Between the copious amounts of skinship we were treated to this week, Man Ni (or as Pamela will call her, Man NO) attempted to fake her way into Zheng Yang’s wedding vows with a little pregnancy ruse. Luckily, Wendilynn, Debo, and Pamela are here to vent our frustrations and feels about Say I Do Again, so come along for the ride!

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Wendilynn: *cracks up laughing at Man No* Well, Debo called it. She faked a pregnancy. I was expecting her to bribe a doctor but she actually had some pregnant woman give her pee to cheat the pregnancy test with.

Debo: I was actually expecting her to have gone to a sperm bank and gotten herself impregnated by least the urine was an easier option (and less time consuming haha). But I still can’t believe she would get someone else’s pee just to fake the test...she must have known this type of questioning would occur. She is just so prepared (especially with having the abortion as her plan B)

Wendilynn: Frankly, as indelicate as this will sound, I actually had expected to have had her steal Zheng Yang’s sperm while he was drunk and impregnate herself with it. She’s sunk so low, I just would not have been surprised.

Debo: True. That is kind of what I was thinking too. I was honestly surprised that she did not rape him when he was drunk because she has sunk to such a despicable level and that would have made it easiest for her to be impregnated by him (especially since sperm needs to be kept at a certain temperature or else it would die, so I doubt she would have a way to keep his sperm kept at the right temperature to actually be used to make sure she was impregnated by him).

Pamela: At least she didn’t go as far as we feared she would. She certainly has dropped lower than an average person would - I personally would not prefer to handle another woman’s urine, even if it were in little vials - but since she did not manipulate Zheng Yang as unscrupulously as we thought, I’ll at least give Man No a “Yes? Way to be slightly less immoral than you’ve been portrayed?” but also a “Get away from Xin Kui.” I was hoping that Zheng Yang would rip up that plane ticket when he barged in on the women’s little exchange.

Wendilynn: I knew with all the kissing we saw in the beginning that this episode was going to beat us up pretty well. Zheng Yang even took Xin Kui into the bedroom to get it on. Rule of thumb: NEVER answer the phone when you are getting some nookie. lol

Pamela: Especially not if the person calling you is your mother...Well, Zheng Yang’s mother, anyway. She has no support for the couple, which goes against my faith in the power of the romantic feels, so picking up the phone whilst making out with the girl the mother disapproves of is slightly awkward, although plot-advancing. Way to only half embrace your rebellious phase, Zheng Yang…

Debo: Haha. That’s true. I am actually really interested in seeing how the mom reacts in the next episode to Man Ni’s blackmail. I personally think that she will still go along with what Man Ni wants because she seems more interested in her own lineage and money than the happiness of her own son.

Wendilynn: Mom also thinks she’s by herself. She doesn’t understand that Xin Kui is no longer an orphan. She doesn’t understand that Zheng is not nearly in as much danger as he was before. That may lead her to give in, BUT I hope not. Everyone else was willing to trust Zheng that he really didn’t impregnate Man Ni. Mom should have been paying attention.

Pamela: Now that she’s seen how Man Ni can be manipulative, she may give in for a short while. Zheng Yang’s mother wants to protect her son, and the effects of Man Ni pulling RC’s funding for Dong Hua Mars could hurt him, at least financially. What she needs to see is how happy Zheng Yang is when he is with Xin Kui, and, as you brought up, Wendilynn-jiejie, how Xin Kui isn’t an orphan and is in fact doing very well for herself now. Fear may or may not trump feelings next week, but who knows how long the mother will go until she realizes Xin Kui’s strengths.

Wendilynn: With that pissed off look on Xin Kui’s face, I don’t think we’ll have to wait long. She knows something is up because of how Mom is acting. Man Ni’s brother and Dad are going to have her hide when they find out. She really will lose everything. Lei Hao already is pretty sure its fake already, but he’s right, he has to stand with his sister. But I like that this incident cemented that they were now all friends.

Debo: I’m happy they’re relatively all friends now too. Also, the younger intern love triangle finally had some development. Xiao Hu is starting to get even more controlling and paranoid….

Pamela: ...And Zhi Cheng is starting to become more protective of Omega. My feels thank him for doing so. Xiao Hu’s overbearing nature as a boyfriend is not the most pleasant thing to watch...You can see the discomfort building in Omega. Trust is important in a relationship, as Xin Kui pointed out, and Xiao Hu, unlike someone who I’d assume is a normal boyfriend, has no trust for her.

Wendilynn: I’m so glad Zhi Cheng stood up for her. She was being bullied and Xiao Hu needed to know it. He’s running on fear, his mom ran off, why should he trust his girlfriend?

Debo: We shall see. And finally, I was so proud of Qian Qian she just stood up to Man Ni so much this episode.

Pamela: Everyone stood up to Man Ni this episode, to some extent. Qian Qian was very satisfying in her attempts, though...I was proud of her, too...She was there as moral support for Xin Kui, and was ready to say, “Man, no” to Man No as the ridiculous attempts to prevent Zheng Yang from marrying who he wants when he wants were progressing. I’m glad for her ability to stand up to those ready to sink the Zheng Yang and Xin Kui ship, but I’m also glad that she was able to bring a big smile to Chief Ji’s face as well. (Wendilynn-jiejie, you’ll be spared from me making a ship name for the other main couple...for now.)

Wendilynn: HA! Qian Qian did redeem herself quite a bit. THIS is the version of the character I was expecting this whole time and so when she went all stupid, I just couldn’t accept it.

So what shenanigans will that little hooligan Man Ni pull next week? *wags finger like stereotypical bitter old man* Were you all frustrated by the troubles that brewed in most of the romantic couples this week? Well, at least we got some kisses and some smiles out of the episode - watching skinship is always a nice way to enjoy an episode. Do you think Omega is ready to drop the breakup bombshell on Xiao Hu? Most importantly...what should Pamela make Zheng Yang and Xin Kui’s couple name? Comment below and join us next week!

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