Welcome everyone to another round of crazy in Say I Do Again. Lei Hao proves that he is someone we can trust, and Zheng Yang’s mom lets Xin Kui know that the pregnancy is a fake. The problem? Will anyone be able to do anything about it? Come join me, Wendilynn, and our guest Oana as Pamela and Debo are on family trips this last week.

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Wendilynn: I’m so glad Lei Hao stayed the good guy. I would have been hurt if he had been the bad guy after all.

Oana: I liked him from the beginning, even if he had that playboy attitude. He was a good asset for the plot.


Wendilynn: That’s true, he’s been a good solid character. I feel for him though, he’s married to the woman he loves and he knows its all a show. I liked that he filled out the divorce paper so she could feel like she wasn’t trapped. But it feels a little unfair that she won’t let him support her as they wade through this minefield.

Oana: Talk about a great wedding present! Here, honey, the divorce papers! 

I think he knows she should continue this thing alone, he would just be hurt if he will be involved in this one sided love for too long.

Wendilynn: I know. That’s why I feel for him because he genuinely loves her. She’s doing the right thing though, she is not giving him any encouragement to think that he could have more in this fake marriage. That would be truly cruel.

Oana: If I were her, I would be already tired of all the shenanigans and I would just let Lei Hao take me on that wedding trip.

Wendilynn: LOL!! Amen.

Oana: Doesn’t the plot of this episode remind you of an old mexican telenovela? What is up the the stairs thing? Can people only talk if they are standing dangerously close to the stairs?

Wendilynn: Only when you’re planning on throwing yourself down them so you can fake a miscarriage of your fake pregnancy. I was wondering who she was going to bribe this time. I half expected to see a fake ultrasound since she went to all the trouble to fake the pregnancy test.

Oana: If she would have taken that ultrasound it would have shown she is carrying the baby of the Devil. This girl has problems, big problems!

Wendilynn: I was so mad at Dad for giving her a hug and patting her back once he found out. Makes you wonder what psycho crazy stuff he pulled that he sympathized. I was hoping he’d make her see reason but since she hasn’t publicly embarrassed him yet, he could be understanding.

Oana: They even added a cute melancholic song in the background for this father-daughter bonding time. That was ridiculous.

Wendilynn: Heiresses are known for going a little “nuts” to get their way. *snort*

Oana: Haha! Is this the nuts incident? Well yes, she is behaving like she is supposed to since she is the evil second female lead. I was just expecting a bit of creativity, not the same old let me throw myself on the stairs thing.

Wendilynn: She’s been predictable, but yet, she’s been darker than I was expecting too. Its been a little startling how far she will go. I almost expected her to kill Mom when she had the chance. Her crazy train just keeps rolling along.

Oana: The guy in the leather jacket will give her something to think about, or did she plan kidnapping herself?

Wendilynn: You can’t abandon your subordinates that way. First rule in being the bad guy. Your lackeys only follow the money. If you don’t give it to them, they take matters into their own hands to get it. I really hope he ends up testifying against her.

Oana: I was missing a bit of the second couple subplot this episode. I am tired of Xin Kui telling the truth to everyone and in the end no one does anything about it.

Wendilynn: I’m totally with you on that one. And now that Daddy knows the truth, he’d going to make it even harder for them to get those Dun Hua Mars shares back. He’d be an idiot not to realize that Xin Kui and Zheng Yang will bolt the minute they have control and he’s not an idiot.

Oana: I don’t trust Daddy one bit and I am surprised the others do! It is breaking my heart to see Zheng Yang having to marry that awful Ma Ni. I did like the fact that he established the fact that he will NEVER love her. In your face, Ma Ni!

Wendilynn: Yeah, I loved that. If a girl says, “you may have my body but you don’t get my heart/mind” the guy is like…”yeah whatever, I only wanted your body anyway”. But for Man Ni, she will want his heart and she will never have it. She doesn’t realize what that means yet.

Oana: I am thinking the best ending for her is the madhouse. I wouldn’t want her killed, but just safely locked from the outside world.

Wendilynn: LOL! Honestly, I can’t even begin to figure out how they will wrap this up. We’ve got two more episodes and I’m hoping the kidnapping helps progress that. Man Ni needs a serious reality check. What did you think of our other couples. Both Chief Ji and Qian Qian seemed to finally get on the same page….sort of.


Oana: First of all: how is this hotel working if its only 5 employees are doing nothing but complain about their love life? Not professional at all haha I like Chief Ji and Qian Qian way better than the first leads. I hope they will have a happy ending, although the most logical thing is that they would end up in a Romeo and Juliet situation. The other small triangle does nothing for me, to be honest. Space and time fillers.

Wendilynn: I like our space fillers, I just wish we were getting more of them. I’ve never been a fan of Qian Qian since I found out she was lying and would have continued to lie if it hadn’t been for his cancer. I understand her wanting to try to carry her pregnancy through, but I foresee all sorts of unhappiness in that regard for her.

Oana: Chief Ji is my favorite character and if his happiness means being together with the liar that is Qian Qian, I will accept it. I want him to live, but his coughing blood doesn’t seem very promising.

Wendilynn: He was told he only had a year to live anyway, so his chances of seeing the baby born are very very small anyway. Chief Ji is also my favorite character, I just feel jipped somehow in his story line. I wanted more of him. But I guess Lei Hao makes an almost okay substitute for second male lead.

Oana: Lei Hao is easy on the eye also. Every time I see Xin Kui and Zheng Yang I want to bump their mushroom heads.

Wendilynn: LOL!! YES! oh my gosh. I’m so with you. As I was watching this episode, I felt like I had time warped back into Fall in Love with Me. That story went ultra crazy with a “fake” marriage too. I was like, “what, did we get the same writing team?” lol I will say though, that I was happy Omega told Xiao He why she could never be with him. That trust was an important part of making a relationship work. He needed to hear that. And ultimately, that is the charm with Xin Kui and Zheng Yang. They really do trust each other.

Oana: I agree. Despite all the madness, Xin Kui and Zheng Yang manage to work as a team and to rely on each other. I am actually surprised that the writers are going in this direction when it comes to them. I think they just want to insert as many “I DOs” as possible so that the series will live up to its name.

Wendilynn: LOL! I Do! again…..and again…...and again…..

Our lovers are wading through tricky waters trying to solve the problems facing them.  Will their trust in each other help see them through before too many lives are hurt?  Will Man Ni finally face responsibility for her careless choices?  Join us for the next episode

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