Zheng Yang’s mom has found out the truth about Man Ni. This finally breaks her prejudice and allows her to look at Xin Kui in a good light for once. Chief Ji and Qian Qian get some shocking news and Zheng and Xin Kui get closer. come join Pamela, Debo and I as we discuss this emotionally charged episode of Say I Do Again.

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Wendilynn: I’m glad Mom now knows the truth about Man Ni. About bloody time is all I can say.

Pamela: She’s made a complete turnaround, demonstrating to us that, wow, she cares about what her son says he wants...now that Man No’s no longer an option.

Debo: I am sure all of us are so happy that she had this revelation that Xin Kui is a great daughter in law even if she does not have the money that Man Ni has to drag their family out of bankruptcy. She has finally learned that money does not truly make a good person.

Wendilynn: rofl@ “man no”. It has to be so hard to see a beloved child make such cold blooded and mean maneuvers. I know how I feel when I see my kid’s friends who’ve I’ve watched grow up, make insane life choices that I would never have believed them capable of making when they were 7. lol So I feel for the Mom in that respect but I’m so glad she proved to be a caring person once the rose colored glasses came off.

Pamela: Just because Zheng Yang’s mother is no longer blindly following Man Ni’s insistence on her “love” for Zheng Yang doesn’t mean Man Ni’s father will...I wonder how much of all of this he was aware of.

Wendilynn: I’m sure daddyo only knows what Man Ni has told him. I’m hoping and praying that Mom was late to the wedding because she went to that doctors office to get proof that Man Ni wasn’t pregnant. That’s the only thing that will convince dad. And frankly, I can’t believe Man Ni pushed it that far. Mom made it clear that she would reveal the lie if she didn’t back off.

Pamela: There are six or seven episodes left, so it’s difficult to predict how soon or how much Zheng Yang’s mother will be able to help next week. *snickers* It would be entertaining to see her bring in that proof, though, wouldn’t it? Zheng Yang and Xin Kui deserve to be happy together, as the former’s mother has finally figured out. *rolls out of desk chair in romantic feels*

Wendilynn: There have been a lot of sweet loving moments between Zheng and Xin Kui lately. You can really feel how much they are a team now. I liked that they showed how differently the two were approaching this new wedding. Showing how much the two of them have grown up.

Pamela: It was nice to watch them emotionally prepare, as well as seeing the wedding progress so lovingly and calmly - you know, before our little obsessed brat brought in her father. Zheng Yang and Xin Kui have grown in character, just as Xin Kui’s hair has slightly grown in length. Both have a confidence about themselves now in pursuing their relationship.

Wendilynn: What did you think of Grandma and Zheng both vowing to not bow to blackmail or coercion?

Debo: I’m glad everyone is standing up for what they believe is right!

Pamela: I just hope that the blackmail doesn’t get too over-the-top for Grandma and Zheng Yang to sensibly conquer the irrationality that is Man No’s inability to say no.

Wendilynn: My worry is that look on Xin Kui’s face. I don’t think she will be as fearless as Zheng and Grandma are willing to be. I’m afraid she’s going to call a halt till things can be dealt with. Especially as they don’t know yet that Man Ni ISN'T pregnant.

Pamela: That’s true - while Xin Kui has become much stronger since our first encounters with her, she has still retained that warmth about her. She may dislike Man Ni for being her intrusive, whiny self, but it’s debatable just how far Xin Kui is willing to punish Man Ni. She is a fairly righteous person, though, so I doubt Xin Kui will allow these shenanigans to go on much longer without some in-depth research.

Debo: I’m worried she will end the wedding because of Man Ni and her father.

Wendilynn: I can’t even imagine where else they are going to take us with 6-7 episodes more to go. Although, I had conflicting feels for Chief Ji this week.

Pamela: He had a lot pushed onto him this week, but I do like that he was willing to lessen his workload, although what will happen now that Qian Qian’s health is a concern, I’m not sure. The feels I had mostly were a result of his crying, so there’s little conflict there for me, haha…

Wendilynn: My conflict dealt with him finding out Qian Qian was pregnant just as he’s facing a very difficult cancer prognosis. And given Qian Qian incredibly selfish nature, I’m half afraid she will be unwilling to take her own life risks into account for the potential promise of having a baby. I honestly expect this to be a fight between them.

Pamela: When you put two people together, and those two are devoted to each other to the extent of self-negligence, fighting might end up happening. To an extent, I guess she could be selfish, but some of her selfishness comes out of wanting Chief Ji to be happy, albeit at the cost of her own happiness most of the time…

Wendilynn: I understand and feel for her the heartbreak of having a glimpse of the promise that was denied her by the accident that left her with only ⅓ of her uterus. I’m not unsympathetic. Losing one's ability to have children rocks at a woman’s core identity. But I don’t see her being reasonable on this issue for awhile.

Pamela: That’s true - I can see why she’s so desperate to have the child inside her when she has the prospect of having her own baby within her reach. It’ll be up to Chief Ji to help her through this, just as it’s up to Qian Qian to help Chief Ji through his cancer. This is a difficult position for this relationship to be in, but…I’ll resist the urge to include “Jian Jian” in an phrase of encouragement - oops, too late.

Wendilynn: LOL!

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