Well that was sure drama layered on top of more drama. We have finally reached our second to last episode and the cliffhanger has left us with lots of anticipation for next week’s conclusion. Join Pamela, Wendilynn and me (Debo) as we navigate the tangled web of events we have been presented with.

 Wendilynn: Well the start of this episode sure did start with a doozy.

Pamela: More than a doozy, but with a death-y, too…

Wendilynn: I was not expecting them to kill Dad. That surprised me.

Debo: This show has had many surprising moments and I gotta say I am totally ok with that!

Pamela: When I was watching the episode, my little sister was next to me, and she looked back during the car accident scene. “No, he’s probably not dead,” I said (knowing that he’d probably die). The death had an even greater character-regression effect on Man Ni, and with next week being the end, I’m not sure how she will be brought back after going so far. After...rolling so far, that is.

Wendilynn: HA! I think she’s “closer” to the edge than it looks. She was starting to fall apart there by the end of the episode. She point blank refused to acknowledge that her Dad’s death was her fault. Poor Lei Hao. It has to be a bitter pill to swallow to find out just how loony your sister has become.

Pamela: Oh, the puns waiting to be made...It is difficult for anyone to accept that something happened all because she couldn’t step away from the edge of sanity (well, the edge certainly isn’t of glory). The fact that Man Ni has dug herself so deep a hole is just one more heartbreak for Lei Hao to deal with. His father’s dead, and his sister is a time bomb of emotions and irrationalities. That time bomb is constantly blowing up in his and everyone’s faces, and he has tried to get himself involved in solving the problem and taking most of the task on his shoulders. It’s been tough, to say the least.

Wendilynn: He didn’t want to believe Zheng Yang that A De was her henchman, but the minute she was willing to threaten him if he challenged her confirmed she was guilty. I cannot believe her Dad was foolish enough to give her the company. I know he meant to protect her, but if she didn’t have control, she couldn’t have gone on the rampage. And everyone will walk away from crazy-in-charge in a heartbeat.

Debo: But I’m sure even if her dad did not give her control of the company, she still would have found some way that lead her to this same conclusion. It’s Man Ni we’re talking about here.

Pamela: Man No really should have been made part of the family dictionary. Her father did want to protect her from unhappiness, but he knew she was too far gone and that nothing would satisfy her until it was just her and Zheng Yang. Everyone walking away from that meeting room was just the accumulation of all her efforts crashing like rocks down a cliffside.

Wendilynn: HA! I’m sensing a theme. I was really happy that Xin Kui couldn’t be bullied by Man Ni at all. She just had no power to cower her at all. I can’t tell if it was a good thing or a bad thing that Man Ni saw the divorce papers.

Pamela: It’s only a good thing if she hit her head on one of those rocks and has a quarter-life-crisis that changes her entire character.

Debo: It will be so weird to see a nice Man Ni though. Haha.

Wendilynn: With our luck, she’ll be the only one unhurt. She’s in so much trouble now. That was a lot of cops involved.

Pamela: Hopefully, she’ll receive some sort of punishments next episode from the cops, assuming the cops are able to get ahold of the evidence against her. If not, I’ll pull a Chief Ji and pass out. I won’t leave a seventeen-year-old wanting to cry on the other side of a computer screen like he did, but still.

Wendilynn: That was such a rough scene. I’m not a big crier but I was getting all misty eyed watching Chief Ji struggle to get through that ceremony.

Debo: I know. Hopefully Chief Ji will have a little more time to complete the ceremony and that kiss!

Pamela: I swear, if he doesn’t have a happy ending, or at least a hopeful ending, I will probably almost tear up. He may end up with a realistic (deadly) conclusion to his story, but he deserves a bit of happiness after what he’s been through these past few months.

Wendilynn: Chief Ji was my first favorite character in this show and I’ve hated what they’ve done to him. He may not survive, but they better let his baby, darn it.

Debo: There was another drama I watched earlier this year where they killed the main character before he saw his child. I’m scared they will do that for this drama as well. But how about we talk about a happier topic, Zhi Cheng and Omega got back together! I’m happy to see that Xiao Hu gave them his blessing.

Pamela: I’m glad that our worries of Xiao Hu taking revenge on Zhi Cheng didn’t turn into realities, and that Xiao Hu did realize his mistakes. I ship the friendship again, and that’s how this was meant to be. This little trio has grown as their love triangle intensified, and I’m very proud of where they’re at right now.

Wendilynn: I’m also happy with that side story. The right couple is now together and Xiao Hu seems to have learned a few things which can only benefit whatever relationship he tries next.

Pamela: My love lesson memes from a few weeks ago certainly taught him a thing or two. *sarcastically cocky hair flip*

Wendilynn and Debo: *laughs* You told him!


Well there is much to be anticipated in next week’s episode. Tell us below in the comments what you predict will happen next week! 

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