This week, Xin Kui says, “I do” once again, but not for the man we’d prefer...Meanwhile, Man Ni has seemingly converted her entire family to “Man No’s” dark side. Needless to say, Wendilynn and I are left hanging with broken hearts, so join us in our discussion of plot anxiety in Say I Do Again! Excuse Debo as she is having an awesome time visiting family in Taiwan. Lucky girl.

Watch episode 17:

Wendilynn: Oh my gosh, this episode was such a crazy ride. I knew Xin Kui would not go through with the marriage to Zheng Yang. Too much was at stake. I don’t blame her. But…. to team up with Lei Hao. *shakes head* oh my gosh.

Pamela: There was a lot for her and Zheng Yang to lose, and on one hand, I can understand Xin Kui’s decision. Lei Hao, though...I still can’t understand him. I want to believe he is just pretending to have wooed Xin Kui for financial benefits so his father would be pleased, but then can’t tell with Lei Hao and that personal switch of his.

Wendilynn: He’s been so neutral this whole time. Yes, he’s done what his sister wanted him to do,but once he started liking Xin Kui, he’s has stayed in the middle. Nothing he’s done really crosses any lines or declares a side, completely. He was so cool with his Dad. On one hand, he really could be doing exactly what he said he was doing. On the other, its the sort of things his Dad would want to hear, and really the only thing he would accept.

Pamela: *clutches head* I just got out of school for two weeks; I don’t like feeling so conflicted...It’s difficult to tell what Lei Hao will do after the papers (or lack thereof) in his father’s “gift” are revealed next week…especially after he and Xin Kui went so far with his scheme.

Wendilynn: Her going along with the wedding to Lei Hao just boggled my mind. I really would love to know how much strategizing (I hope) they did when he proposed to her that they pretend to be dating. She was ready for that proposal. I mean, she was shocked too, but she was quick to recover and follow along.

Pamela: I think that in that respect, Xin Kui’s had to react to so much so quickly that she’s learned to expect part of what’s to come. At the very least, her new leadership skills allow her to rationalize soon after problems arise. Depending on Lei Hao’s true intentions for this not-so-little ruse, he may have arranged a plan with her, or she reacted at the moment.

Wendilynn: He’s the lynch pin. Who is Leo Hao and what are his goals? Will he? Won’t He? ARRRRGH!! I can’t even begin to read which direction he’s going to go in.

Pamela: I see you’re channeling your inner baffled pirate. Let me join you.

Wendilynn: The heart break Zheng Yang had to deal with because of all this hurt to watch. His mother is in the hospital. Xin Kui is pulling away from him. He’s point blank refusing to play the games his Uncle Liang is pushing. If it wasn’t for him starting to put the clues together, he’d have been a wreck this week.

Pamela: Zheng Yang’s put enough clues together to be a bit more suspicious of the Liang family, but he hasn’t gathered enough to lessen the pain he feels over what he perceives as Xin Kui’s abandonment. He is raw from Xin Kui running off with Lei Hao, and her words “explaining” why she did so, but he has at least retained his wariness of Man Ni and her family. As long as I’m in a hugging mood, I’ll just reach into my computer screen and hug him until this new relationship conflict has passed.

Wendilynn: I’ll join you. My heart ached for him this week.

Wendilynn: I have to wonder though. What prompted him to pretend to accept Man Ni? Is he getting close so he can spy on her? (I’m hoping)

Pamela: Perhaps...After being rejected, he could be looking for someone to love *cough* obsess over *cough* him, too, and Man Ni, while perceived as despicable from our end, is the closest person he has.

Wendilynn: No way. After he connected the plant fibers and Man Ni’s henchman, I don’t buy that. All though, apparently Man Ni is. lol

Pamela: True true, jiejie...At least he does have the evidence to back up the suspicions he still has. He can act like he wants Man Ni to her face, but his face still says, “Man No” most of the time.

Wendilynn: Man Ni has some serious reckoning coming. Her brother basically called her bluff in the hospital and then remember what her Dad said about what he does with people who lie to him. She’s got so much loss coming and I don’t feel one bit sorry for her.

Pamela: When her punishments do come for her, I’ll feel sorry for about five seconds when I see her balling. After that, though, my compassion’s going out the window, and I will commence my happy dance. If Man Ni’s father is the one who deals at least part of that finishing blow, I will be satisfied with this drama.

Wendilynn: I felt bad for her many episodes ago because she seemed like such a good person at first.. but we’ve had many episodes of crazy that she gets what she deserves. lol And Dad will be part of the deal, there is no way he will react well when everyone learns she’s not pregnant. Cause unless she really kills Mom off, the cover will be blown.

Pamela: I doubt Man Ni actually will kill Zheng Yang’s mother off, considering how guilty she looked when she was alone with the woman in the hospital room. But oh, she definitely deserves it at this point, just like Xiao Hu deserved that dumping from Omega.

Wendilynn: That look on his face worries me a little bit. We know he doesn’t understand why she broke up with him. That he caused her to.

Pamela: He might end up going after Zhi Cheng next week out of jealousy as well as Omega. There’s my main prediction for next week. What is it going to take to drill his intimidating relationship and non-existent sensitivity skills into his head?

Wendilynn: He has to stop thinking all women are liars first. Just because Mom ran off does not mean every other girl will.

Pamela: All of the romantic relationships in this drama should take that advice in some form. Being scared of your significant other running away shouldn’t take precedence over how the relationship functions as a relationship...As Xin Kui said a few weeks ago, “Trust is the cornerstone of love relationships.” So either trust that the couple can find a middle ground or find a way to be happy together, or let it go. Inexperienced high school rambling done.

Wendilynn: Trust. Like the trust we need to place in Lei Hao that he’s really a good guy.

The ball is in Lei Hao's corner and its all up to him.  Will he be the hero we need him to be or was he always the bad guy he said he was?  Our stomachs are in knots waiting to find out. Let us know what you think in the comments below. 

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