to see what will happen.

Pamela: What tends to happen is that we won’t see Omega, Xiao Hu, and Zhi Cheng for an episode or two, and then a big advancement is made for them. Last time, we saw Xiao Hu and Omega begin dating; hopefully, we will next see the two of them stop dating.

Wendilynn: I would like to see Omega not be hurt. 

Pamela: That'd be nice.

Advancements have been made for our couples and Man Ni has finally been taken down for a little bit until her next scheme. What did you think about this week’s episode? What do you think will happen next for our protagonists as well as Man Ni’s plans?

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